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Creative Arts and Social Studies Questions and Answers - Grade 4 End Term 1 Exams 2023 Set 4

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1 sasd

  1. Name one cash crop grown in Azimo area.
    1. Maize 
    2. Tea
    3. Trees
    4. Wheat.
  2. Azimo area is an example of a
    1. country
    2. location.
    3. sub-county
    4. village.
  3. Which type of settlement is evident in Azimo area?
    1. Linear 
    2. Sparse
    3. Dense
    4. Clustered.
  4. The main means of transport in Azimo area is
    1. air
    2. road
    3. railway
    4. water.
  5. What is the direction of the market from the forest?
    1. South East
    2. North West
    3. South West
    4. North East.
  6. Grade five learners wrote down ways in which people depend on each other. Which group gave a wrong answer?
    1. Group 1 To get what we don't have.
    2. Group 2-To give out what we have in excess.
    3. Group 3-To get services from experts. 
    4. Group 4- To make us better than others.
  7. Mrs. Mwasimba invited Mzee Kimbo to talk to grade four learners about aspects of traditional culture in the county. Which one of the following aspects was not mentioned by Mzee Kimbo?
    1. Food
    2. Dressing
    3. Vegetation
    4. Sports.
  8. Grade four learners were asked to state the meaning of the word culture. Which among the responses is correct?
    1. It is people's way of life.
    2. It is what people find important.
    3. They are the instructions we are given by our elders.
    4. It is people's love of traditions.
  9. The picture below shows a certain activity.
    9 adada
    In which season does the activity shown above take place?
    1. Dry season
    2. Rainy season
    3. Hot season
    4. Cold season.
  10. Our country has many counties. Which is the smallest county in Kenya?
    1. Mombasa
    2. Nairobi
    3. Kisumu
    4. Marsabit.
  11. What is a school motto? It
    1. is a short statement of what a school believes in
    2. is an activity a school does to create wealth
    3. daily activities that take place in the school
    4. shows what the school owns.
  12. The number of people living in a particular area is referred to as
    1. village
    2. county
    3. estate
    4. population.
  13. Grade Four East has a chart like the one shown below in their class.
     Time  Activity
     8:00 am  Assembly
     8:20 am  Lesson 1
     8:55 am  Lesson 2
    9:30 am

    Short break

    The above is an example of school
    1. rules
    2. chart
    3. routine
    4. motto.
  14. A grade four pupil was asked to give the name the four main points of a compass. Which one is correct?
    1. Major points.
    2. Intercardinal points.
    3. Important points.
    4. Cardinal points.
  15. Michael listed the following materials. Which of the materials is an example of dry media?
    1. Mark pen
    2. Ball pen
    3. Fountain pen
    4. Chalk stick.
  16. During a group discussion, grade four learners listed the following steps of preparation of a pictorial composition using crayon etching.
    1. Apply a little soap on the work, then using a brush apply black ink over the Crayons. 
    2. Select the colours you want to use. 
    3. Plan on how to colour the Crayons. 
    4. Take the paper and draw the margins for the picture frame.
      Rearrange the steps to show the correct order.
      1. (ii), (i), (iv), (iii)
      2. (iv), (ii), (iii), (i)
      3. (iii), (ii), (iv), (i)
      4. (iv), (iii), (i), (ii)
  17. Grace was preparing to paint a board. She collected the following tools and materials. Which one of the following materials will shenot need to use?
    1. Sisal fibre
    2. Brush
    3. Paint
    4. Sponge
  18. During an Art lesson, the teacher displayed the art work below.
    18 adada
    Identify the position of the source of light in the set up.
    1. P
    2. Q
    3. K
    4. W
  19. During a group discussion learners were discussing on how to create a dark tone in art work. Which one of the responses is not cor- rect? By
    1. rubbing dry media with more pressure and for a longer time
    2. adding black to red paint while painting 
    3. adding white to blue while painting
    4. smearing charcoal on a surface. 
  20. Diana displayed the art work below.
    20 adada
    Which of the following materials were not likely to have been used to make the artwork above?
    1. Glue
    2. Paint
    3. Scissors
    4. Paper cut outs.
  21. Helen visited a basketry workshop over the mid-term break. Which of the following items was she likely to see?
    1. Sculptures
    2. Mats
    3. Pots
    4. Tables.
  22. During a group discussion learners were discussing on techniques used in basketry. Which one of the following techniques was not likely to be mentioned?
    1. Weaving
    2. Twining
    3. Coiling
    4. Pasting
  23. Which one of the following animals give us hides for use in leather work?
    1. Buffalo
    2. Calves
    3. Sheep
    4. Rabbit.
  24. Grade 4 learners were required to collect natural materials for a basketry practical lesson. Which one of the following materials were they not likely to have collected?
    1. Raffia
    2. Reeds
    3. Nylon rope
    4. Elephant grass.
  25. Grade four learners were asked by their teacher to mention what they know about folk songs. Four learners responded as follows;
    Lameck: They are songs about people's lives and activities.
    Maxine: They are sung to curse members of the community.
    Elsea: They make us enjoy ourselves.
    Karissa: They teach us moral values.
    Who among the learners gave a wrong answer?
    1. Lameck
    2. Maxine
    3. Elsea
    4. Karissa.
  26. Which of the following statements is true about movements while singing? The movements should
    1. be irregular
    2. be coordinated
    3. not be coordinated
    4. be fast.
  27. An artist drew a jug which was placed on the table. This process of drawing objects while looking at them is called drawing from
    1. seeing
    2. still life
    3. movable
    4. observation.
  28. Special clothes used by singers and dancers when performing on the stage are called
    1. garments 
    2. ornaments 
    3. extraordinary clothes
    4. costumes. 
  29. The diagram below shows a traditional instrument.
    29 adada
    Which one of the following statements is false about the instrument? It is
    1. a percussion instrument
    2. a melodic percussion instrument
    3. a non-melodic percussion instrument 
    4. played by hitting.
  30. Grade five learners presented a song to their parents. They had the formation shown below.
    30 aidhada
    Which one of the following statements is true about the learner's presentation? 
    1. It is called solo singing.
    2. It is a match singing.
    3. It is choral singing.
    4. Singers should not move uniformly during the song.
  31. Grade four learners were discussing about good behavior and safety when singing in a group. Which one of the following is false?
    1. Avoid crowding.
    2. Objects such as sticks should be used carefully. 
    3. Slippery floor makes movement easy and well co-ordinated.
    4. Avoid chewing while singing.
  32. Grade four learners were naming functions of different parts of a drum. Which one of the following statements is false?
    1. The skin - Hit to produce sound.
    2. Laces Used to decorate the drum. 
    3. Resonator Makes sound louder. 
    4. Laces Used for tuning.
  33. James, a grade four pupil positioned his descant recorder as shown below.
    33 adadada
    Which one of the following notes was he playing?
    1. B
    2. A
    3. G
    4. A and B.
  34. Grade four learners observed a participant singing alone on the stage during music festivals. This type of performance is called
    1. solo singing
    2. choral singing
    3. oral singing
    4. selfish singing.
  35. Which mood is shown when people sing funeral songs?
    1. Happiness
    2. Excitement
    3. Love
    4. Sadness.

PART 2: Choose a section you have prepared for. Each section is 15 marks


  1. In Genesis 1, we learn the following about creation. Which one is not true?
    1. God created human beings in his image and likeness.
    2. God created both male and female. 
    3. Human beings are special to God. 
    4. God created the universe in 7 days.
  2. God made each one of us unique because of 
    1. physical qualities
    2. our geographical location
    3. the time we were created
    4. the fact that God loved some people more than others.
  3. Grade four learners were told that it is important to keep their bodies clean. They can do this by
    1. bathing everyday
    2. wearing clean clothes after every two days 
    3. brushing teeth once a week
    4. going to the latrine without shoes.
  4. Kawira wrote down her schedule as shown below. Which one is not a good activity? 
    1. Go to the park and play with my friends.
    2. Watch television till midnight.
    3. Finish my homework before supper.
    4. Say a prayer before going to bed.
  5. Which of the following is a good feeling?
    1. happy
    2. sad
    3. weak
    4. angry.
  6. The strong feelings we get when something good or bad happens to us or other people are called
    1. feelings
    2. emotions
    3. thoughts
    4. anger.
  7. The following are teachings from the Bible about anger. Which one is not?
    1. We should always forgive those who wrong us. 
    2. We should ask for guidance from God when we are angry.
    3. Controlling our anger helps us avoid committing sin.
    4. We should take revenge on those who make us angry.
  8. Paul bought items from the shop and when he arrived home he realized he had been given excess change. What should he do as a Christian? He should
    1. use the money to buy sweets
    2. return the money to the shopkeeper
    3. keep the money and keep quiet
    4. buy a gift for his friend using the money.
  9. Throughout our lives we have to make choices. The following are guidelines that influence our choices. Which one is not? 
    1. We should ask ourselves if the choice will affect others.
    2. We should stop and think how the choice will benefit our lives.
    3. If we are unable to make choices ask for help from our elders.
    4. We should make choices that make us look better than others.
  10. Jane saw her friend Sarah stealing money from her mother's purse. What action should she take?
    1. Report her to her parents.
    2. Tell Sarah to give her half or she will tell on her. 
    3. Snatch the money from her hand and run away.
    4. Advise her to return the money to the purse. 
  11. A family that is made up of mother, father and children is called
    1. nuclear family
    2. extended family
    3. single family
    4. double family.
  12. Grade four learners were learning about ways in which a child can be sexually abused. which one of the following is not sexual abuse?
    1. Touching a child's private parts.
    2. Forcing a child to touch another person's private parts.
    3. Raping the child.
    4. Helping a child to put on clothes.
  13. Jessica was told that she must protect herself from sexual abuse. What is she supposed to do?
    1. Avoid accepting gifts from strangers.
    2. Walk home alone in the dark.
    3. Always go into the bedroom of people of the opposite sex.
    4. Scream if anyone touches her private parts. 
  14. Which book from the Bible tells us that our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit?
    1. Hebrews
    2. Isiah
    3. Deuteronomy
    4. 1 kings
  15. The following are attributes of God. Which one is not? He
    1. is all holy
    2. is the sole creator
    3. loves all humans 
    4. is unforgiving.


  1. Saba'atul mathani is one of the names of suratul fatiha. What does it mean?
    1. Seven most recited verses.
    2. Mother of the book.
    3. Opening chapter.
    4. The cure.
  2. Grade four learners were discussing the surahs one should recite before going to bed. Name one surah they discussed about.
    1. Fatiha
    2. Maun
    3. Naas
    4. Nasr
  3. Hassan was heard saying a dua before eating.
    Which dua was he saying?
    1. Ghufraanaka
    2. Bismillah
    3. Alhamdulillah
    4. In Shaa Allah.
  4. According to the hadith of the prophet our swalah cannot be accepted without reciting the opening chapter of the book. The opening chapter refers to
    1. Naas
    2. nasr
    3. Fatiha
    4. ikhlas.
  5. Allah (saw) has 99 attributes. Which attribute is mentioned in suratul Fatiha? Allah is the
    1. forgiver 
    2. King
    3. knowledgeable 
    4. Source of peace. 
  6. Complete the verse below. "You alone do we and you alone do we ask for help".
    1. pray to
    2. sacrifice to
    3. sing
    4. worship
  7. Surah Masad mentions a woman whose husband is cursed by Allah. Who was that woman?
    1. Ummu hani
    2. Ummu jamil
    3. Ummu jamila 
    4. Ummu abu lahab. 
  8. Grade 4 learners were discussing the reason why one of the surahs was revealed. They said that the quraish wanted the prophet to worship the idols for one year and they in turn worship Allah for one year. Which surah were they discussing about?
    1. Fatiha
    2. Nasr
    3. Tawba
    4. Kafirun.
  9. The quraish used to give the prophet their money and property so that he keeps for them. Which is the quality of the prophet that made them do that?
    1. Arrahmaan
    2. AL amiin
    3. AL waduud
    4. Aswabr.
  10. Which of the following is aanner of eating according to the sunnah of the prophet? 
    1. Eat with your left hand.
    2. Eat what is far from you.
    3. Eat without saying Bismillah.
    4. Say dua after eating.
  11. Allah is Ar Rahiim. What is the meaning of the above attribute? All
    1. seerer
    2. knowing
    3. merciful
    4. forgiving.
  12. Angels of Allah have special duties. Bringing rain is entrusted to angel
    1. Malik
    2. Ridhwan
    3. Mikail
    4. Israfil.
  13. Why are some prophets known as ulul Azm? They
    1. lived long
    2. suffered but were patient
    3. were God fearing
    4. died for our sins.
  14. Who among the following are Ulul Azm prophets
    1. Musa and Yusuf
    2. Yusuf and Issa 
    3. Nuh and Issa
    4. Muhammad and Idris.
  15. Urine of a baby boy less than two years is known as light najis.This najis is removed by 
    1. washing seven times
    2. washing 3times
    3. just sprinkling water
    4. washing making sure there is no colour, smell or taste.


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