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Language Activities Questions and Answers - Grade 4 Opener Exams Term 2 2023 Set 2

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Task 1: Read the conversation below then answer the questions 1-5

Joan:  May I use your camera to take a photograph of my sister on her birthday?
Juma: Yes, please. Take a picture of the cake as well
Joan:  Did you buy this camera in the month of June
Juma: Yes, I also bought a phone and a laptop
Joan:  Does it make you happy when you take photos?
Juma: Yes, during my leisure time, I upload the photos on my laptop and share them
Joan:  That sounds interesting. I will try it too.

  1. Who is asking for a camera to take photos
    1. Joan
    2. Joan's sister
    3. Juma
    4. Juma's sister
  2. Which month of the year did Juma buy the camera?
    1. January
    2. July
    3. June
    4. April
  3. Juma uploads the photos on his laptop and share them during
    1. his leisure time
    2. the weekend
    3. the holidays
    4. the school days
  4. Whose birthday was it?
    1. Juma's brother
    2. Juma's sister
    3. Joan's brother
    4. Joan's sister
  5. Name the feeling that Joan thinks Juma gets after taking photos
    1. sad
    2. angry
    3. annoyed
    4. interesting

Read the passage below then answer the questions that follow 6-9.

Our bodies regularly need exercises as this is the only way to remain strong and healthy. Physical education is a lesson that should be taken very seriously in schools. It helps the pupils to relax their muscles and aids in the muscle growth. Sporting activities in our country are highly respected. Some athletes have come out successfully thus earning money and time.

Winners in athletes are awarded prizes as their teams cheers in excitement. Would you like to win a gold medal? Then start practising simple athletics activities during your sport day.

  1. What makes our bodies strong and healthy?
    1. Eating a lot of sugarcane
    2. Playing football
    3. Exercises
    4. Passing exams
  2. In our country, sporting activities are
    1. respected
    2. ignpored
    3. hated
    4. not helpful
  3. People taking part in athletics may be called
    1. runners
    2. pupils
    3. athletes
    4. students
  4. What happens to those who win races?
    1. They are given prizes
    2. They are laughted at
    3. Nothing is done to them
    4. They are sent home

Read the passage below and then answer questions 10-12

Mary and Tom, her brother were spending Christmas at their grandmother's home. Grandmother lways reminded them to say prayers before they went to bed.

One evening a few days before Christmas, the children knelt down beside their beds and started praying. Tom prayed in a very loud voice. "I pray for a ball" Pray for Christmas clothes, I pray for a bicycle..."

"Shhh!," his sister Mary leaned over to him and whispered, "Why are you shouting your prayers, God is not deaf..."

"I know," Tom whispered back," "But grandfather is"

  1. How often did grandmother remind the children to pray
    1. sometimes
    2. often
    3. few times
    4. before going to bed
  2. Where were the children spending Christmas
    1. At their home
    2. At their neighbours
    3. At their grandmother's home
    4. At their friends home
  3. At what time of the day did the children kneel down to pray
    1. past dawn
    2. afternoon
    3. midday
    4. at night

Read the passage below and answer questions 13-15

My grandmother is as wise as an owl. I like spending my holidays with her since she teaches me a lot. Last holiday, I went to visit her for a week.

One evening, we heard a knock on the door. As calm as a deep river. I walked to the door and slowly opened it. Before me stood a tall man with a fully bearded chin. I smiled broadly and asked how I could help.

With a voice as sour as vinegar, man wanted to know who was looking after my grandmother's cattle that day. I sensed something was wrong, so I handled his question like a hot potato.

  1. According to the story grandmother was
    1. as wise as a grasshopper
    2. as busy as a bee
    3. as wise as an owl
    4. as brave as a lion
  2. When the door was slowly opened, who stood in front of the person telling the story?
    1. A tall bearded woman
    2. A short full bearded man
    3. A short bearded woman
    4. A tall fully bearded chin man
  3. How did the author handle the question asked by the man
    1. like a tomato
    2. like a hot potato
    3. like a hot sauce
    4. like a sour potato

For questions 16-17 Choose the correctly spelt word.

  1. Mercy visited the ___________________________________ for her teeth were hurting.
    1. dentist
    2. dentest
    3. detist
    4. denitist
  2. The chairman donated ___________________________________of bread the school.
    1. leaves
    2. lives
    3. loaves
    4. loafs

Choose the opposite of the underlined words.

  1. My sister's knife is blunt
    1. sharper
    2. sharp
    3. Foolish
    4. Clever
  2. Deep holes can be dangerous
    1. low
    2. high
    3. shallow
    4. dip

For question 20-21 choose the best adjective to fill in blank spaces.

  1. Kibet jumped ______________________________ than all the other pupils
    1. high
    2. higher
    3. highest
    4. more higher
  2. Wangari left home ___________________________ than Wanjiku
    1. earliest
    2. more earlier
    3. earlier
    4. more early

Complete the following with the correct sounds (s).

  1. A snake ______________________________________
    1. bleats
    2. slithers
    3. roars
    4. hisses
  2. We could hear the _________________________________ of monkeys from far.
    1. clicking
    2. jumping
    3. chattering
    4. roaring

For question 24 make a doing word

  1. Drop
    1. dropped
    2. droping
    3. drops
    4. dropping
  2. Write the plural of the word puppy
    1. Pappies
    2. Puppys
    3. Pupies
    4. Puppies

Broken passage

Fill in the blank space numbers 26-30 use the best answers.

Long time ago __26__ lived __27__ old man __28__ Pakuch.  He was very hard working. He always woke up __29__ before everyone else in the homestead. Pakuch owned a big__30__of cattle which earned him alot of money. Everyday he looked after them and in return they gave him milk, manure and meat.

   A   B   C   D 
 26.   they   their   there   thier 
 27.  a  an  the  this
 28.  known   called   name    cells 
 29.  late  evening   early   later 
 30.  had  hard   herd   head 



Write an interesting composition using the title below.

                                                                   OUR FARM













  1. A
  2. C
  3. A
  4. D
  5. D
  6. C
  7. A
  8. C
  9. A
  10. D
  11. C
  12. D
  13. C
  14. D
  15. B
  16. A
  17. C
  18. B
  19. C
  20. B
  21. C
  22. D
  23. C
  24. A
  25. D
  26. C
  27. B
  28. B
  29. C
  30. C
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