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Home Science /Art & Craft/ Music & Physical Heath Activities Questions and Answers - Grade 4 End of Term 1 SET 2 2022

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  1. Write 2 common illinesses.
    (diarrhoea and Tuerculosis, Sore throat and common cold)
  2. Utensils that break easlily in our kitchen are called(fragile, glass, ceramic)utensils. 
  3. Write two energy giving foods.
  4. Name three fuels we use at home
  5. A meal that contains the three groups o ioods in the rightis amounts is known as (balance diet, energy giving food, grouped meal)
  6. Write two methods of cooking food.
  7. _______bags is used to keep all the needlework tools together. (Plastic, Sewing)
  8. Write two personal items.
  9. ______is putting the dirty clothes in clean cold water without soap for a while before washing them. (Mending, Soaking, Washing)
  10. The process of washing, ironing and storing is called_______ (drying work, laundly work, garment work)


  1. Name two tools used in drawing.
  2. Shade this picture using smudging technique.
  3. Name the colour triangle.
  4. When we mix two primary colours we get colours.
  5. _____is a mixture of a colour with white. (Shade, Tone, Tint)
  6. Name two materials which can be used to make a montage.
  7. Warps and wefts are used in (threading, weaving)
  8. Draw and colour a drum.
  9. Name two materials used in pottery.
  10. Make a pattern using letter 'C' or 'X' 


  1. Songs sung to praise and worship God are called _____songs.
  2. Two people singing together form a _____
  3. Define pitch
  4. Isukuti is a drum played by community.
  5. Draw a flute.
  6. Write two costumes worn when dancing a folk song.
  7. Name the french rhythm of a semi-breve
  8. Songs sung in praise of a country or its leaders are known as song. (patriotic, love)
  9. The Kenya National Athem song has how many stanzas? (Three, Two, Four)
  10. If you are singing and at the same time clapping, you are trying to catch up with the _____of the .song. (rhythm, taste, truth)


  1. The place where athletes run and compete is called _____field.(football track, athletic track, running track)
  2. Before one starts to run, one must have to (coming up, warming upi eating up)
  3. Draw athletic track field.
  4. Where people complete using a football, the place is called _____pitch. (football, volleyball, handball)
Questions  Activity to be done Perfomance Ratings
5 Two-handed catching     
Kneeling, overhead throw    
Geeting set -(On to your marks)    
Stopping a football    
Standing long jump     
10  Get - set - go     



  1. sore throat / common cold.
  2. flagile
    1. potatoes
    2. maize
    1. gas
    2. fire wood
    3. biogas/paraffin 
  5. balance diet
  6. boiling/frying roasting
  7. Sewing
  8. socks/handkerchief
  9. Soaking 
  10. laundry work


  1. pencil
  2. Shading
  3. A-Red
    B. Yellow
    C- Blue 
  4. Secondary 
  5. Tone
    1. Fabric, Buttons, Crayons
    2. Craft foam
  7. weaving
  8. Drawing
    1. clay
    2. porcelain, stoneware
  10. Pattern


  1. athleticfootball 
  2. warming up 
  3. drawing 
  4. foot ball


  1. praise 
  2. Duet
  3. Degree of highness or lowness of a tone.
  4. Luhya 
  5. Socks, long dresses 
  6. Patriotic
  8. patriotic
  9. three
  10. rythm
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