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Peace - Grade 4 CRE Revision Notes

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  • Peace refers to the harmony between people.
  • Is a situation where there is no war or disagreement
  • When there is no peace people 
  •  It is important for people to live in ______________ with one another.
  • We should be at ______________with God, others and ______________
  • Jesus Christ came to make peace between ______________ and ______________
  • List sown six benefits of peace.

The Expression Of Peace In Traditional African Communities. {John 14:27}

  • Peace was highly appreciated in the African traditional society.
  • In the absence of peace people fight and quarrel.
  • Ways of expressing peace in traditional African societies :-
    1. Pouring libation
    2. Shaking hands
    3. Sharing a meal
    4. Offering sacrifices
    5. Naming schildren after ancestors.
    6. Using elders in solving quarrels.
    7. Holding meetings after a conflict.

Teachings of Jesus Christ On Peace {John 14:1-3, 20:19}

  • When we quarrel or fight we should make peace.
  • Jesus teaches us not to be worried, upset or afraid.
  • We should believe in God and in Jesus Christ.
  • Jesus is the source of peace.
  • He is the prince of peace.
  • The Holy Spirit gives us power to overcome fear.


    1. Jesus taught his disciple not to be
    2. Fear takes away
    3. In john 20:19 why were disciples behind locked doors?

Being At Peace With God {Psalms 29:11, Romans 5:1, Colossians 1:20, 2 Thessalonians 3:16}

  • We should desire to be at peace with God.
  • We experience peace in God when we believe in him.
  • We have peace with God through
  • God brought peace in the world through the death of
  • Psalms 29:1, God is the source of and people with
  • List down 6 ways of being at peace with God.

Being At Peace With Oneself {Luke 18:9-13}

  • We feel guilty when we wrong others
  • We are ot at peace when we wrong others.
  • We should promote peace within ourselves by:-
    1. Accepting we are sinners.
    2. Ask God for forgiveness.
    3. Being humble
    4. Believing in ourselves.
    5. Being prayerful.
  • We should not be boastful or proud.
  • In Luke 18:9-13 ______________ humbled himself before God and prayed for his sins to be forgiven
    6. ______________ was praising himself before God.

Being At Peace with Others.

Matthew 5:19, Romans 12:8, 2 Corinthians 13:11, Ephesians 2:14-15

  • We must be at peace wit others for us to live happily.
  • We should be at peace with our:-
    1. Classmates
    2. Neighbors
    3. Family members
    4. Teachers
    5.  Members of society
    6. Parents
  • In Romans 12:8 we should do everything possible to live at with everybody.
  • Matthew 5:9 peacemakers would be called of God.
  • 2 Corinthians 13:11, we should strive for perfection, agree and live at
  • The death of Jesus Christ unites people and brings peace.

Agencies That Work For Peace {Romans 12:18}

  • Peace is very important in the society.
  • Peace enables us to go on well with our normal duties.
  • Agencies of peace are organizations that help bring peace
  • They include:-
    1. The Kenya defense forces- KDF
    2. The police
    3. The church
    4. Parents and teachers.
    5. Elders
    6. The African union- AU
    7. The united nations – UN
  • In Romans 12:18, we are told to live in peace with
  • List down 5 people who helps us to live in pace in the community.

The Birth Of The Prince Of Peace

Peace at home {Ephesians 4:31-32}

  • Ways of expressing peace at home:-
    1. Worshiping together
    2. Obeying parents
    3. Showing respect to one another.
    4. Using polite words.
    5. Forgiving each other.
    6. Avoiding being angry.
  • Peace at home brings ______________, ______________, and ______________
  • List down 5 things that disrupt pace according to Ephesians 4:31-32
  • The bible encourages us to be:-

The Promise Of The Prince Of Peace

Isaiah 7:14, 9:6, Micah 5:2, Mathew 1:18-23, 2:1-11, john 14:27

  • God promised through prophet Isaiah and Micah messiah would be born
  • Isaiah promised that messiah would be born of a woman.
  • Prophet Isaiah promised that messiah would be called Immanuel
  • Immanuel means ______________
  • According to Isaiah 9:6 he would be
    • The wonderful counselor.
    • Mighty God
    • Prince of peace
  • Prophet ______________ promised messiah would be born in Bethlehem
  • According to Micah, messiah would also be ______________. Micah 5:2

    1. Messiah means ______________
    2. Prophet Micah said Jesus would be born in the town of ______________
    3. ______________ prophesied about the birth of prince of peace.
    4. ______________ announced about the birth of Jesus.

The Birth of The Prince Of Peace {Luke 2:1-14}

  • Jesus was born at the time of emperor ______________
  • Jesus was born In the town of ______________
  • Joseph and Mary had gone to be ______________ in Bethlehem.
  • Baby Jesus was laid in a ______________ because there was no room.
  • ______________ told shepherds the good news of the birth of Jesus.
  • A great army of ______________ appeared singing praise to God.
  • ______________ were the first people to visit baby Jesus.
  • ______________ was the home town of Jesus Christ.
  • Mary concaved a child through the power of the ______________.
  • ______________ was a relative of Mary and was six months pregnant.
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