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Swimming - Grade 4 Physical Health Education Revision Notes

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Front crawl - a stroke where the arms are moved alternately overhead accompanied by a flutter kick to propel a swimmer orward.

Body Position While Swimming

  • Keep your body flat, lie facing down in the water with your body kept in line with the water surface.
  • Keeping the body straight makes swimming easier.

Arm Movement

  • Arm pull- Practice it with your palms facing down, pull in line with your body with a slightly bent elbow all the way to the side of your upper thigh.
  • Arm recovery -with your hand close to your upper thigh, lift the arm out of the water with bent elbow. Reach forward over the water with a bent elbow and enter the water with our fingerprints.

Leg Action

  • Involves straightening the legs with pointed toes.
  • Ankles remain relaxed and flexible.
  • Kick the legs up and down in a continuous motion.
  • Do not bend the legs.

Safety Tips.

  1. Swimming in proper costume.
  2. Leave your shoes in the changing room/
  3. Take a shower before entering the pool.
  4. Tuck long hair or hold it tightly.
  5. Visit the toilet before getting into the pool.
  6. No pushing each other into the water or play around the pool.
  7. Do not dive in the shallow end of the pool.
  8. Have an adult who knows how to swim with you when around the pool and during swimming.
  9. No eating or chewing gum during swimming lessons
  10. If you have an open wound or bruise, don't get in the pool.
  11. Do not swim immediately after taking meals.
  12. Ensure there is a life saver on alert.

Flutter kick: A basic skill in swimming used to stabilize and propel your body forward in the water with your legs.


Crouch Surface Dive.

How To Perform The Crouch Surface Dive.

  • Start from a crouch position.
  • Curl the toes of the front around the edge of the pool with the other foot slightly behind.
  • The arms and hands are pointed at the entry point with the head tucked in.
  • Push off from the feet and straighten at the knees to dive.

Safety tips

  1. Do not dive if not accompanied by swimming teacher/ instructor.
  2. Diving should be performed in pools with adequate water.
  3. Do not dive when there are swimmers in the diving area.
  4. Always observe safety rules when swimming.

Deck: a raised flat surface.

Standing Surface Dive.

  • Standing surface dive is a shallow dive performed from a standing position.

Practicing Standing Surface Dive.

  1. Stand with the feet together, toes curled over the edge of the pool.
  2. Place arms straight above the head toucvhing the ears wiht the arms.
  3. Bend the knees slightly
  4. Tuck chin, bend at the waist pointing fingers towards the water.
  5. Tilt towards push off from the feet, through the hips and dive into the water fingers first.
  6. As the leg follows, the upper body straightens and then out then out and the point toe out.
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