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English Questions and Answers - Grade 6 End Term 2 Exam 2023 Set 1

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Read the following dialogue and answer questions 1 - 5.

Norah            : Good evening, mother. How was your day?

Mother           : Good evening my daughter. You sound overjoyed.

Noran            : Where are you?

Mother           : I am in the kitchen preparing dinner.

Norah            : I have good news for you. Today my painting won a prize. In fact I got the first prize.

Mother           : That's great. I am glad to hear that. You have been practising your skill everyday. Your hard work has paid.

Norah            : Thank you mother. But I would not have made it without your support. 

Mother           : You are welcome dear. I will bake a cake so that we can celebrate.

Norah            : Oh, thank you mum. You are the best.

  1. How did Norah's mother notice her daughter was different that day?
    1. She was home earlier than usual.
    2. She sounded delighted.
    3. She was talking too much.
    4. She greeted her mother loudly.
  2. The good news was
    1. Norah was overjoyed that evening.
    2. Norah's performance had improved.
    3. Norah's piece of work had won a prize. 
    4. Norah had been paid for hard work.
  3. Which one of the following did not contribute to Norah's success?
    1. Her Creative Arts teacher.
    2. Her supportive mother.
    3. Her hard work
    4. Her determination
  4. The English saying that describes Norah best is _____
    1. a bad work man blames his tools
    2. the early bird catches the worm
    3. all's well that ends well
    4. practice makes perfect
  5. To appreciate her daughter's achievement, Norah's mother
    1. prepared a special dinner
    2. praised her hard work
    3. promised to bake her a cake
    4. promised to support her talent

Read the following passage and answer questions 6-10.


It was a few minutes past noon. The two herds- boys met at the watering point. Ebul and Otul were long time enemies. They always argued who was to water first his animals. I stood aside and watched the two burn with anger. Ebul clenched his fists as Otul walked angrily towards him.

Ebul, the stronger of the two, wrestled Otul while landing painful slaps across his face. He fell to the ground and was struggling in vain to gain his balance. Otul was overpowered but did not give up. He was throwing his legs aimlessly. By mere luck, he landed a huge kick in Ebul's stomach. The two boys now lay on the ground and none of them made any attempt to attack the other. All their energy was drained.

The fight was finally over but the enmity still continued. Otul sustained a swollen nose while Ebul held on his stomach.

  1. From the story, we can say the enmity between Ebul and Otul was because of
    1. stupidity
    2. satisfaction
    3. ignorance
    4. selfishness
  2. When Ebul clenched his fists, he wanted to throw
    1. an insult
    2. a kick
    3. a punch
    4. a slap
  3. Which one of the following is not true according to the passage?
    1. Otul was not as strong as Ebul.
    2. Otul gave up when he was overpowered.
    3. Throwing of legs carelessly saved Otul.
    4. The fight between the two did not have a winner.
  4. Choose the best title for the story you have read.
    1. Ebul and Otul settle their differences.
    2. Ebul and Otul fight over resources.
    3. Ebul and Otul compete in wrestling.
    4. Ebul and Otul stop being enemies.

Read the following passage and answer questions 10 - 12.


Road accidents have become common and frequent on our roads. They have caused injuries as well as deaths. Failure to observe and follow road traffic rules is the main cause of some of these tragic accidents.

Speeding, drunk driving and ignorance from motorists are problems that need to be solved. To reduce the number of accidents, we should follow all the traffic rules and regulations.

Another habit that has worsened the situation is the use of mobile phones while driving. This distracts the driver and it is quite risky. On the other hand, pedestrians should be well informed. They should make proper use of side walks, footbridges and zebra crossings.

  1. Why are road accidents common on our roads?
    1. Motorists do not follow traffic rules.
    2. Most vehicles are in poor conditions.
    3. Our roads are narrow and vehicles are too many.
    4. Many drivers drive while drunk.
  2. How has modern technology contributed to frequent road accidents?
    1. Drivers do not read the road signs.
    2. Drivers use mobile phones while driving.
    3. Drivers take alcohol while driving.
    4. Drivers exceed the speed limit.
  3. It is not safe, according to the passage, for a pedestrian to use
    1. a zebra crossing
    2. a side walk
    3. a footbridge
    4.  a round about

Read the following passage and answer questions 13 - 15.


There was a man who owned a donkey and a goat. He used the donkey to carry loads of items from the village to the city where he would hawk around selling. Sometimes, he would lend the donkey to others on hire when he was not using it. The donkey worked tirelessly every day, so the man used to feed it more food than the goat.

Full of jealousy, goat advised the donkey one day, "You work every day, seven days a week without any rest. You need to pretend
you are sick. By doing so, you will be allowed to rest for a few days."

The donkey agreed and the plan worked. However, the man went to consult a doctor about the donkey's strange illness. The doctor gave a solution. To cure the donkey, the man needed to feed it with the goat's liver. The man killed the goat and fed its liver to the donkey. The goat lost its life by planning evil against the donkey.


  1. Why did the man treat the donkey better than the goat?
    1. The goat would be killed for meat.
    2. The donkey did most of the man's work.
    3. The goat was cheaper than the donkey.
    4. The donkey was borrowed daily by the villagers.
  2. From the passage, the words "the plan worked" have been used to mean
    1. the donkey became sick.
    2. the donkey pretended to be sick.
    3. the donkey was allowed to rest.
    4. the donkey was taken to a doctor.
  3. What important lesson can be learnt from the story?
    1. Jealousy can turn against you.
    2. A friend's advice is always right.
    3. Pretending to be sick is dangerous.
    4. A friend's liver can cure a strange illness.

Fill in the blank spaces 16 - 20 using the most appropriate word from the choices given.

Mountain __16___ has been done by many people from ancient times. This activity helps one to __17__ fear. It also makes one mentally and physically ___18___ However, you need a lot of _19___ because there is always the risk of slipping and ___20__ off.

 16  walking  climbing  sailing   sliding
 17  overcome  increase  produce  understand
 18  awake  big  healed  fit
 19  strength  courage  energy  advice
 20  fall  fell   falling   failing 


For questions 21 to 25, fill in the blank spaces with the most suitable alternative from the choices given.

  1. All the table clothes were neatly by the house girl.
    1. lain
    2. lied
    3. lay
    4. laid
  2. ______ Mulei is very tall, he cannot play basketball.
    1. Because
    2. Incase
    3. Although
    4. Unless
  3. The route we used was than the other one.
    1. short
    2. shorter
    3. shortest
    4. shortly
  4. Not everyone understood all the speaker said.
    1. That
    2. which
    3. when
    4. what
  5. With a bow and an arrow the hunter aimed the antelope.
    1. to
    2. for
    3. on
    4. at

For questions 26-30, complete each sentence with the least alternative from the choices given.

  1. Bernad bought a new bicycle,
    1.  doesn't he
    2. didn't he
    3. does he
    4. did he
  2. Grandmother us an interesting story about monsters.
    1. told
    2. gave
    3. said
    4. delivered
  3. The thief escaped quietly the open window.
    1. into
    2. inside
    3. through
    4. across
  4. They lived
    1. peaceful
    2. peacefully
    3. harmonious
    4. harmony
  5. The most awaited match ____ off at three forty-five.
    1. put
    2. set
    3. took
    4. kicked


Use the correct format to write a seven-day diary touching on personal events about school activities.



  1. B
  2. C
  3. A
  4. D
  5. C
  6. D
  7. C
  8. B
  9. C
  10. A
  11. B
  12. D
  13. B
  14. C
  15. A
  16. B
  17. A
  18. D
  19. B
  20. C
  21. D
  22. C
  23. B
  24. A
  25. D
  26. B
  27. A
  28. C
  29. B
  30. D










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