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English Questions and Answers - Grade 4 End of Term 1 SET 2 2022

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The teacher greets the learner. The learner responds. The teacher asks the learner to sit. The teacher says "I would like you to tell me about COVlb 19".

  1. What is Covid 19?
    (Learner responds)
  2. Who is the minister of health in Kenya?
    (Learner responds)
  3. Name three measures to prevent Covid 19?
    (Learner responds)
  4. If there is no hand sanitizer, what else can you tise?
    (Learner responds)
  5. What advice can you give to people who say "There is no Covid 19"?
    (Learner responds)

Grandfather and the snake.
Tamara and Mathew are home today. A sufuria is on the table. Grandfather comes in. Grandfather wants to eat an orange. Tamara gives grandfather an orange. Mathew takes the orange to peel. He peels it using a knife. He gives it to grandfather. Grandfather sits on a sofa.
As grandfather opens his mouth to eat the orange a snake dr- -s from the roof onto the floor. Grandfather is old and cannot move fast. Tamara and Mathew run out of the house. They get a stick and give it to grandfather. He kills the snake. They now feel safe. They all ate the oranges.

Taking responsibility
The class teacher was very agry when he entered the classroom. The classroom was very untidy. Desks were not well arranged. There were many pieces of paper on the floor. He wondered why no one had noticed that the classroom needed to be cleaned. "How can you all sit in such a dirty room?" he asked.
Suprisingly, everyone kept quiet. They clearly understood. why the teacher was angry. From that day, they decider) to come up v,'Ith duty rota. Some were assigned the duty of sweeping, others arranging desks and others to ensure the wall charts and pictures were neat at all times. Nobody was left out. As a result, everything was neat in class. Nothing went wrong at all.
The teacher was happy with everybody. He praised all the learners for their sense of responsibility.


  1. Why was the teacher angry?
  2. Why did the learners decide to come up with a duty rota?
  3. What is the title of the story?
  4. How do we know that the learners were irresponsible according to the first paragraph?
  5. What kind of work did the learners decide to do?

Use the articles to fill in the blank.

  1. She is tallest girl in her family.
  2. I ate apple yesterday.
  3. They had been singing for hour.

Write the plurals.

  1. ox
  2. key
  3. mouse

Make sentences usinci the following words.

  1. please
  2. compound
  3. email
  4. password

Complete the following similes.

  1. As cool as
  2. As blind as
  3. Words that are used to describe an object, a person or an animal are called

Use the adjectives in the brackets in the correct order.

  1. My mother bought me cake for my birthday. (circular, big)
  2. I have a table. (oval, small)

Use the correct quantities to fill the gaps.

  1. _____people enjoy watching movies on their phones. (Much, Many)
  2. There are laptops in our school. (many, much)

Use the words in the bracket to complete these sentences correctly

  1. Agnes was (stand) near the shop. (past continous tense)
  2. Jane (upload) the pictures to the computer. (present continous tense)

Puncutate the sentence.

  1. I wonder how many' who live in mombasa behave

Write an interesting composition about:


Listening and speaking,

  1. A pandemic
  2. Hon.Mutahi Kagwe
  3. Wash hands
    Keep distance
  4. Water and soap
  5. Covid is real


  1. The classroom was untidy
  2. Assign duties
  3. Taking responsibility
  4. The class was untidy
  5. Tidy the classroom


  1. the 
  2. an 
  3. an
  4. oxen
  5. keys 
  6. mice

7-10.any correct sentence.

  1. cucumber
  2. bat
  3. adjectives
  4. circular 
  5. small 
  6. many
  7. many 
  8. standing 
  9. unloaded
  10. I wonder how people who live in Mombasa behave.
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