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Service - Grade 4 CRE Revision Notes

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  • Service is help or assistance we give to others.
  • When we work at home, school or in the community we serve other.

Service at home

  • Service at home involves serving our parents, brothers, sisters and all the other member of our family.
  • We can give service at home by
    1. Fetching water
    2. Washing clothe
    3. Looking after animals

Service in the community

  • a community is a group of people living together.
  • We can offer our services to the community by:
    1. Planting trees.
    2. Helping the needy.
    3. Taking part in cleaning the shopping centre

Service in the church

  • We can serve in the church by :-
    1. Collecting offering
    2. Ushering people in the church.
    3. Singing in the church choir
    4. Leading people in prayers

      1. Samuel served God in the _________ at
      2. A place where we get education is called a _________
      3. Give 3 ways in which pupils can serve at school
      4. How many wives should a church leader have?
      5. What is service?
      6. _________ and _________ were parents of Samuel.

Jesus Christ: washing the disciples feet

  1. Jesus Christ as a good leader served people.
  2. He served them by:-
    1. Praying for them
    2. Forgiving sins
    3. Healing the sick
    4. Feeding the crowds.
  3. Jesus washed his disciple’s feet to show service.
  4. This was a sign of humility.
  5. He told them to do to others what he had done for them.
  6. Jesus Christ wants us to serve one another.
  7. He set a good example for all the leaders to follow.

    1. Name 2 in which Jesus served people.
    2. Washing of the disciples feet shows ________
    3. ________ had first refused to be washed by Jesus.
    4. Name three things Jesus used to wash his disciple feet.
    5. ________ was the most beloved disciple of Jesus.

Jesus Christ Teaching His Disciples

  1. Jesus taught his disciple using short stories called parables.
  2. He serviced his disciples by teaching them.
  3. In Luke 8:18-22 Jesus taught:-
    1. Whoever has something will be given more
    2. He taught them the importance of listening attentively to the word of God.
    3. Taught them to obey the word of God.
    4. Taught them we should care for our spiritual life as we care for our physical life.
    5. Taught that we should show genuine love for Jesus.
    6. Taught that when serving God we should be ready to suffer.

      1. Jesus called Peter _______ times.
      2. Jesus called Peter son of _______
      3. According to Luke 11:38-41 who invited Jesus to his home?
      4. Christian suffering bring _______ to God.
      5. _______ was the first Christian martyr.

Jesus Healing the Centurion Servant

  1. The roman officer or the centurion met Jesus at Capernaum.
  2.  A centurion is a roman officer in charge of a hundred soldiers.
  3. He begged Jesus to heal his servant.
  4. He told Jesus to give and his servant will be well.
  5. Jesus was amazed by the centurion faith.
  6. He said that he had never seen such faith in Israel.
  7. Jesus served the sick servant by healing him.
  8. The centurion served his servant by asking Jesus on his behalf.

    1. Who begged Jesus to heal his servant .
    2. The roman officer had _______ that Jesus would heal his servant.
    3. The centurion was a leader of _______ soldiers.
    4. The roman officer met Jesus at _______
    5.  For us to be healed we should have _______ in God.
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