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English Language Activities Questions and Answers - Grade 4 End of Term 3 November 2022 Exams Set 1

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Read the following conversation and then answer questions 1 to 3.
Teacher: Excuse me class, what is the weather today?
All: The weather today is sunny.
Teacher: You are right. Who knows the activities expected during such weather? (Some learners raise their hands while calling the teacher to select them.) Yes Omari.
Omari: I think during such weather, we can comfortably fly our kites.
Teacher: A good trial Omari. Any other...yes Mwende.
Mwende: (She stands) During such weather, we can dry our clothes and grains.
Teacher: Very good Mwende, one clap for her please. (They clap.)Please sit down. Now, I want us to discuss what happens when the weather is rainy.
Ian: When the weather is rainy, we can do some planting and weeding. Our animals also get enough pasture.
Mary: Yes teacher. We also harvest rain water.
Teacher: Wonderful children. And I think...
Kasuku: Excuse me teacher, when do we need to put on heavy clothes?
Teacher: Who can answer Kasuku? (Silence) Well, Kasuku, we need them when the weather is cold. When you go home today, go and find out what happens when the weather is windy. Put your points down in your note books. I shall check them tomorrow. Goodbye everyone.
All: Goodbye teacher!

  1. Omari said that sunny weather is good for
    1. drying grains. 
    2. flying kites. 
    3. wearing heavy clothes. 
    4. drying clothes.
  2. According to this conversation, during rainy weather, we cannot 
    1. harvest rain water. 
    2. carry out weeding. 
    3. do some planting. 
    4. fly our kites.
  3. Probably, the learners did not answer Kasuku's question because
    1. they did not want her to know the answer.
    2. they wanted the teacher to answer it. 
    3. none of them knew the answer. 
    4. they preferred to be silent.
  4. Where would the learners write their points? In their 
    1. diaries. 
    2. Bibles.
    3. dictionaries.
    4. notebooks.
  5. The teacher told Kasuku that we wear heavy clothes during
    1. cold weather.
    2. rainy seasons.
    3. windy seasons.
    4. wet seasons. 

Read the passage and then answer questions 6 to 2
Jabali had two daughters, Becky and Joan. The girls were twins whose mother died when they were still very young. Their father took care of them very well, teaching them what to do and what to avoid. Becky followed what the father said but Joan did not. Every time, Joan was in a mistake. Becky always reminded her sister of their father's advice but she could not take any word from her. One day, they visited their aunt who received them warmly. She prepared some yams for them. They enjoyed the traditional food. Later, they all went to bed. When the aunt woke up, her smart phone was nowhere to be seen. She asked them who may have seen it. They both denied. Shortly afterwards, a phone was heard ringing in Joans's pocket. She had nowhere to hide her head.

  1. Where was Becky and Joan's mother? She 
    1. had moved to another part of the village. 
    2. had died. 
    3. was in another room. 
    4. had travelled abroad.
  2. We can say that the father in the story was 
    1. caring.
    2. careless. 
    3. strong.
    4. married.
  3. Who was rude according to this story?
    1. Joan 
    2. Becky 
    3. Becky and Joan 
    4. The twins' aunt.
  4. Joan bad nowhere to hide her head because of
    1. theft.
    2. the phone. 
    3. punishment. 
    4. embarrassment. 

Read the passage and then answer questions 10 to 12.
Otoyo was the strongest bull in the whole of Kopokopo village. Other bulls like Yona, Yuda and Nono could not beat him. One evening, Kopokopo elders planned for a bullfight. Mapambano field was full of villagers. They gathered in small groups of upto ten people, each group trying to guess the final result of the bullfight. Most of the people knew about Otoyo's strength, so, they all placed their bets on him. Suddenly, Alfayo, Otoyo's master stood in the middle of Mapambano field together with his champion, Otoyo. Kaparo, Yuda's master moved to the centre with his Yuda. Some elders stood supported by their walking sticks yet some were seated on the grass. Before the challenge started, a heavy rain started falling with big and heavy drops. No one waited. Even the elderly members found their legs out of the field with speed!

  1. Which one of the following statements is true according to the passage? 
    1. Out of the five bulls mentioned, one was the strongest.
    2. Most villagers knew of Otoyo's strength.
    3. Otoyo won the bullfight.
    4. No one was scared by the heavy rain.
  2. Why do you think some elders were supported by their walking sticks? 
    1. They could not stand for long.
    2. Most of them were strong. 
    3. The weather was rainy. 
    4. There was nowhere to sit.
  3. After the rain had started, who was left in Mapambano field? 
    1. Kaparo and his bull. 
    2. Otoyo and his master. 
    3. The elderly members. 
    4. No one was left. 

Read the passage and then answer questions 13 to 15.
Taking care of the environment is very important so as to maintain high standards of hygiene or cleanliness. All the litter around should be picked and thrown in pits. Those that can completely burn should be burnt. Those that can rot should be used to prepare compost manure. Banana peels, leaves and kitchen refuse can easily rot. Some wastes like plastic, glass and metals can be recycled and made into new items. Some that can neither rot, burn out nor be recycled to be buried in deep pits to minimise the chances of accidents. When empty tins are left lying anyhow in the compound, they become mosquito breeding areas when it rains because they collect and keep rain water. These tins should either be buried, recycled or reused.

  1. Why is it important to take care of the environment?
    1. Because it is a national rule.
    2. So that the rate of hygiene is reduced.
    3. To maintain high standards of cleanliness.
    4. So as to breathe contaminated air.
  2. Which of the following materials can all easily rot?
    1. Kitchen refuse, banana peels, leaves.
    2. Glass, leaves, plastic.
    3. Banana peels, kitchen refuse, glass.
    4. Plastic, glass, metals.
  3. For a healthy environment, all the following should be done to empty tins except 
    1. burying.
    2. recycling. 
    3. reusing. 
    4. burning. 

Read the passage below. It contains blank spaces numbered 16 to 20. For each blank space, select the best alternative from the choices given.
From the city to my grandmother's village is a long _____16_____I had planned to visit her during the long holiday. When my father gave me the _____17_____, I was very happy. The journey would _____18_____ any day. The following Saturday, I woke up very early in the _____19_____, headed to the stage and boarded a _____20_____

    1. place
    2. distant
    3. distance
    4. road
    1. payment
    2. fare
    3. bill
    4. coins
    1. stop
    2. end
    3. starts
    4. begin
    1. morning
    2. evening
    3. midday
    4. afternoon
    1. bus
    2. train
    3. ship
    4. jet

For questions 21 to 23, select the best conjunction to fill in the blanks.

  1. The patient wanted neither tablet medicines __________injection.
    1. or
    2. and
    3. but
    4. nor
  2. The compound was full of litter we had swept it the previous day. 
    1. because
    2. yet
    3. or
    4. for
  3. She suffered from cholera she did not boil her drinking water.
    1. because
    2. so
    3. but
    4. yet

In questions 24 to 26. change the given positive statements to negative statements.

  1. Farm produce gives the family enough income. Farm produce 
    1. gives the family less income.
    2. does not give the family enough income.
    3. gives the family no income.
    4. does not give the family any income.
  2. I like working in the farm. I
    1. like idling in the farm. .
    2. hate working at home.
    3. don't like working in the farm.
    4. don't like working in school.
  3. We can carry out our activities. We
    1. can carry out their activities. 
    2. cannot carry in our activities.
    3. can carry in their activities.
    4. cannot carry out our activities.

For questions 27 to 30, use the correct word to fill in the blanks.

  1. How__________ sugar did she buy? 
    1. much
    2. any.
    3. many
    4. some
  2. Is there __________pupil in the field?
    1. some
    2. any
    3. much
    4. any
  3. How __________computers are in the lab?
    1. much 
    2. many
    3. any
    4. may
  4. There is __________food in the cupboard.
    1. some
    2. many 
    3. any
    4. most


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