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Environmental & Religious Activities Questions and Answers - Grade 4 End of Term 1 SET 2 2022

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Use the map below to answer questions 1 - 5.

  1. The source of the river is_______
  2. How many tributries does the river have?
  3. Which food crop is grown in Kali area?
  4. The people of Kali area are_______
  5. There are schools in Kali area.
  6. What are resources?
  7. Maasai live in a special house known as_______
  8. _____is buying and selling of goods and services.
  9. Give two examples of resources.
  10. Name the main compass directions.
  11. ______is people's way of life.
  12. Write your school motto.
  13. Name two economic activities.
  14. Give examples of community leaders.
  15. How do you conserve the resources in your county?
  16. Name two materials used in pottery.


  1. _______created us in His image and likeness.
  2. _______was thrown in the den of lions.
  3. I am a child of_______
  4. I show God_______ when I bow when praying. (face, respect)
  5. The prayer that Jesus taught His disciples is called the_______(Jesus' prayer, Lord's player)
  6. The following groups show members of a family.
    • Group A  
    • Group B
    • Group C
      The group that shows member3 of an extended family is group
  7. When someone does good to you you say_______
  8. The story of Ananias and Sapphira teaches us that we should be_______ (clean, honest)
  9. _______walked on water and did not sink. (Peter, John)
  10. An activity that children do in the church to show respect for church as the house of God is (reciting verses of the Bible, playing games)
  11. Name one of the twelve disciples of Jesus
  12. The three Hebrew men were saved from fire by the_______ (angel, king)
  13. In Philippians 4:4 we learn that we should_______ in the Lord always.
  14. We should make_______ choices at all times.
  15. Which one of the following is not a good feeling? (happiness, love, anger)

Match the pillars of Islam

  1. Zakat   Prayers
  2. Saum   Kalima
  3. Hajj   Fastings
  4. Shahada    Pilgrimage
  5. Salah    Alms
  6. Muslims pray_______ times a day.
  7. Muslims face _______while praying.

Write THREE manners to be observed before eating 



  1. forest
  2. 2
  3. maize
  4. Christians
  5. Things we use to get money 
  6. manyatta 
  7. Trade
  8. land
  9. mineral
    1. North
    2. South
    3. East
    4. West
  11. Culture
    1. Farming
    2. Trading
  13. M.C.A
  14. M.P
  15. a/b any correct


  1. God 
  2. Daniel 
  3. God 
  4. respect 
  5. Lord's prayer
  6. Thank you 
  7. honest 
  8. Peter
  9. reading verses of the Bible 
  10. any correct answer 
  11. angel
  12. rejoice
  13. God
  14. anger

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