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Jesus Christ Our Leader- Grade 4 CRE Revision Notes

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Qualities Of A Good Leader

  1. Honest
  2. Without fault
  3. Orderly and sober
  4. Trustworthy
  5. Self control
  6. Able to manage family.
  7. Hospitable to strangers.
  8. Be a husband of one wife.
  9. Not greedy.
  10. Not a drunkard or violent
  11. Able to teach
  12. Mature in faith.
  13. Above reproach.

Jesus Christ As An Example Of A Good Leader {John 7:17, Matthew 3:13-17}

  1. Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist.
  2. He was baptized in river _________
  3. Jesus accepted to be baptized as a sign of obeying the will of God his father.
  4. When Jesus was baptized the holy spirit of God came in form of a dove.
  5. A voice was heard from heaven saying “ this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased”
  6. Jesus did everything to glorify God.

    1. Name 5 qualities of a good leader.
    2. Jesus was baptized by _________
    3. He was baptized in river?
    4. The Holy Spirit came in a form of?
    5. The voice that was heard was from?

Jesus Christ Cleansing The Temple {Mark 11:15-18}

  1. Jesus went to the temple in _________
  2. Jesus was unhappy with those were selling
  3. Jesus used his authority to drive out people who were selling and buying in the temple.
  4. He said that the temple is a house of prayer.

Forgiving sins {Luke 5:17-25}

  1. Jesus was teaching people in a house.
  2. A paralyzed man was brought through the roof.
  3. Jesus healed him by forgiving his sin.
  4. The Pharisees were not happy that Jesus could forgive sins.
  5. Jesus used His power to forgive sins and heal the sick man.

Jesus Christ Sending the Twelve Disciples {Luke 9:1-6}

  1. Jesus had twelve disciples.
  2. Jesus taught them many things.
  3. Jesus wanted them to become God leaders.
  4. He sent them to go and preach the kingdom of God and heal the sick.
  5. He gave them power and authority to:-
    1. Drive out demons.
    2. Cure diseases.
  6. He told them not to carry anything.
  7. He told them to bless the homes they will be welcomed
  8. Where they were not welcomed they were to leave no blessings.
  9. The disciples were to rely on people they preached to to take care of them.

Jesus The Perfect Leader {Micah 3:1-4, 1 Timothy 3:1-13}

  1. Jesus was a perfect leader.
  2. He was obedient to God and had no sin
  3. He loved good and hated evil.
  4. He taught people to do good.
  5. He fed those who were hungry.
  6. He healed the sick.
  7. He delivered the oppressed for example those possessed by demons.
  8. Jesus was humble and had no pride.
  9. Prophet Micah warned those who were not fair and just to others.
  10. St. Paul also gave guidelines on how a good church leader should be.

    1. Jesus chased those who were buying and selling in the temple at _________
    2. Jesus fed the crowds with fish and _________
    3. Good leaders should follow the examples of _________
    4. Good leader should be of _________ character.
    5. Jesus Christ is the _________ leader.

Accepting The Authority Of Jesus Christ.

  • Authority is the ability, power or right to give orders.

The Responsibility Of Church Leaders {Mark 8:1-9}

  • Church leaders should accept the authority of Jesus by:-
    1. Be concerned about the needs of others.
    2. Be compassionate and loving
    3. Praying for the sick.
    4. Mobilize people to donate food for the hungry.
    5. Help in raising funds to educate the orphans.
    6. Mobilize people to donate funds to pay hospital bills for the sick.
    7. Offer guidance and counseling to the church youth.

      1. Jesus Christ used _________ and _________ to feed 4000 people.
      2. How many baskets were collected after feeding the 4000 people?
      3. Write things that show Christ was a responsible leader.

Following Jesus Christ {Mark 9:14-29, 1 Timothy 4:18}

  • Following Christ is not always easy.
  • Some of the difficulties in following Christ include:-
    • People being cruel to them
    • Lack of to do their work.
    • Lack of shelter.
    • Lack of food and clothing
    • Lack of transport.
    • Fear and lack of faith.
  • The bible teaches us that
    • We should follow Christ out of love and not out of fear.
    • Fear makes it difficult for us to follow Christ.
    • Christian’s should pray for enough faith to follow Christ.

      1. A boy brought to Christ by his father had _________ and spirit.
      2. Write two reasons why disciples were unable to heal the boy.
      3. The bible teaches us that there is no _________ in _________ .
      4. Perfect _________ drives out all _________.
      5. _________ makes it difficult for the followers of Christ to do their work.
      6. We should follow Christ out of _________ and not _________

How Good Leader Leads Us.

  1. A good leader is the one who guides people, serves them well and sets a good example.
  2. A good leader should desire to do excellent work
  3. Good leaders should:-
    1. Perfect in all things
    2. Sober and self-controlled.
    3. A husband of one wife.
    4. Gentle and peaceful.
    5. Hospitable
    6.  Mature in faith
    7. Respected by people in the community
  4. A good leader is not a boss but a servant of the people.
    Memory verse 1 timothy 3:1
    “This is a true saying; if a man is eager to be a church leader, he desires an excellent work.

    1. Name 3 qualities of a good leader.
    2. Name 2 leaders in a church.
    3. In which book do we find the qualities of a good leader?
    4. Jesus had _________ followers.
    5. Name 3 things that a church leader should not do.
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