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Integrated Science Questions and Answers - Grade 4 End Term 1 Exams 2023 Set 4

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  1. Grade four learners were discussing about characteristics of plants. Which of the following is not a characteristic?
    1. They grow
    2. They reproduce
    3. They feed
    4. They walk.
  2. Which of the following is not a safety precaution to take when studying plants in the laboratory?
    1. Do not touch or smell any plant without the teachers' permission. 
    2. Do not go in the laboratory without the teachers' permission.
    3. Use your tongue to taste and tell what type the plants are.
    4. Work in a clean working area. 
  3. Which of the following shows how plants respond to changes in the environment? They
    1. increase in size
    2. fold their leaves when it is hot 
    3. remove waste by shedding leaves 
    4. produce seeds, stems or bulbs. 
  4. Which of the following animals is an invertebrate?
    4 aadad
  5. The large intestine is part of the digestive system. Its function is to
    1. absorb water and minerals
    2. receive bile from the gall bladder 
    3. produce hydrochloric acid used for digestion
    4. store undigested food materials for some time
  6. The diagram below shows parts of the human digestive system.
    6 adaddad
    The part marked X is called
    1. oesophagus 
    2. liver
    3. stomach
    4. small intestine
  7. The tooth shown below is called
    7 adadda
    1. Canine
    2. Pre-molar
    3. Incisor
    4. Molar
  8. Which of the following statements is not true about animals? They
    1. grow
    2. reproduce
    3. make their own food 
    4. die.
  9. Which of the following is a precaution when handling animals?
    1. Do not startle them because when scared they can harm.
    2. Always stay at their front side when dealing with them.
    3. Beat them up to ensure discipline. 
    4. Pour water over them to make them clean. 
  10. In the human digestive system, undigested food is removed out through the
    1. mouth
    2. gullet
    3. anus
    4. nose.
  11. Aisha had a toothache. She visited the dentist who advised her to observe the following tooth care measures except
    1. visiting the dentist regularly
    2. brushing teeth every day after meals 
    3. eating hard foods like sugarcane and carrots
    4. eating sugary foods frequently. 
  12. A teacher described a tooth as follows:
    1. Are found at the back of the mouth.
    2. Have wide and rough surface.
    3. Have three roots.
      Which tooth is being described?
      1. Pre-molar
      2. Incisor
      3. Canine
      4. Molar
  13. In the human digestive system, the tube which connects the mouth to the stomach is called
    1. oesophagus
    2. rectum
    3. windpipe
    4. pancrease.
  14. Grade 4 pupils were advised by their teacher not to share personal items. Which of the following items should not be shared?
    14 adadad
  15. The following are protective clothing to be worn when handling animals. Which one is not?
    1. Gloves.
    2. Helmet
    3. Guboots
    4. Jacket
  16. Grade 4 learners were asked by their teacher to collect some insects for observation. Which of the following is not a precaution to use when collecting the insects?
    1. Use forceps when collecting those that sting.
    2. Wear gumboots and gloves to avoid stings.
    3. Pick up the insects with bare hands. 
    4. Wash hands after handling the insect.
  17. Grade four learners did an experiment to determine water holding capacity of different soils. Which type of soil retains water the most?
    1. Sand
    2. Clay
    3. Loam
    4. Silt.
  18. Alice and her friends are planning to make compost manure. Which of the following materials did they not need?
    1. Glass
    2. Kitchen refuse
    3. Animal waste 
    4. Maize stalk.
  19. What type of irrigation is shown in the picture below?
    19 adada
    1. Drip irrigation.
    2. Sprinkler irrigation.
    3. Canal irrigation.
    4. Bottle irrigation.
  20. Which of the following wild animals eats roots of crops?
    1. Mongoose
    2. Mole
    3. Monkey
    4. Birds
  21. Which one of the follwoing is not use of water in the farm?
    1. Watering animals
    2. Irrigating crops.
    3. Washing farm tools. 
    4. Washing clothes.
  22. Mutuku found out that a lot of crops grow well in loam soil. Which of the following crops does not do well in loam soil?
    1. Spinach
    2. Maize
    3. Tomatoes
    4. Coconuts.
  23. Grade 4 pupils were feeling soil between their fingers to determine how smooth or rough the soil is. This property of soil is called
    1. soil texture
    2. capillarity 
    3. soil erosion 
    4. drainage.
  24. The picture below shows a small destructive animal. What does it feed on?
    24 adda
    1. Chicken
    2. Vegetables
    3. Roots of crops
    4. Barks of trees.
  25. We have learned that it is important to first sow seeds in nurseries before transferring them to where they are to be planted. What is the main reason for this? 
    1. It saves time.
    2. It is easy to manage them. 
    3. It helps plants grow faster.
    4. It makes the farm look appealing. 
  26. Which of the following farm animals is used for sports?
    1. Horse
    2. Donkey
    3. Goat
    4. Cow
  27. Grade 4 learners were discussing on the importance of trees. How do trees protect soil? By
    1. binding and holding the soil together
    2. increasing the nutrients in the soil
    3. reducing the amount of carbon in the air
    4. providing shade when it is hot.
  28. The picture below shows a type of soil which has large particles and rough texrure. This type of soil is called
    28 sfsfs
    1. loam soil
    2. volcanic soil
    3. clay soil
    4. sand soil
  29. Bole keeps chickens, geese and turkey in his farm. These are examples of
    1. poultry
    2. wildlife
    3. hens
    4. cattle.
  30. The following are management practices for tree nursery. Which one is not?
    1. Watering seeds
    2. Removing weeds
    3. Removing excess seedlings
    4. Transplanting the seedlings.
  31. Which part of the crop is being damaged in the picture below?
    31 adadda
    1. Root
    2. Stem
    3. Leaf
    4. Fruit
  32. While walking home form school, Emma saw the girl in the picture below. What is the girl likely to be suffering from?
    32 adadad
    1. Stomachache.
    2. Flu
    3. Diarrhoea
    4. Headache
  33. Wambui wants to play a game with her friends. Which of the following is the best game for them to play?
    1. Acrobatics
    2. Rope skipping
    3. Chess
    4. Baseball.
  34. The following are qualities of a good play item except that it should
    1. have smooth surface to avoid injury 
    2. made of heavy materials
    3. enable positive learning
    4. be made of materials that are easy to clean.
  35. Which of the following an importance of good hygiene? To
    1. prevent illness
    2. avoid interacting with others 
    3. breed germs and parasites
    4. prevent growth among children.
  36. The picture below shows a material used in cleaning. What is its name?
    36 adada
    1. Duster
    2. Mop
    3. Dust pan
    4. Broom 
  37. The following are causes of toothache except
    1. cracks in the teeth
    2. improper brushing of teeth
    3. eating acidic foods
    4. eating foods like raw carrots.
  38. When cleaning our feet, we scrub them using a 
    1. sponge 
    2. towel
    3. brush
    4. pumice stone.
  39. Leila found her friend Peter behind the classroom crying and vomiting. What is the best action for her to do?
    1. Tell the teacher on duty immediately.
    2. Give him her prescribed medicine. 
    3. Ask him to go to the classroom. 
    4. Tell him to go home.
  40. In order to remain healthy, we should practice the following healthy habits except
    1. brush our teeth regularly
    2. take a shower and wear clean clothes everyday
    3. use a clean handkerchief to clean our nose
    4. eat foods with lots of fat frequently..
  41. During sports day, the following events were done. Which one is a track event?
    1. 200m race
    2. Basketball
    3. Swimming
    4. Football.
  42. What type of start position is the boy in the picture doing?
    42 adadada
    1. Sprint start position.
    2. Standing start position.
    3. Bend start position.
    4. Walking start position.
  43. The following are steps in performing standing long jump. Which one is not?
    1. Place both feet-shoulder-width. 
    2. Stretch up with the arms and rise up onto the balls of feet with hips extended.
    3. Bring arms back behind and bend the kneesand hips.
    4. Bend your head backwards and raise your hands.
  44. Rukia and her friends wanted to improvise a football. Which of the following locally available materials was not used?
    1. Old clothes.
    2. Pieces of wire.
    3. Pieces of strings.
    4. Sisal sacks.
  45. The following are instructions for a throwing technique.
    1. Assume a full kneeling position. 
    2. Hold the ball above your head with both hands.
    3. Pass the ball above your head accurately to your partner.
      Which technique is described above?
      1. Kneeling overhead throw.
      2. Chest pass.
      3. Bounce pass.
      4. Overarm throw.
  46. Mr. Bakari wants to buy a soccer ball for his 12-year-old son. Which ball size should he choose?
    1. Size 5
    2. Size 3
    3. Size 4
    4. Size 2
  47. Grade 4 learners assembled in the field for a juggling activity. Which of the following can they use in playing the game?
    1. Small stones
    2. Spears
    3. Scarves
    4. Light papers.
  48. Ali had the following equipment for a rounders game:
    Rounder's bat 
    Rounder post
    Which other equipment was missing to play the game?
    1. Whistle
    2. Hurdle
    3. Pole slot
    4. Rounder's ball
  49. What is the main role of the fielder in a rounders game?
    1. Catching and picking up a ball after it has been hit.
    2. Striking the ball into play. 
    3. Batting the ball into play.
    4. Throwing the ball into play. 
  50. An ideal soccer ball shoud be .......................................... in shape.
    1. Oval
    2. Spherical
    3. Cubic
    4. Conical


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