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Elements of a Music - Grade 4 Music Revision Notes

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Elements of Music

  • Music has a purpose.
  • It is composed of elements that makes it recognizable
  • These are components or composition of music. They include:
    1. Message
    2. Type of Song
    3. Rythm
    4. Melody
    5. Pitch
    6. Tempo
    7. Dynamics
  1. Type of songs 
    • Its a song gospel, patriotic, folk topical
  2. Message 
    • Depends with what the song is saying. Education, Corona, Sickness, Aids
  3. Rythm 
    • pattern of the music
  4. Pitch 
    • Tones might be high or low.

When singing, we use solfa notes

D     R      M       F       S        L        T          D

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