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Sharing and Voluntary Work - Grade 4 CRE Revision Notes

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The Meaning Of Sharing Of Work

  • Work is any task that requires mental or physical efforts to do.
  • Sharing work means dividing task according to ability.
  • Work should be shared at home, school, church and in the community.
  • Sharing work is important because:-
    1. It makes work easy
    2. It makes work enjoyable
    3. It is less tiring.
    4. Work is done in a short time
    5. It promotes unity.
  • When sharing work we should consider factors like:-
    1. Experience
    2. Age
    3. Ability
    4. Interest
    5. Availability of time.
    6. Work rate.
  • Hannah and elkanah shared work by visiting Samuel.
  • Jesus shared work with his disciples.
  • We should desire to work with others.

    1. List three disadvantage of sharing work
    2. When sharing work we should consider factors like?

Sharing Work In The Traditional African Community

  • In traditional African community, work was done to provide the basic family needs.
  • In Tradition African Community everybody is expected.
  • Work in traditional African community was shared according to :-
    1. Age
    2. Talents
    3. Status of the family
    4. Gender
    5. Ability
  • Women shared domestic work like cooking, fetching water, firewood and looking after the young ones.
  • Men were hunting, looking after cattle and digging.
  • Children helped in grazing and looking after small ones.
  • Those who were lazy were mocked through songs and riddles.
  • The bible teaches us to carry one another’s burden

    1. Outline the work that was done by men in traditional African society.
    2. Women were supposed to
    3. Children helped looking afar __________ .

Benefits Of Sharing Work

  • Benefits of sharing work are
    • It creates the spirit of teamwork
    • It creates peace, love and unity among people.
    • It brings joy and happiness.
    • It brings understating among workers.
    • It makes work easier
    • Work is completed faster.
    • It brings unity Acts 4:32-37.

      1. List down 4 characteristics of early believers according to acts 4:32-37.

Serving Others {Deuteronomy 24:19-21, Luke 10:29-37}

  • Serving others means doing something for the good of others.
  • It also means helping others without expecting to be paid back.\
  • We serve others by :-
    1. Caring for the needy.
    2. Visiting homes for orphans
    3. Teaching others how to read and write.
    4. Cleaning the church.
    5. Helping in chores,
    6. Donating food and clothing for the needy.
    7. Praying for the needs of other people.

      1. The Jew in the good Samaritan parable was traveling from __________ to __________.
      2. Samaritans and Jews were __________
      3. Name two people who walked by and never helped the Jew
      4. Who is a good neighbor?

Exploitation Of Children Through Work

  • Exploitation is when children are treated unfairly.
  • Exploitation is also called child labour.
  • Exploiting children is against the children rights.
  • Children are exploited in the following ways
    • Carrying heavy loads.
    • Being employed at a young age.
    • Hawking
    • Being beach boys.
    • Employed to pick tealeaves and coffee.
    • Employed as house helps.
  • All children have right to :-
    • To be educated.
    • To be loved.
    • To be cared for.
    • To life
    • Good health care
    • Be protected from exploitation.

      1. List for problems of exploiting children
      2. We should take care of the helpless such as

Types Of Voluntary Services {Mathew 9:35-38, Acts 4:32-37}

  1. Voluntary service is work done freely and willingly.
  2. Voluntary services include
    1. Collecting litter in the estate.
    2. Tree planting.
    3. Visiting children’s home.
    4. Cleaning drainage systems.
    5. Picking litter in the school compound.
    6. Cooking for the elderly people.
    7. Helping at social functions such as weddings and funerals.
  3. Jesus Christ offered voluntary services such as
  4. The early Christians offered voluntary services such as

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