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Locomotor Skills - Grade 4 Physical Health Education Revision Notes

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Athletics Track

001 Atheltics track

  • It is a ground or surface that is oval in shape.
  • It comprises of two parallel sides joined together by two semi-circular bends
  • An athletics track has a starting and finishing point for different races.

Safety tips:

  • As you participate in running 100m and 200m, you need to observe the following safety measures.
    1. Perform warm up activities before running
    2. Do not cross in front of each other while running
    3. Look out for objects like stones and remove them from the track.
      • The safety precautions assist to avoid injury of self and others while using the athletic track. You are therefore required to observe these rules for your own safety.

Standing Start

How to Perform a Good Standing Start

02 on your marks

On your marks:

  1. Place one foot forward pointing directly ahead
  2. Place your other foot back pointing directly ahead
  3. Your feet should be about shoulder-width apart
  4. Look at the ground ahead.
  5. Look at the ground in front of your feet.


  1. Drive your arms and legs forward.
  2. Step through with the back foot first
    • In every game, it is good practice for fair play. This means fair competition, equality and respect for rules and players.

Standing Long Jump

How to Perform the Standing Long Jump.

  1. You should place both feet at shoulder-width.
  2. Then stand up with arms raised and rise up on to the balls of the feet with hips extended.
    (Balls of the feet - portion of the sole between the toes and the arch)
  3. Then bring the arms back behind you and bend the knee and hips
  4. Drive as powerfully as possible off the ground while throwing the arms forward as forcefully as possible.
  5. Once you are airborne, extend the hips up and out and throw the feet forward.
  6. Land flat footed slightly forward.
  7. Avoid falling backward or forward.

Safety tips:

  1. before you jump, ensure you have done warm up activities
  2. Make sure the landing are is level, there are no stones, holes and it is not slippery.
  3. Use the correct technique while doing the standing jump.
    • While undertaking the standing jump, team work is most important for the success of the game. It means working together to achieve set goals.
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