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Science & Technology/ Agriculture Questions and Answers - Grade 4 End of Term 1 SET 2 2022

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  1. All things around us can be divided into two ______and______
  2. The last stage of every animal is______ (growth, death, breath)
  3. I have (42, 32, 22)teeth in my mouth.
  4. ______polluted water does not make it safe for drinking. (Filtering, Boiling)
  5. The three states of matters are______and______
  6. Pouring soil out from a container is (filling, emptying)
  7. Air pollution affect growth of plants. (True, False)
  8. The shape of a ______varies with that of the containers. (solid, liquid, gas)
  9. When an object remains on the surface of water, it is said to be (sinking, floating)
  10. ______travels in a straight line ______ (Energy, Sound, Light)
  11. Which properties of matter does not affect floating and sinking? (shape of the material, type of material, size of material)
  12. Sound travels in______ direction. (two, three, all) 
  13. ______materials allows light to pass through
  14. Name the 4 types of clouds.
  15. ______can not be done on a rainy day (Harvesting, Winnowing)


  1. ______is a place prepared for planting seeds to grow until they are harvested. (A gardener, Seedbed, Farm)
  2. Name the three main types of soil ______,______and______
  3. Which one of the following is not a benefit of domestic animals? (Source of food, Farming activities, Protecting their young ones)
  4. Name three examples of tools and equipment used in gardening.
  5. The following are carried out to maintain good conditions for health growth of our seedlings. Which one is not? (Mulching, Watering, Thinning, Harvesting)
  6. Fruits are sources of many important nutrients in our bodies. Which type of nutrients is provided by fruits?(Vitamins, Minerals, Fibre)
  7. Give three examples of legume crops.
  8. Name three places where seeds could be obtained.
  9. The following methods can be used for spreading tiny seeds evenly. Which one cannot? (Use of shaker, Use of sowing tool, By hands, Throwing the seeds)
  10. Write three types of materials used for making compost manure. (Dry leaves, Cattle dug, Kitchen waste, Plastic bottles)
  11. Name three ways of using water in farming activities. (Water crops, Give animals, To clean equipment, Spray pesticides)
  12. The following are examples of leafy vegetables. Which one is not? (Carrot, Kale, Cabbage)



  1. living/non-living 
  2. death
  3. 22
  4. filtering
  5. solid
  6. emptying
  7. true
  8. liquid 
  9. floating
  10. light
  11. size of material
  12. all 
  13. transparent
  14. nimbus/stratus
  15. winnowing


  1. Farm 
  2. clay
  3. protecting their young ones 
  4. jembe
  5. harvesting 
  6. vitamins 
  7. beans 
  8. throwing seeds
  9. dry leaves
    vegetables grass
    farm waste 
  10. watering
  11. carrot
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