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Integrated Science Questions and Answers - Grade 4 Mid Term 2 Exam 2023 Set 2

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  1. Musa wanted to improvise a mask. What is he likely to use?
    1. a piece of cloth, thread
    2. thread, a polythene bag
    3. an old mask, a rubber band
    4. a rubber band, a piece of paper
  2. Which of the following animals moves by gliding? 
  3. On a desktop computer, cables are used for;
    1. processing data.
    2. transmitting data and electric current.
    3. storage of data and electricity.
    4. displaying data and information.
  4. The following are effects of air pollution. Which one is not?
    1. It may cause irritation of eyes. 
    2. It may cause water borne diseases.
    3. It may cause breathing problems.
    4. It may cause poor visibility
  5. Which of the following is not needed when making a water filter?
    1. small stones
    2. coarse sand
    3. cotton wool
    4. some clay
  6. Which of the following is the odd one out?
    1. stone
    2. cup
    3. table
    4. water
  7. A set of instructions that can be followed by a computer is referred to as ________________________.
    1. digital device
    2. a code
    3. coding
    4. technology
  8. Matter is anything that;
    1. has shape and size.
    2. has mass and occupies space.
    3. has mass and shape.
    4. occupies space and has size.
  9. There are ___________________________ states of matter.
    1. 2
    2. 4
    3. 3
    4. 5

Use the diagram below to an¡wer question 10 and 11.


  1. What is digested at the point marked X?
    1. starch
    2. protein
    3. vitamins
    4. fats
  2. Which of the following is not true about the point marked M?
    1. It is the longest part of the digestive system.
    2. It is where absorption of digested food takes place.
    3. It is where digestion ends.
    4. It produces bile which helps in digestion of food.
  3. Which of the following letters represents a part where digestion does not take place?
    1. X
    2. L
    3. Y
    4. M
  4. Kamwana wanted to use his laptop but he did not have a mouse. What would you advise him to do?
    1. Use the keyboard instead.
    2. Use the touchpad.
    3. Use arrow keys.
    4. Use the laptop some other day.
  5. Which of the following cannot cause air pollution?
    1. Fire
    2. Pit latrines
    3. Wind
    4. Floods
  6. Milk teeth are usually ___________________________in number.
    1. 32
    2. 12
    3. 20
    4. 2


Grade 4 learners from Hekima Academy sieved some soil samples as shown in the diagram below. Use the diagram to answer question 16-18.


  1. Which soil sample refers to clay soil?
    1. H
    2. Q
    3. G
    4. all
  2. Which soil sample is able to retain the least amount of water?
    1. Q
    2. H
    3. G
    4. none
  3. Juma was asked to identify the soil sample that is best for farming. Which answer is Juma likely to have given?
    1. Q
    2. G
    3. G and Q
    4. H
  4. Which of the following statements is true about compost manure?
    1. We can use materials that cannot decompose.
    2. The compost manure is ready for use after three months.
    3. It must be constructed near the farm.
    4. We should sprinkle salt on it to quicken decomposition
  5. Zawadi applied compost manure on farm A and left farm B without compost manure. It true that;
    1. crops on farm A became better than crops on farm B immediately.
    2. crops on farm B became better than crops on farm A after sometime.
    3. crops on farm B became better than crops on farm A immediately.
    4. crops on farm A became better than crops on farm B after sometime.
  6. Which of the following uses of water on the farm only takes place during the dry season? 
    1. Mixing farming chemicals.
    2. Washing farm tools.
    3. Watering crops.
    4. Watering animals.
  7. Water conservation is;
    1. using a lot of water in farming.
    2. not using any water in farming.
    3. ensuring that we don't misuse soil in farming.
    4. using small amount of water in farming.
  8. When you trap a squirrel on your farm, you should;
    1. release it into the environment.
    2. kill it for food.
    3. give it your dogs as food.
    4. keep it as your pet.
  9. The following small animals feeds on young chicks. Which one does not?
    1. eagle
    2. hawk
    3. weaverbird
    4. kite

Use the diagram below to answer question 25 and 26.


  1. The diagram shows
    1. drop irrigation
    2. pipe irrigation
    3. sprinkler irrigation
    4. drip irrigation
  2. Which of the following statements is true about the diagram?
    1. Is uses a lot of water.
    2. It can only work in the evening.
    3. Is uses minimum amount of water.
    4. It increases soil fertility.
  3. Planting sweet potatoes and cassava on the mould instead of the ridges helps to control_____________________
    1. moles
    2. mongoose
    3. monkeys
    4. squirrel
  4. The following are materials used to make a scarecrow except;
    1. old clothes.
    2. sticks.
    3. old gumboots.
    4. dry grass.
  5. When preparing seeds for planting we should,
    1. extract the seeds from young fruits.
    2. dry the seeds in a dark place.
    3. throw away bad seeds.
    4. not wash or clean the seeds.
  6. Grade four learners from Mwakazi Primary School wanted to plant some seeds in a container nursery bed. What advice would you give them?
    1. To plant the seedlings in rows.
    2. Plant few seeds in each container. 
    3. Cover the seeds with a lot of soil.
    4. Do not apply mulch on the nursery bed.


  1. Identify the part of the track shown below where 100 m race starts.
    1. Q
    2. Z
    3. Y
    4. X
  2. Which of the following statements is true about a track?
    1. It is circular in shape.
    2. It comprises of two parallel sides and three semicircular bends.
    3. It is oval in shape.
    4. It comprises of one parallel side and two semicircular bends.
  3. Which of the following is a track event?
    1. Rounders
    2. Soft ball
    3. Soccer
    4. 300m race
  4. Identify the illustration that shows a standing start.
  5. During standing long jump, one should;
    1. take off on one foot.
    2. land on the balls of the foot.
    3. fall backward as he or she lands. 
    4. fall forward as you land.
  6. A team is made strong by;
    1. each member knowing the rules.
    2. each member knowing the importance of unity
    3. each member working in unity with the others.
    4. each member working hard.
  7. In rounders, __________________________ is catching or picking up the ball after it has been hit.
    1. fielding
    2. batting
    3. shielding
    4. attacking
  8. In rounders, the bowling square is found between _______________________________
    1. the first post and third post.
    2. the batting square and the second post. 
    3. the third post and the fourth post. 
    4. the batting square and the first post.
  9. The following are materials that can be used to improvise a skipping rope. Which is one is not?
    1. sisal fibre
    2. pieces of old cloth
    3. an old ball
    4. recycled plastic bags
  10. A person who is against another person in a game is known as
    1. an enemy
    2. an opponent
    3. a team mate
    4. a coach


  1. A play item should always be;
    1. big
    2. small
    3. safe
    4. bought
  2. Which of the following consists of a balanced diet?
    1. Boiled bananas, beans stew, mango
    2. Ripe bananas, meat stew, sukumawiki 
    3. Chapatti, meats stew, mashed potatoes 
    4. Chips, chicken, soda
  3. It is advisable that we always wash our hands;
    1. before going to the toilet.
    2. before shaking someone's hand.
    3. before playing.
    4. before handling food.
  4. The following practices may cause common illnesses, except;
    1. drinking filtered water
    2. inserting sharp objects in our ears
    3. eating unwashed fruits
    4. sleeping under a treated mosquito net
  5. Identify the type of fuel that can be used to cook and provide heat only.
    1. gas
    2. charcoal
    3. electricity
    4. paraffin
  6. Mwakazi was sent by his mother to buy items required for cleaning their earthen floor. What would you advise him not to buy? 
    1. broom
    2. soap
    3. dust pans
    4. dust bins
  7. How should basins and buckets be stored?
    1. They should be stored under a shade.
    2. They should be stored facing down.
    3. They should be hung by their handles.
    4. They should be stored on the shelf.
  8. The following are steps of cleaning shoes. Which of the steps is the last one?
    1. Brush the shoes in a dry airy place.
    2. Wipe the shoes using a piece of cloth to remove any dust.
    3. Stuff the shoes with newspapers.
    4. Cover the surface with old newspapers. 
  9. Why are shoe brushes stored with the bristles facing up?
    1. To be more effective when cleaning. 
    2. For the brush to last longer.
    3. So that the shoes don't get dirty. 
    4. So that the bristles remain straight.
  10. You have been asked to teach your friends how to clean their shoes. Write one safety measure you will tell them to observe when cleaning their shoes.
    1. Use a sharp object to remove mud.
    2. Use hot water when cleaning.
    3. Store cleaning materials in a locked place.
    4. Clean the shoes under a tree.


  1. A
  2. B
  3. B
  4. B
  5. D
  6. D
  7. B
  8. B
  9. C
  10. A
  11. D
  12. C
  13. B
  14. D
  15. C
  16. A
  17. C
  18. A
  19. B
  20. D
  21. C
  22. D
  23. A
  24. C
  25. D
  26. C
  27. A
  28. C
  29. C
  30. B
  31. A
  32. C
  33. D
  34. A
  35. B
  36. C
  37. A
  38. A
  39. C
  40. B
  41. C
  42. A
  43. D
  44. D
  45. B
  46. B
  47. A
  48. C
  49. D
  50. C
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