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Leisure Activities - Grade 4 Physical Health Education Revision Notes

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Active and Passive Leisure Activities.

  • Leisure activities are performed for fun.
  • There are mainly two types of leisure.
    1. Passive leisure activities - are activities that someone is not participating in the activity.
    2. Active leisure activities - are those that someone is fully participant
  • Leisure activities give us the opportunities to be ourselves and get creative.

Disadvantages of Passive Activities.

  • They lead to development of lifestyle problems and diseases. 
  • It reduces our creativity and lead to health problems due to long hours spent in sedentary positions

Leisure and Time management

  • Time management - is the ability to organize activities one has perform in a given amount of time to leisure time is the free time.
  • It is good to take time off from studies and from watching television to engage in a leisure activity individually or with friends.
  • Leisure activities include:
    • Reading a story book.
    • Taking nature walks.
    • Volunteering at the local children's home.
    • Taking part in artistic activities such as painting.
    • Listening to music.
    • Attending as sporting activity as a spectator.

Care of Community Recreation Facilities.

  • These are sometimes referred to as public facilities and are services offered by the state to its citizens.
  • There are various ways of taking care of these facilities.
    • By avoiding littering these areas.
    • Planting trees in these areas.
    • Finding an alternative source of fuel.
    • Drawing graffiti (unauthorized writing or drawing on a public surface) on the walls of these areas should be discouraged to preserve their beauty.
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