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Integrated Paper (Creative, Music & Social Studies/RE) Questions and Answers - Grade 4 End of Term 3 November 2022 Exams Set 1

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1 zdadad

  1. The people in Mpwito area are likely to be;
    1. traditionalists
    2. muslims
    3. hindus
    4. christians
  2. Which economic activity is carried out by people in Mpwito area? 
    1. Mining salt 
    2. Fishing 
    3. Trading 
    4. Livestock keeping
  3. What is the direction of flow of river Kuja in the map? 
    1. North and South 
    2. South to North East 
    3. North East to South 
    4. South East to North West
  4. Who is the head of Mpwito area?
    1. Governor 
    2. President
    3. MCA
    4. Chief
  5. What is the direction of the school from the church in the area shown in the map?
    1. South West 
    2. North East 
    3. South East
    4. West
  6. The settlement pattern in Mpwito area can be described as; 
    1. scattered 
    2. clustered 
    3. linear
    4. town
  7. Which one of the followin gcounties does not border Nairobi county? 
    1. Narok
    2. Kiambu 
    3. Machakos 
    4. Kajiado
  8. Which one of the following activities help to conserve our physical features?
    1. Terracing
    2. Cutting down trees
    3. Keeping large stock of cattle
    4. Dumping wastes in the rivers
  9. Children can be protected from child abuse through the following ways. Which one is not? 
    1. Arressting people who abuse children
    2. Teaching children about their rights
    3. Creating children rescue centres 
    4. Introducing children to work as househelps
  10. Which of the following is an importance of plains?
    1. Source of water for domestic animals 
    2. Are rain catchment areas 
    3. Source of fish 
    4. Are good for grazing livestock
  11. Three of the following are factors that promote peace in school. Which one is not?
    1. Disobeying school rules and regulations 
    2. School routine
    3. Taking part in school activities 
    4. Protecting school property
  12. Which of the following show interdependence in the society?
    1. Doctors depend on people to get treatment
    2. Teachers depend on parents to get education
    3. Fishermen depend on tailors for fish
    4. Farmers depend on traders to get animal feeds
  13. Which one of the areas is likely to have dense population. Areas with; 
    1. fertile soils 
    2. little rainfall 
    3. game park 
    4. swamps and parasites
  14. Which one of the following is not an aspect of culture? 
    1. Fighting
    2. Dressing
    3. Ceramics
    4. Artefacts
  15. A short statement about the aims and beliefs of a school is called; 
    1. school vision 
    2. school motto
    3. core values
    4. school routine


  1. Which one of the following is a right choice? 
    1. Stealing from strangers 
    2. Fighting those who wrong us 
    3. Finishing homework late
    4. Going to church early
  2. Which of the list contains members of the nuclear family only? 
    1. Brothers, mother and uncle 
    2. Father, mother and daughter 
    3. Mother, father and cousin
    4. Grandfather, mother and child
  3. Choose one quality that contributes to healthy relationship. 
    1. fairness
    2. dishonesty 
    3. greed
    4. pride
  4. Amnon committed when he had sexual relationship with his half sister.
    1. adultery
    2. marriage
    3. polygamy
    4. incest
  5. Who can we not report to when we are sexually abused? 
    1. strangers 
    2. police 
    3. parents
    4. pastor
  6. Identify the list that contains books of the new testament only?
    1. Exodus, Matthew, Luke 
    2. Hebrews, Romans, Acts 
    3. Jeremiah, Numbers, Revelation 
    4. Esther, Mark, John
  7. The last book is the Bible is: 
    1. Malachi
    2. Revelation 
    3. Matthew
    4. Genesis
  8. Who was a tax collector among the following? 
    1. Bartimacus 
    2. Matthew 
    3. John
    4. Zacchaues
  9. Identify one way of using money wisely: 
    1. buying drugs 
    2. giving money to anybody you meet 
    3. buying pens, pencils and books 
    4. buying food for the rich
  10. How many times did Balaam beat his donkey? 
    1. Ten times 
    2. Three times 
    3. Once
    4. Six times
  11. A lesson christians learn from the story of Samson is: 
    1. we should pray for strength from God 
    2. we should kill animals that are dangerous 
    3. animals are dangerous 
    4. God loves animals
  12. What did Pharaoh see in his dream? 
    1. Seven fat cows and seven thin cowws
    2. Seven fat coes and seven fat pigs 
    3. Seven thin coes and seven fat pigs 
    4. Seven fat sheep and seven thin cows
  13. Abraham obeyed God by moving to: 
    1. Egypt
    2. Bethlehem 
    3. Jerusalem
    4. Canaan
  14. Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary in the town of
    1. Bethlehem 
    2. Jerusalem
    3. Nazareth
    4. Egypt
  15. What is the best way of spending leisure time?
    1. paying football 
    2. Reading newspapers
    3. Visiting the elderly
    4. Visiting our best friend


  1. Which one is not a condition of swalah?
    1. Facing of Qiblah 
    2. Cleanliness of body and place
    3. Covering private parts 
    4. Saying adhan
  2. When two pupils fight we must: 
    1. cheer them 
    2. beat both of them 
    3. give a preent to the winner 
    4. stop them immediately
  3. Zakat on agricultural products is paid; 
    1. once a year 
    2. immediately after harvest 
    3. on evry 100 kg 
    4. after the rains
  4. The first thing that is done to a muslim child imemdiately after birth is; 
    1. Tahneek
    2. Aqiqah
    3. Adhaan
    4. Sunnah
  5. Working Islam
    1. ibadah
    2. evil
    3. waste of time
    4. pleasure
  6. Isra is the journey of the prophet from: 
    1. Makkah to Madinah 
    2. Makkah and Jerusalem 
    3. Makkah to the heaven 
    4. Makkah to cave Hira
  7. Which of these is not a common thing among muslims?
    1. Qiblah
    2. Ceuran
    3. wearing kanzu 
    4. Adhan
  8. The angel who used to bring Wahyi was; The 
    1. Mikaail 
    2. Israel
    3. Jibril
    4. Israfil
  9. None shall enter paradise exept the;
    1. dirty
    2. ugly
    3. clean
    4. bright
  10. The first surah which the prophet received at the cave was surah, 
    1. Masad
    2. Fatiha
    3. Alaq
    4. Yassin
  11. Qabila killed Habila because of
    1. revenge
    2. jealousy 
    3. friendship 
    4. confusion
  12. Aadiyat means: 
    1. the earthquake 
    2. the wealth 
    3. the horses that run 
    4. the noise
  13. The prophet SAW said, “A muslim is a another muslim. 
    1. friend
    2. brother 
    3. helper
    4. neighbour
  14. .................................wanted to destroy kaabah. 
    1. Abu jahal 
    2. Abraha 
    3. Abu safyan 
    4. Abu lahab
  15. The urine of a baby less than two years of age is .......................... najis.
    1. light
    2. heavy 
    3. strong
    4. medium.


  1. Which one of the following is not a natural material that can be used to make adhesive?
    1. Bones
    2. Hooves
    3. Horns
    4. Skin
  2. Which group of plant shows plants that can be used to produce sticky susbstances that can be used as adhesive? 
    1. Eucalyptus, blue gum, acacia
    2. Thom seed pod, acacia, euphorbia 
    3. Euphorbia, wattle tree, mango tree 
    4. Thorn seed pod, thorn apple, datura
  3. Which one of the following is not a reason for displaynig artwork?
    1. For other people to see and talk about them 
    2. To sell them 
    3. For other people to view and enjoy artwork 
    4. For decorative purposes
  4. From the diagram below, which quality of photography was being demonstrated.
    34 zda
    1.  lack of appropriate background
    2. lack of appropriate placement of form 
    3. lack of focus quality
    4. lack of new point
  5. What is a rod puppet?
    1. Puppet moving a long the road
    2. Puppet that looks like a rod
    3. Puppet that is attached to a rod 
    4. A puppet that is on the rod
  6. Which one of the following is the main material needed when making glove puppet? 
    1. Old clean socks 
    2. Gloves 
    3. Paints
    4. Clothes
  7. Block printing involves designing an image on a block and scooping out or cutting out some sections. Which one of the following materials cannot be used to make a cutting? 
    1. Softwood 
    2. Plasticine 
    3. Avocado seed 
    4. Styrofoam
  8. an example of a portfolio that can be used to store loose papers or artwork in a class. 
    1. a box
    2. carton 
    3. sack
    4. folder
  9. What is a montage in artwork? 
    1. Cutting and pasting of pictures to make a pictorial composition 
    2. Cutting pictures and pasting to look beautiful 
    3. Cutting and pasting pictures that are needed 
    4. Drawing pictures that are old money
  10. Which technique is used to make the diagram below?
    40 adada
    1. drum 
    2. thonging
    3. weaving
    4. beating


  1. Describe the following musical terms; Tempo 
    1. is singing fast or slow 
    2. is singing slow and slow 
    3. is singing while shouting 
    4. singing a two part song
  2. What is dynamic? 
    1. The expression of singing loud or soft 
    2. The expression of singing and jumping 
    3. Dancing and singing 
    4. Dinging a three part song
  3. The following are digital devices that can be used in listening to music. Which one is not? 
    1. Radio
    2. Music player 
    3. Smart phone 
    4. Power cable
  4. When listening to music attentively, you note such things as; 
    1. message, dynamics, pitch 
    2. sports, preachings, dynamics 
    3. pitch, dance, body movement. 
    4. rhythm, tempo, dance
  5. Which of the following parts of notes are correct? 
    1. B. W, G, X
    2. B, X, Y, Z
    3. B, A, G, C
    4. D, O, G, A
  6. The following musical instruments are played by:
    46 sfsfsf
    1. shaking and hitting 
    2. hitting and blowing 
    3. shaking and blowing 
    4. shaking and whistling
  7. Which of the following materials can be used to make costumes? 
    1. Tree trunk 
    2. Feathers
    3. Past papers
    4. Blankets
  8. Grade five learners were singing a song whereby they warned their funs to take care because of coronavirus. The type of song is referred to as;
    1. action song 
    2. sacred song
    3. topical song
    4. patriotic song
  9. A group of performers who pass on information through body movements in a folk song are called;
    1. instrumentalists 
    2. soloist 
    3. dancers
    4. chorus
  10. A string instrument can produce sound when;
    1. hit
    2. blown.
    3. shaken
    4. plucked 


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