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Composing/ Creating Music - Grade 4 Music Revision Notes

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Composing/ Creating Music

  • Before creating music we need to know how to create rythm and beat
  • You can use claps, sounds and taps
  • These rythms are cretaed using our mouths, hands and our legs

Composing Music

Sol-fas ladder

  • Music is combined of tunes. The tunes can be ascending or descending
  • The rising and falling of tunes are organized in sol-fas Notation
  • They are from low to high

d, r, m, f, s, l, t, d
doh, rey, me, fah, soh, lah, te, doh


  • When the pitch goes from low to high


  • When the pitch goes from high to low


  • From the solfa notes we get the category of sounds.
  1. Bass - Men
  2. Tenor - Boys
  3. Alto - Women and girls
  4. Soprano - Women and girls
  5. Barrytone - Unisex

Solfa Signs

  • They are signs or symbols used to denote or show a solfa note.
    Doh Re Me

Descant Recorder

  • It is a wind instrument played by blowing
  • Its a type of flute


Care and Maintenance  

  1. Keep away from heat or sun.
  2. Avoid sharing
  3. Clean after use
  4. If you want to share, clean it first.
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