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Creative Arts and Social Studies Questions and Answers - Grade 4 End Term 1 Exams 2023 Set 3

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Observe the picture below keenly and use it to answer questions 1 and 2

1 dada

  1. How can one make strip 1 different from strip 6?
    1. By pressing the pencil more while shading strip 6 and using less pressure while shading strip 1 
    2. By pressing the pencil more while shading strip 1 and using less pressure while shading strip 6
    3. By adding black colour in strip 1
    4. By adding white colour in strip 6
  2. What is the type of gradation strip shown above?
    1. Blended gradation strip
    2. Coloured gradation strip
    3. Black gradation strip 
    4. Staggered gradation strip
  3. What picture making technique is shown on the picture below?
    3 adada
    1. Crayon etching 
    2. Smudge
    3. Montage
    4. Mosaic
  4. What material can one use instead of black ink while creating a crayon etched picture?
    1. Pencil graphite 
    2. Black paint
    3. Blue pen ink
    4. Wax crayon
  5. The picture below shows a tool that is used in painting. What is the tool used for in painting?
    5 dadada
    1. Used for holding the brushes in place while painting
    2. Used to scrap off the paint when a mistake is made
    3. Used for holding and mixing the paint while painting
    4. Used for applying paint on a surface
  6. The change of tone from either dark to light or from light to dark is known as
    1. smudging
    2. painting
    3. crayon etching
    4. gradation
  7. Which of the following is suitable for sticking cut pictures on a surface while creating a picture using the montage picture making technique? 
    1. Office glue
    2. Indian ink
    3. Cellotape
    4. Water
  8. What happens when you add colour white to colour red while painting? 
    1. You create a darker tone of red 
    2. You create a lighter tone of red 
    3. You smudge the colours together 
    4. You blend the colours together
  9. Which of the following is a technique for making baskets?
    1. Twinning
    2. Stamping
    3. Incising
    4. Carving
  10. Ann was drawing her best friend as she was playing. Her best friend was not close so Ann had to keenly remember how her friend looked like. What kind of drawing is this?
    1. Drawing from observation 
    2. Drawing from imagination 
    3. Drawing from memory
    4. Drawing landscape


  1. Which of the following terms means to pronounce words correctly when singing?
    1. Dynamics
    2. Tempo
    3. Rythm
    4. Diction
  2. A traditional song performed by a particular community is known as
    1. folk song
    2. lullaby song
    3. sacred song
    4. action song
  3. A type of song where we sing and do common actions are called.
    1. common songs
    2. duet songs
    3. narratives
    4. action songs
  4. Verse 1 of the Kenya national anthem ends with the words
    1. Natujenge taifa letu
    2. Raha tupate na ustawi
    3. Amkeni ndugu zetu
    4. Kila siku tuwe na shukrani
  5. Musical instruments that produce sound by hitting or shaking are called 
    1. percussion instruments
    2. flutes
    3. traditional instruments
    4. local instruments
  6. Which of the following words would fit an action song?
    1. Lord I lift your Name on high
    2. Kenya Tunaipenda, njooni tufurahie
    3. Lift your hands, shake your leg and turn around
    4. Once in a far, far away country home
  7. A grade 4 learner sung a higher note than the teacher wanted. The teacher indicated that he had sung the wrong
    1. volume
    2. pitch
    3. language
    4. lyrics
  8. Responding to music through body movements is usually called
    1. dancing
    2. volume
    3. dynamics
    4. costumes
  9. During singing games, participants carry items called ...................................... to use for acting on stage.
    1. rhythm
    2. melody
    3. audience
    4. props
  10. Which of the following instruments can best be used to accompany a Kenyan folk song?
    1. Drum
    2. Violin
    3. Guitar
    4. Piano

mona dadad

Study the map of Mona area and answer questions 21-25.

  1. What is the direction of the governor's office from the school?
    1. South West
    2. South East
    3. North East
    4. North West
  2. River Mona flows from a
    1. forest
    2. swamp
    3. lake
    4. dam
  3. Which food crop is grown in Mona area?
    1. Maize
    2. Rice
    3. Potatoes
    4. Tea
  4. There are two churches in Mona area. This shows that most people in Mona area are
    1. Christians
    2. Muslims
    3. Pagans
    4. Hindus
  5. The elected head of Mona area is a
    1. Chief
    2. Governor
    3. Senator
    4. President
  6. Which of these statements describes a plain?
    1. A depression between two areas
    2. A large lowland that is generally flat
    3. A raised land
    4. A large part of the earth that is higher than its surrounding
  7. Which one is a cardinal point of a compass?
    1. South West
    2. South East
    3. North West
    4. North
  8. A point where two or more rivers meet is called
    1. confluence
    2. mouth
    3. source
    4. tributaries
  9. Grade four learners were asked to state the total number of counties in Kenya. Who gave the correct answer?
    1. Evans - 47
    2. Joyce-48
    3. John-25
    4. Grace- 16
  10. Natural features found in our country are called
    1. physical features
    2. manmade features
    3. artificial features
    4. buildings
  11. Nephus a grade 4 learner in Dala primary school was asked by the teacher to name the importance of physical features. Which one of the following was not correct?
    1. Some features attract tourists to our country
    2. Rivers provide us with water
    3. Plains are good grazing grounds
    4. Swamps have snails that cause diseases
  12. Grace a grade four learner visited her grandmother during the rainy season. Which one of the following activities was the grandmother carrying out in her farm?
    1. Preparing the farm
    2. Harvesting of crops
    3. Planting crops
    4. Watering crops
  13. Teacher Peter a grade four Social Studies teacher asked learners to state the Historical built environment in their county. Who gave a wrong answer?
    1. Nyambura - Cultural centre
    2. Moraa - Monument
    3. Odhiambo School
    4. Hassan Museum
  14. How do we depend on a policeman? He or she provides us with
    1. education
    2. health
    3. money
    4. security
  15. When people are living far from each other in an area, it is said that the area is
    1. densely populated
    2. sparsely populated
    3. highly populated
    4. closely populated


  1. Human beings are unique because they were
    1. made from the soil
    2. created last
    3. created in the image of God
    4. given the garden of Eden
  2. Which of these books of the Bible is found in the New Testament?
    1. Psalms
    2. Genesis
    3. Matthew
    4. Exodus
  3. Good thoughts make us have good feelings. They make us do all the following except
    1. loving others
    2. hurting others luces
    3. sharing things with others
    4. helping the needy bee
  4. Ephesians 4:26 tells us that anger can make us
    1. commit sin
    2. become champions
    3. rise up
    4. be respected
  5. All the following are wrong choices except
    1. stealing
    2. lying
    3. telling the truth
    4. disobedience
  6. In a family tree, what do you call the son of your uncle?
    1. Niece
    2. Nephew
    3. Cousin
    4. Aunt
  7. C.R.E teacher asked grade four learners to read 2 Samuel 13:4-14. They read the story of Amnon and Tamar. The teacher asked the sexual sin committed by Amnon. The correct answer was
    1. rape
    2. adultery
    3. prostitution
    4. homosexual
  8. 1 Corithians 6:19 states that our bodies are the temple of the
    1. church
    2. Christians
    3. Holy spirit
    4. yourself
  9. From Genesis 1 and 2, we mainly learn that God is 
    1. the sole creator
    2. the father of Jesus
    3. selfish
    4. non living
  10. Where did Jesus change water into wine?
    1. Bethlehem
    2. Nazareth
    3. Jerusalem
    4. Cana
  11. Which lesson do Christians learn from the story of Zacchaeus the tax collector?
    1. They should climb sycamore trees when they have problems
    2. They should pray to God only when they are in problems
    3. They should repent their sins and follow the teachings of Jesus
    4. They should avoid some jobs like tax collecting
  12. Which commandment has a promise attached to it?
    1. Do not commit murder
    2. Do not steal
    3. Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy
    4. Honour your father and mother
  13. Who among the following was blocked by the angel of God when he was going to curse the Israelites?
    1. Balak
    2. Balaam
    3. Jonah
    4. Zacchaeus
  14. When Abraham was called by God, he was living in the land of
    1. Canaan
    2. Haran
    3. Ur
    4. Midian
  15. Jeremy a grade four learner found twenty shillings in the school compound. What was the best action for him to take as a good Christian?
    1. Take the money and buy biscuits
    2. Take the money and give it to a street child
    3. Keep the money to give to the church as an offering
    4. Take the money to the teacher on duty


  1. How many verses are there in surah Al-Fatiha?
    1. Six
    2. Seven
    3. Five
    4. Four
  2. What is the meaning of Abu Lahab?
    1. The father of flames
    2. The father of Lahab
    3. The father of people
    4. The father of the fire
  3. "All praises be to Allah, Lord of all the worlds. "This is a verse from surah
    1. Maun
    2. Naas
    3. Kafirun
    4. Fatiha
  4. What should a Muslim say when he is sneezing?
    1. Alhamdulillah
    2. Mashaallah
    3. Yarhamkallah
    4. Subhanallah
  5. Ramadhan a grade four learner found his brother stealing from his grandfather's coat. What was the right thing for him to do?
    1. Report him to his grandfather
    2. Report him to the police
    3. Tell him why it is wrong to steal
    4. Ask him to share what he has stolen
  6. The sayings of the prophet (SAW) are referred to as
    1. Hadith
    2. Sunnah
    3. Wajib
    4. Sahih
  7. The attribute of Allah Al-Malik means
    1. The mighty
    2. The creator
    3. The forgiver
    4. The king of kings
  8. Who was the wife of Nabii Adam?
    1. Amina
    2. Sarah
    3. Hawa
    4. Khadija
  9. Which angel of Allah will blow the trumphet on the day of judgement?
    1. Jibril
    2. Israfil
    3. Izrail
    4. Mikail
  10. Which prophet of Allah was given the Qur'an?
    1. Muhammad
    2. Ibrahim
    3. Daud
    4. Musa
  11. How many daughters did prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) have?
    1. Six
    2. Seven
    3. Three
    4. Four
  12. Which of the following is the shortest Fardh Swalat?
    1. Dhuhr
    2. Subh
    3. Asr
    4. Maghrib
  13. Zakaria a grade four learner wanted to perform swalatul Asr. What would be the first thing for him to do?
    1. Ask for forgiveness
    2. Eat heavily
    3. Go to the toilet
    4. Perform wudhu
  14. What should a Muslim say when promising to do something?
    1. Maashallah
    2. Subhanallah
    3. Inshaallah
    4. Ya Allah
  15. Which city was prophet Muhammad (SAW) born?
    1. Makkah
    2. Madina
    3. Taif
    4. Yemen


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