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Choosing To Belong - Grade 4 CRE Revision Notes

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Making our choices as Christians

  • As Christians we can choose to obey or disobey.
  • God made Adam and Eve and put them in the Garden of Eden.
  • He allowed them to eat from all trees apart from the one in the middle.
  • It was the tree of knowledge.
  • God gave them freedom to choose to obey or disobey.
  • They disobeyed when they listened to the serpent and ate the forbidden fruit.
  • They were punished by God.
  • Adam and Eve made a wrong choice.


    1. _________ and _________  were the first parents.
    2. They lived in the Garden of _________ .
    3. Satan appeared to Eve in form of a _________ 
    4. From punishment of Adam and Eve Christians learn to _________ 
      1. Hide when naked
      2. Obey Gods’ commands
      3. Avoid talking to strangers
      4. Avoid snakes.
    5. Adam and Eve had 3 sons namely:-
      _________ .

Choice made by Abraham

  • Abraham was the son of Terah.
  • Abraham was called by God when he was 75 yrs old.
  • Abraham wife was called Sarah.
  • Abraham got his son when he was 100yrs old and Sarah was 90 yrs.
  • Their son was called Isaac.
  • Isaac means laughter.
  • God asked Abraham to sacrifice his only son on Mt. Moriah
  • As Abraham was about to sacrifice his son, God provided a ram.
  • Abraham made a choice to trust and obey God.
  • Isaac made a choice to obey his father.
  • They made a good choice.


    1. Sarah servant was called?
    2. The promised son of Abraham was
    3. Isaac means
    4. Abraham was to sacrifice his son on mt.
    5. Instead of Isaac God provided a for sacrifice
      1. Goat
      2. Bull
      3. Ram
      4. Sheep

Choice Made By Moses

  • Moses was the son of Amram and Jochebed.
  • He was a brother to Mirriam and Aaron.
  • Moses means “drawn from water”
  • His wife was Zipporah the daughter of Jethro.
  • Moses killed an Egyptina and run away to midian
  • He was called by God when he was looking after Jethro sheep near Mt. Sinai
  • God told Moses his name is I AM.
  • God sent Moses to Egypt to deliver the children of Israelites.
  • God told Moses to go with his brother Aaron.
  • Moses and Aaron obeyed God and made a good choice


    1. _________  and _________  were the parents of moses.
    2. Moses means _________ 
    3. Moses had two sons _________  and _________ .
    4. Moses run away and went to _________ 
    5. _________  saw a buring bush.
    6. The call of moes in the bible is recorded in the book of

Choice Made By Ruth

  • Naomi and her husband Elimelech lived in Bethlehem Judah
  • They had two sons mahlon and Chillion.
  • The family moved from Bethlehem to Moab because there was a famine.
  •  In moab, their sons married two Moabite women orpha and Ruth.
    1. Ruth was the wife of mahlon
    2. Orpha was the wife of chillion.
  • Later the son and father died
  • Naomi was left with her daughters in-law.
  • Naomi chose to go back to Bethlehem.
  • Orpha chose to go back to her people.
  • Ruth chose t follow Naomi.
  • Ruth made the correct choice.


    1. _________  and_________ were Naomi’s daughters in-law.
    2. _________ and _________  were the sons of Naomi.
    3. _________  was the wife of elimelech.
    4. This family was refugee in the land of _________ 
    5. Between Ruth and Orpha who was royal to Naomi?

Choices made by Solomon

  • Solomon was the son of David and Bathsheba.
  • He was the 3rd king of Israel.
  • God appeared to him in a dream while at Gibeon
  • Solomon asked God for wisdom to :-
    1. Rule God’s people with justice.
    2. To know the difference between good and bad.
  • He made a very good choice.
  • God gave him wisdom, understanding , wealth, honor and a long life.
  •  As Christians we should serve God by serving other people.


    1. _________  was the w\ise king.
    2. _________  and_________ were the parents odf Solomon
    3. _________  built a temple for God.
    4. After giving Solomon wisdom God also added him
      _________ , _________ and_________

Choices Made By Levi

  • Levi was a tax collector.
  • He was also called Matthew.
  • The tax-collectors were dishonest people.
  • Jesus asked Levi to follow him.
  • Levi left everything and followed Jesus.
  • Levi made a good choice by following Jesus.
  • He was one of the disciples of Jesus.


    1. Who among the disciples of Jesus was a tax collector?
    2.  Another name for Mathew is?
    3. _________  is the first book of the gospel.

Choices made by Ananias and Sapphira

  • The early church lived together nad shared what they had.
  • They would sell their properties and bring money to the apostles.
  • Ananias and sapphire sold a land that belonged to them.
  • They did not give the whole amount of money to peter.
  • They lied to the holy spirit.
  • They died the same day because of cheating the holy spirit.
  • They made a wrong choice.
  • Selfishness and greed cause people to make the wrong choices.


    1. _________  and _________   cheated the Holy spirit.
    2. The story of Ananias and sapphire is found in the book of _________ .
    3. Ananias and sapphire took the money to apostle _________ 
    4. _________  and _________ made a wrong choice.

Choices Made By Jesus during The Temptation

  • Jesus was baptized by John in RIVER Jordan
  • After baptism he was filled by the holy spirit and he went to pray.
  • Jesus prayed and fated for 40 days.
  • Satan tempted Jesus three times. He told Jesus to:-
    1. Turn stones into bread.
    2. Worship him.
    3. To throw himself down.
  • Jesus chose to reject the temptation of food, powere and fame.
  • The holy spirit gave him power to overcome the temptations.
  • We should also seek the help of the holy spirit and the word of God to be able to overcome the temptation.

Choosing To Belong To the Family Of Jesus Christ.

  • The first family was started by God.
  •  It had Adam and Eve and their sons Cain., Abel and Seth.
  • The church is the family of Jesus Christ.
  • The family of Jesus Christ consist of those who believe and are baptized.
  • Children should obey their parents.
  • Parents should teach their children good Christian behaviors.
  • Servant should respect and obey their master.


    • _________  tempted Jesus.
    • Jesus fasted for_________ days.
    • Which was the second temptation
    •  “children obey your parent” this is a commandment with a _________ 
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