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Integrated Science Questions and Answers - Grade 4 End of Term 3 November 2022 Exams Set 1

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  1. The part of a computer that is used to process data is called the
    1. monitor.
    2. CPU.
    3. mouse.
    4. keyboard.
  2. Which of the following parts of a computer shows a printer?
    2 adadad
  3. For a digital device to operate after connection, there must be
    1. data.
    2. information.
    3. a camera.
    4. power.
  4. Which of the following lists consists of liquids only?
    1. Juice, water, porridge.
    2. Chalk, urine, air. 
    3. Oxygen, tea, stone. 
    4. Charcoal, dust, pencil.
  5. A Grade 4 pupil put a maize cob in water as shown below.
    5 adada
    The maize cob did not go down into the water. The maize cob, therefore, is an example of 
    1. solids.
    2. floaters.
    3. materials
    4. sinkers.
  6. Which one of the following substances will take the shape of the container carrying it? 
    1. Plasticine. 
    2. candle wax
    3. Water.
    4. Bottle top.
  7. The following are characteristics of matter:
    1. No definite shape.
    2. Have definite volumes.
    3. Definite mass.
    4. Expand when heated.
      Which pair of characteristics applies to all states of matter?
      1. i, ii
      2. i, iii
      3. iii, iv
      4. ii, iv
  8. During an experiment, Grade four pupils set up an experiment as shown below.
    8 adadad
    What was the conclusion after the experiment?
    1. Air expands when heated. 
    2. Air has mass. 
    3. Air contracts when cooled.
    4. Matter has volume. 
  9. Which of the following statements is true about pollution? 
    1. Polluted water can lead to waterborne diseases. 
    2. Polluted water has harmful substances. 
    3. Smoke and bad smell pollute water.
    4. Polluted water can lead to coughs. 
  10. Which of the following types of teeth shows a premolar?
    10 adadada

The following chart shows a part of the classification of animals.
11 sdsfsfs

  1. Which of the following animals can be used to replace R?
    1. Housefly.
    2. Millipede.
    3. Hen.
    4. Spider.
  2. Which animal was wrongly grouped?
    1. Frog.
    2. Fish.
    3. Snake.
    4. Butterfly.
  3. In the human digestive system, absorption of water and mineral salts takes place in the
    1. rectum.
    2. small intestines.
    3. mouth
    4. large intestines.
  4. All animals
    1. make their own food.
    2. lay eggs. 
    3. die.
    4. give birth to live young ones.
  5. We can take good care of our animals by
    1. watering them.
    2. naming them. 
    3. slaughtering them. 
    4. overworking them.


  1. Below is a domestic animal reared in Kenya.
    16 adada
    The animal above
    1. provides milk for the farmer.
    2. gives quality meat. 
    3. offers services to the farmer. 
    4. gives the farmer quality wool.
  2. Which one of the following is an example of cereals?
    17 adada
  3. Which of the following vegetables gives us food from its roots? 
    1. Spinach. 
    2. Carrots.
    3. Onions.
    4. Sukumawiki. 
  4. All the following are vegetables except 
    1. kales.
    2. cabbage..
    3. tomatoes. 
    4. barley. 
  5. The structure drawn below was seen in Mkulima's garden.
    20 adada
    The structure drawn above is known as a
    1. seedbed. 
    2. container garden. 
    3. cash crop. 
    4. watering can.
  6. Study the crossword puzzle below.
    21 asddadd
    Which of the following farm tools is not in the grid above? 
    1. Rake.
    2. jembe
    3. Spade.
    4. panga
  7. All the following are needed for the preparation of compost manure except 
    1. ash and maize stalks. 
    2. kitchen refuse and grass. 
    3. polythene papers and glass. 
    4. farmyard manure and top soil.
  8. The type of soil which holds the least amount of water is used for
    1. building. 
    2. farming.
    3. decoration.
    4. modelling.
  9. Which one of the following is not a use of water in the farm?
    1. Irrigation. 
    2. watering animals
    3. Cooking.
    4. claening tools
  10. The type of soil with the smallest particles is called
    1. alluvial soil
    2. clay soil.
    3. loam soil
    4. sand soil.


  1. Which of the following foods is not sold in a general grocery?
    1. Onions.
    2. milk
    3. Carrots.
    4. Tomatoes.
  2. Toto ate the following foods for her lunch.
    Chapati + x + beans
    If she ate a balanced diet, what does X represent?
    1. Milk.
    2. meat
    3. Chips.
    4. Cabbage.
  3. Which of the following foods protects us from diseases? 
    28 adadad
  4. When preserving milk,
    1. high standard of cleanliness must be observed.
    2. we should use new sacks. 
    3. we must always use refrigerators. 
    4. it should be dried first.
  5. Choose a list of fragile kitchen utensils.
    1. Plastic cup, cooking stick, sufuria.
    2. Metallic bowl, flask, glass. 
    3. Pot, enamel cup, plastic plate. 
    4. Flask, glass, enamel plate.
  6. Which of the following pairs of foods can be fried?
    1. Mandazi and eggs. 
    2. Milk and chapati. 
    3. Sorghum and rice. 
    4. Millet and bread.
  7. The most common fuel in most rural areas is 
    1. gas.
    2. kerosene. 
    3. firewood. 
    4. charcoal.
  8. Study the pair of shoes drawn below.
    33 aADADA
    The type of shoes drawn above are made of
    1. fabric.
    2. rubber. 
    3. canvas
    4. wool.
  9. Drawn below is a material used for cleaning at home.
    34 adadada
    The material drawn above is called a
    1. jembe.
    2. slasher. 
    3. broom.
    4. rake.
  10. Which one of the following can be used for making a simple ball?
    1. Rags
    2. Metals 
    3. Wires
    4. Stones


  1. Which of the following is common about front crawl, crouch surface dive and standing surface drive? They are all 
    1. practised in the field.
    2. pool activities.
    3. practised the same way.
    4. dangerous.
  2. Over arm pass can be practised in all the following games except
    1. handball.
    2. netball
    3. basketball
    4. football
  3. Study the illustration shown below.
    38 adadada
    The gymnastics move demonstrated above is called
    1. wheelbarrow balance.
    2. shoulder roll. 
    3. headstand. 
    4. handstand.
  4. Which one of the following is not an importance of taking water? It 
    1. lubricates joints.
    2. makes the game easier. 
    3. flushes body wastes.
    4. boosts skin health and beauty.
  5. Which one of the following should be eaten in less than two hours before the game? 
    1. Water. 
    2. Carbohydrates
    3. Proteins
    4. Vitamins.
  6. The technique shown below can be used in frisbee.
    41 adadad
    The skill demonstrated above is called 
    1. one handed rim catch.
    2. single-handed rim catch.
    3. fore hand throw.
    4. back hand throw.
  7. Study the rope work technique shown below.
    42 adadad
    The rope work skill shown above is called 
    1. single bounce
    2. double bounce.
    3. single foot bounce. 
    4. one foot bounce.
  8. When improvising a ball, we lastly
    1. collect the materials we need. 
    2. clean up the working arca. 
    3. tighten the strips around the rags. 
    4. test the ball by kicking it.
  9. Jumping off and landing with both feet together is an activity in 
    1. standing long jump. 
    2. standing start in athletics. 
    3. instep pass in soccer. 
    4. underhand pass.
  10. Following rules and instructions during sports
    1. makes us lose in competitions. 
    2. is not allowed for big boys and girls. 
    3. ensures our safety. 
    4. should be discouraged by all.
  11. Which one of the following moves is not associated with gymnastics?
    1. Egg roll.
    2. Forward roll. 
    3. Eye roll
    4. Backward roll.
  12. Musila saw a player in a position like the one shown below.
    47 adadada
    Which game was the player likely to be playing?
    1. Athletics.
    2. Rounders
    3. Handball.
    4. Jump rope.
  13. When practising head stand, all the following parts touch the ground except the 
    1. left hand. 
    2. head
    3. right hand
    4. legs.
  14. Which one of the following is not a harmful drug used in the community?
    1. Alcohol.
    2. Miraa.
    3. Cigarette.
    4. Juice.
  15. When one wants to learn swimming, it is advisable to use a
    1. floater
    2. net
    3. string
    4. sack


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