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English Questions and Answers - Grade 6 Mid Term 3 Exam 2023 Set 1

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Read the conversation below and then answer questions 1 to 5
June: Good morning sir? My name is June Moraa. Lenox: Hello June. It is good to meet you. Am Lenox Osuji.
June: Nice to meet you too. Mr. Osuji, should I call you Mister or Doctor Osuji?
Lenox: I don't mind either. Your mother said you wanted to know more about the work of a veterinary doctor.
June: Yes I do. But, I thought you are called an animal doctor.
Lenox: Oh, yeah, People in our occupation go by several titles such as animal doctor, veterinary doctor, veterinaria or just Vet.
June: I see. I didn't know all that.
Lenox: Now, June tell me what made you interested to know more about the work of a vet.
June: Well, last term, we visited a farm near Kapsabet. We saw many types of domestic animals such as cattle, goats, horses, sheep, chicken and even dogs. The animals appeared clear and healthy. The farm mananger told us that they have a veterinary doctor to help take
care of the animals. I thought that sounded like exciting work.
Lenox: Yes, it is. But it requires training and "practice". You see just like human beings, animals get sick and when they do, they need care so that they "get back on their feet"

  1. How many people are mentioned in the conversation above?
    1. Two
    2. Three
    3. Four
    4. One
  2. The "practice" has been underlined in the conversation. It is likely to be used as:-
    1. verb
    2. adjective
    3. adverb
    4. noun
  3. Which one of the following domestic animals cannot be described a livestock?
    1. Turkey
    2. Ostrich
    3. Duck
    4. Cock
  4. The expression, "get back on their feet" can also mean:-
    1. to recover
    2. to die
    3. to be treated
    4. to look healthy
  5. Mr. Osuji is likely to be a:-
    1. trained medical doctor
    2. a medical pet
    3. a veterinary doctor
    4. trained farm manager

Read the passage below answer questions 6 to 9
Sabina and Bosibori are great friends. One day, they travelled to Suneka to visit their friend Moraa. When they arrived, they found her father was very busy in his carpentry workshop. He made furniture out of wood and sell them in the nearby Nyamira town.

On that particular day, he was repairing a table that belonged to Evans Ombura, the Arca "Chief". He was very happy to see his daughter's friends. He let them watch him repair the furniture. On their way home, the three friends bought bananas and oranges which they carried home to be cooked. They were happy to be together.

  1. How many people are mentioned in the above story? 
    1. Four
    2. Three
    3. Five
    4. Two
  2. According to the passage, Moraa and his father lives in a administrative unit called:-
    1. ward
    2. location
    3. market
    4. county
  3. What is the plural form of the word chief as used in the passage
    1. chieves.
    2. chief
    3. chiefes
    4. chiefs
  4. The following items can be made and repaired in Ombura's workshop except:-
    1. stool
    2. wardrobe
    3. laptop
    4. sofa set

Read the passage below and then answer questions 10 - 13

Online trade is very popular today. Online trade is where sellers and buyers meet on the internet. Their transactions are done through the internet. Online trade has both retailers and wholesalers. It is possible to import and export goods online. The buyer can pay for goods using different currencies. For example, a Kenyan buyer can pay for goods bought from Qatar using the dollar. It is safe to pay for goods and services online because banks offer secure servces for transfering funds and making payments all over the world. However, it is important that the buyer and the seller are careful.

As they sang, it is better to be safe than to be sorry.

  1. Which statement is true about online trade?
    1. Buyers and sellers meet.
    2. Buyers and sellers use their local currencies.
    3. Buyers and sellers must be very careful.
    4. Buyers and sellers are only allowed to use dollars.
  2. Goods bought from Qatar to our country are classified as:-
    1.  Imports
    2. goods
    3. exports
    4. online goods
  3. Who are wholesellers?
    1. people who take part in online trade.
    2. people who buy goods in bulk for sale.
    3. people who buy expensive goods from Qatar.
    4. people who buy goods for direct consumption.
  4. Which one of the following offers secure services for transfering funds and making payments all over the world?
    1. banks
    2. Online trade
    3. Retailers
    4. Wholesellers

Fill in the blank spaces numbered 14 - 18 with the best alternative from the choices given.
Kasula ____14____in the outskirts of Nairobi city. It is not his wish to be___15____He is an___16___ and ___17___ no one to take care of___18__.

        A       B        C        D 
 14.  leaves  lives  lived  is living
 15.  their  the  there  them
 16.  orphan  orphanage  idol  honest
 17.  had  have  has  is
 18.  her  his  him  them


For questions 19 to 30, answer according to instructions.
Complete the question tags.

  1. Peris will be travelling to France next week,_______?
    1. will she
    2. willn't she
    3. wouldn't she
    4. won't she
  2. Shut that door immediately once you get in,______?
    1. shall you
    2. can't you
    3. shan't you
    4. will you

Change the words in the brackets into abstract nouns.

  1. Our neighbour treated us with______( kind)
    1. kindly
    2. kindness
    3. kindest
    4. kind
  2. The new priest in our church has alot of_____(humble)
    1. humility
    2. humbleness
    3. humble
    4. kind

Give one word for the following;

  1. Forks, Knives, Spoons
    1. utensils
    2. crockery
    3. cutlery
    4. fuels
  2. Father, Mother, Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents
    1. community
    2. society
    3. relatives
    4. clan
  3. He finished the race ________ he was limping.
    1. for
    2. nor
    3. although
    4. because
  4. Is Mount Kenya ______ than mount Elgon?
    1. high
    2. highest
    3. more high
    4. higher

Change the sentence in plural form.

  1. The child was taken by that woman.
    1. The childs were taken by that women.
    2. The children were taken by those women.
    3. The children were taken by these women.
    4. The children were taken by those woman.
  2. Just add ______ ginger to the tea.
    1. a bunch of
    2. a pack of
    3. a pinch of
    4. a grain of

Choose the alternative that means the same as the underlined sentence.

  1. She drunk some milk.
    1. Some milk was drank.
    2. Some milk is being drunk.
    3. Some milk is drunk.
    4. Some milk was drunk.
  2. Which word is correctly spelt?
    1. desparate
    2. Surprise
    3. accomodate
    4. begginning

COMPOSITION Time: 40 Minutes

Complete the following composition. Ensure that you use two proverbs in your composition.

That morning, we all assembled outside the office ready to board the bus. We were all bubbling with excitement as today was a special day............................................


    1. C
    2. D
    3. B
    4. A
    5. C
    6. C
    7. B
    8. D
    9. C
    10. C
    11. A
    12. B
    13. A
    14. B
    15. C
    16. A
    17. A
    18. C
    19. D
    20. D
    21. B
    22. A
    23. B
    24. C
    25. C
    26. D
    27. C
    28. C
    29. D
    30. B
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