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Christian Communities in Kenya - Grade 4 CRE Revision Notes

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Some Christians Communities in Kenya

What are Christian Communities?

  • A christian community is a group of people who belive that Jesus Christ is their Lord and savior
  • The first believers were called Christians at a place called Antioch
  • Christians worship in church

Examples of Christian communities in Kenya.

  1. The Roman Catholics
  2. Pentecostal Assemblies of God(PAG)
  3. The Seventh Day Adventist (SDDA)
  4. The Methodist church
  5. African inland church {AIC}
  6. Presbyterian church of east Africa{PCEA}
  7. The Pentecostal evangelistic fellowship of Africa {PEFA}
  8. Full gospels churches of Kenya {FGCK}
  9. The Lutheran church
  10. The Salvation Army.
  • Some of the Christian communities were started by the missionaries.
  • The church at Antioch had some leaders who were prophets and teachers.
  • Some of them were
    1. Barabbas
    2. Simon {called black}
    3. Lucias from Cyrene.
    4. Manach who was brought up with Herod Antipas.
    5. Saul
  • Paul guided by the holy spirit strengthened the Christian believers in
    1. Antioch
    2. Caesarea
    3. Galatia
    4. Phrygia.


      1. Name five Christian communities in Kenya
      2. He preached the gospel to Antioch and Galatia churches and converted many to Jesus. Who was he?
      3. The first Christian community was found at a place called?
      4. Who among the following was not a teacher or a prophet in the first Christian community?
        1. Manaen
        2. Lucias
        3. Barnabas
        4. Zaccheus

The Work Of The Christian Communities

  • Christian communities in Kenya are involved in many activities
  • They share the love of Jesus Christ by
    1. They build schools, churches, hospitals, homes for the aged and orphans and disabled.
    2. They visit and comfort the sick and those with HIV AIDS
    3. They preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.
    4. They visit prisoners.
  • Jesus taught his disciples that they should:-
    1. Feed the hungry
    2. Give a drink to the thirsty
    3. Clothe the naked.
    4. Welcome strangers.
    5. Visit the sick
  • Jesus taught that those who do good work will inherit the kingdom of God.


    1. Name for activities carried out by the Christian community
    2.  Jesus said “ I was _________ and you did not give me food”
    3. “ I was thirsty and you did not give me _________ ”

The Early Church

  • Jesus was taken up to heaven Mt. Olives IN Bethany.
  • He promised his disciples a helper who was the Holy Spirit.
  • The disciple received the holy spirit on the day of Pentecost.
  • Peter preached and 3000 people became Christians.
  • The early church began in Jerusalem after the disciple received the holy spirit.
  • The believers lived together as a family. They also :-
    1. Prayed and worshiped together.
    2. Read the word of God together.
    3. Shared meals together.
    4. Sold what they had and shared the money according to their needs.
  • The number of Christians increased every day
  • Prophet Agabus predicted about a serious famine that would affect the whole world
  • We should follow the example of Jesus Christ by sharing what we have.


    1.  Jesus was taken up to heaven on Mt. _________
    2. Name for activities that the early church did together.
    3. The disciple received the holy spirirt on the day of _________
    4.  Prophet _________ predicted about a serious famine that would affect the whole word.

The Christian Sacred Places.

  • A sacred place is a holy place
  • A church is a community of believers
  • There are different sacred places for different religious traditions for example :-
    • Christian – church
    • Muslim- mosque
    • Hindu – temple
    • Jews – synagogue /temple
  • Jesus was angry with the people who were selling and buying in the temple.
  • He was angry that the people did not respect the house of God.
  • He taught the people that the temple is a place of prayer for all nations.

The Church

  • A church is a community of believers.
  • Christians meet and worship in a church.
  • Worship can be led by a pastor or a priest
  • Christian use different names to describe a church
    • A chapel
    • Cathedral
    • School halls, cinema halls, open air and stadiums.
  • Christians sacred places should be approached I honor and respect.
  • In Traditional African Communities prayers were held at:-
    • Under trees
    •  In caves
    • Facing the son
    •  Facing the mountain.
  • We should respect the house of God.


    1. A _________ is a community of believers.
    2. Name three places that Christians worship God.
    3. In African traditional society, prayers were done in places like?
    4. A _________ is found in school and colleges
      a. Cave
      b. Church
      c. Chapel
      d. SDA
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