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Integrated Science Questions and Answers - Grade 4 End Term 1 Exams 2023 Set 3

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  1. During a science lesson, grade four pupils were provided with a list containing names of different animals. They were asked to give examples of vertebrates. Which among the following was wrongly named?
    1. Dove
    2. Snake
    3. Millipede
    4. Lizard
  2. During a nature walk around a school compound, learners were able to notice that some plants were drying up due to ongoing drought. Among the following, which characteristics of living things is shown by the plants?
    1. Plants die
    2. Plants reproduce
    3. Plants remove waste
    4. Plants dry

Use the diagram below to answer questions 3 to 5

3 adada

  1. The part labelled (ii) is
    1. Windpipe
    2. Oesophagus
    3. Trachea
    4. Pancreas
  2. Which part of the diagram above will absorb water?
    1. iii
    2. vi
    3. v
    4. iv
  3. Which part will store undigested food temporarily before removing?
    1. iii
    2. v
    3. vi
    4. iv
  4. The following are characteristics of a certain type of tooth
    1. Sharp and pointed
    2. Have one root
      What is the function of the tooth described above?
      1. Chewing
      2. Cutting and biting
      3. Grinding
      4. Tearing flesh
  5. Three of the following are air pollutants.
    Which one among them is not?
    1. Plants
    2. Dust
    3. Bad smell
    4. Smoke from vehicles
  6. In preparations for a science trip, the teacher asked learners to carry different devices that could be used in recording to school. The pupils carried the following. Which one among them could not help?
    8 dada
  7. During a clean up activity, learners were advised by their teacher to put on protective gears. Among the following, which one was not necessary to protect them from dust?
    1. Goggles
    2. Gloves
    3. Apron
    4. Vest
  8. The set up below was used to clean dirty water
    10 adada
    The part labelled (iii) is
    1. fine sand
    2. charcoal
    3. cotton wool
    4. pebbles
  9. While discussing about the effects of air pollution in our environment, Grade four learners listed the following. Which among them is not true?
    1. Improves immune system
    2. Causes eye irritation
    3. May cause accidents
    4. Reduces crop yields
  10. Name the digital device shown below
    12 dadad
    1. Laptop
    2. Television
    3. Tablet
    4. Computer
  11. Three of the following are safety measures for handling the vertebrates and invertebrates. Which among them is not advisable when handling animals?
    1. Do not go close to animals
    2. Playing with animals
    3. Putting on gloves when handling animals
    4. Wash hands after handling animals
  12. Mornah, a grade four teacher, was guiding learners in discussion about the vertebrates and invertebrates. She asked leamers to list only invertebrates in their locality. Who gave the correct answer?
    1. Priscah-Lions, pigs, birds
    2. Mary-Sheep, bees, flies
    3. Tom-Frogs, mosquitoes, lizards
    4. Lydia - Ticks, cockroaches, spiders
  13. Brian visited a dentist to advise him on different ways of taking care of his teeth. Among the following practices, which one is not a way of taking care of our teeth?
    1. Eating sugary foods
    2. Visiting dentist regularly
    3. Chewing hard food
    4. Brushing daily

AGRICULTURE (10 marks)

  1. Grade 4 learners were asked to state uses of clay soil by their agriculture teacher. The learners gave the following uses. Which is not correct?
    1. Making bricks
    2. Growing rice
    3. Making fish ponds
    4. Growing coconut
  2. Grade four learners brought materials for making compost manure. Which among the following materials was not necessary?
    1. Grass
    2. Ash
    3. Polythene bags
    4. Chicken dropping
  3. When John was heading home, he saw people constructing a house in his village. Which type of soil did they mix with cement during the construction?
    1. Loam soil
    2. Sandy soil
    3. Clay soil
    4. Silt
  4. Grade four learners were discussing about the uses of water in the farm. Which among the following uses is not correct?
    1. Mixing chemicals
    2. Washing harvested crops
    3. Washing tools
    4. Cooking
  5. The following are small wild animals and the damage they cause in the farm. Which animal is wrongly matched with its cause in the farm?
    1. Birds -Eat fruits from our crops
    2. Squirrels - Remove planted seeds from the holes
    3. Mongoose-Eats chicken
    4. Moles -Eat chicks
  6. Grade four learners wrote crops grown in clay soil on their board. Among the following crops, which one can not be grown in clay soil?
    1. Rice
    2. Cassava
    3. Cotton
    4. Arrow roots
  7. In an activity to determine how different types of soils hold water, the following materials are needed except 
    1. Cotton wool
    2. Tins
    3. Different types of soil
    4. Sieve
  8. Grade four learners were asked by their agriculture teacher to state the type of soil suitable for making flower vase. Among the following learners, who gave the correct answer?
    1. Mike - Sandy soil
    2. Gladys - Clay soil
    3. Peter-Loam soil
    4. Mwangi - Silt
  9. Three of the following are animals kept at home as domestic animals in our locality. Which among them is not?
    1. Pig
    2. Chicken
    3. Squirrels
    4. Goose
  10. During an agricultural tour to a nearby farm, grade four learners were able to learn about different methods of water conservation in the farm. Among the following, which one is not a method of water conservation in the farm?
    1. Mulching
    2. Using drip irrigation
    3. Shading
    4. Weeding

HOME SCIENCE (10 marks)

  1. Grade 4 learners wanted to choose their play items. Which is not a good quality or play item they should consider?
    1. Should be simple
    2. Should not be easy to break
    3. Should be suitable for their age
    4. Should have sharp edges
  2. Name the kitchen untensil below. It is used to preserve milk.
    27 adada
    1. Pot
    2. Bottle
    3. Gourd
    4. Kettle
  3. Name the material used to make the pair of shoes below
    28 adada
    1. Canvas
    2. Plastic
    3. Leather
    4. Rubber
  4. .................................helps us to buy only necessary things and save money. 
    1. Shopping list
    2. Budget
    3. Menu
    4. Recipe
  5. Whisk is a kitchen utensil used when
    1. cooking rice
    2. preparing pancakes
    3. cooking fish
    4. cooking chicken
  6. Vomiting is common illness in the community. Which one of the following is a possible cause? 
    1. Drinking a lot of water
    2. Eating fruits
    3. Eating contaminated food
    4. Too much sleep
  7. The following are leisure activities we engage in. Which one does not require a lot of energy?
    1. Playing football
    2. Dancing
    3. Skipping the rope
    4. Watching a match
  8. How do we call a list of steps to follow while preparing a particular food?
    1. Menu
    2. Recipe
    3. Ingredients
    4. Shopping list
  9. Which of the following is not a sign or symptom of COVID-19?
    1. Bleeding
    2. Coughing
    3. Sneezing
    4. Sore throat
  10. Peter used the item below to clean their compound.
    35 adada
    Name the item
    1. Mop
    2. Brush
    3. Dustpan
    4. Broom


  1. Name the swimming skill illustrated below.
    36 adadad
    1. Breaststroke
    2. Sidestroke
    3. Starfish float nision
    4. Front crawlay
  2. At the swimming pool, learners should observe the following instructions except
    1. wear a swimming costume
    2. take a bath before swimming
    3. swim at the deep end in the absence of the coach
    4. always enter the swimming pool when the coach is around
  3. What is the importance of performing a handstand?
    1. Enhances co-ordination
    2. Enhances speed
    3. Makes one become weak
    4. It makes one grow thin
  4. How many skills does a 2-action sequence involve?
    1. 4
    2. 1
    3. 6
    4. 2
  5. The following are gymnastic activities except
    1. rope skipping
    2. forward roll
    3. handstand
    4. v-balance
  6. Which one of the following is a benefit of rope skipping?
    1. One gains a lot of weight
    2. One develops a good poisture
    3. Weakens body muscles
    4. Makes one lose coordination
  7. The equipment below is used in the game of rounders. Name it.
    42 adad
    1. Rounders bat
    2. Rounders ball
    3. Rounders post
    4. Rounders stand
  8. What is the benefit of hand juggling as a physical exercise?
    1. Improves flexibility of the leg muscles
    2. Makes one lose energy
    3. Makes one lose confidence
    4. Improves eye hand co-ordination
  9. Which material can not be used when improvising a ball at home?
    1. Dry leaves
    2. Soil
    3. Old clothes
    4. Waste pape's
  10. The following parts of the body can be used to pass the ball in soccer except
    1. hand
    2. head
    3. knee
    4. foot
  11. One of the games below use a net as an equipment. Which one does not?
    1. Soccer
    2. Rounders
    3. Volleyball
    4. Hand ball
  12. How many players make a team in football?
    1. 7
    2. 6
    3. 11
    4. 22
  13. Which game among the following cannot be played using overarm pass?
    1. Handball
    2. Netball
    3. Basketball
    4. Soccer
  14. Which of the following is a requirement for a referee during a football match?
    1. Flag
    2. Jersey
    3. Whistle
    4. Gloves
  15. Which of the following is not a sporting activity?
    1. Running
    2. Fighting
    3. Swimming
    4. Football match


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