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Integrated Learning Areas Questions and Answers - CBC Grade 6 End of Term 1 Exams 2022 Set 2

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Science and Technology

  1. Identify the phase of the moon drawn below
  2. Grade six Science and Technology teacher threw a ball up in the dir. The ball came back and hit the ground hard.
    Which force acted on the ball?
  3. A class set up an experiment like the one shown below.
    What are they investigating?

    The illustration below shows the changes of states of matter.
  4. Name the process marked Z.
  5. Which letter represents evaporation?
  6. Write one example of acids
  7. A child was diagnosed with the following signs and symptoms:
    1. Severe diarrhoea that resembled rice water.
    2. Constant vomiting.
    3. dehydration.
      Which disease was the child likely to be suffering from?
  8. What is the use of a printer in computing?
  9. Mwamba was typing a document on Word. On which part of his computer was the document displayed?
  10. How helpful is a cursor during typing?

    Use the flow chart below to answer the following questions.
  11. Which plant is wrongly classified?
  12. Give one example of plants that can replace x

    Use the diagram below to answer questions 13-15.
  13. Give the function of part P
  14. Which letter represents the sternum?
  15. Name the part marked R.


  1. What is soil erosion? . (2 mks)
  2. Name three types of soil erosion? (3 mks)
  3. State three ways of controlling soil erosion? (3 mks) a)
  4. What is a seedbed . (2 mks)
  5. Draw two tools used in preparing a seedbed? (4 mks)


  6. What is the difference between splash and sheet erosion? (4 mks)
  7. Name four types of indigenous foods. (4 mks)
  8. State three uses of domestic animals? (3 mks)


Home Science

  1. Write the procedure used for laundering a white cotton shirt.
  2. What is the use of a pin cushion in stitching?
  3. Write one safety precaution to observe during needlework.

    Kambua saw the following care labels in some clothes she was laundering. State the meaning of each label.

    Write one method of cooking  each of the following foods.
  9. Below is a diagram showing a cooking stick.
    Which material has been used to make the utensil above?
    Use the given words to classify the crops drawn below.
    Cereal Legume Vegetable
  13. Okoyo's fingernails are pale. He also gets very tired after doing simple tasks. Sometimes, he feels dizzy. Which nutritional deficiency disorder is Okoyo likely to be suffering from?
  14. Maimuna asked a health care specialist the cause of kwashiorkor. Which correct answer was Maimuna given?
  15. Write the procedure used for cleaning ,the top of a plastic table.


Physical Health Education

  1. State the steps of performing a bunch start? (2 mks)
  2. What is meaning of commitment in games and sports? (2 mks)
  3. Describe a drop finish technique when in races. (3 mks)
  4. Name two local games that involve racing? (2 mks) 
  5. Name two materials you can use to improvise a ball. (2 mks)
  6. What is a strain? . (1 mk)
  7. Name parts of the body where a strain may occur. (3 mks)
  8. Write three field athletic events. (3 mks) 
  9. State two passes in socccer. (2 mks)

Social Studies


Use the map of Waba area to answer questions1 - 5,

  1. Of which religion are people of Waba area likely to be?
  2. What is the main function of the railway line in Waba area?
  3. By which means of transport are tourists visiting the game reserve in Waba area likely to leave the reserve?
  4. What is the direction of Kanga market from the northern bridge?
  5. Who is the administrative head of Waba area?
  6. Write one condition under which a Kenyan can be allowed to vote.
  7. Write one similarity between the early forms of government in Maasai and Ameru.
  8. How have tourists been important to the economy of our country?
  9. Describe the population distribution illustrated below.
  10. How important is wildlife in our country?
    Write three factors that favour dairy farming in Kenya
  11. _____________________________
  12. _____________________________
  13. _____________________________
  14. After how long does Kenya hold general elections?
  15. How is democracy practised inyour school?
  16. After a dispute between Yuda and Zama, it ended up that Yuda stabbed Zama to death. Which of Zama's right did Yuda mainly violate?
  17. Name the National symbol drawn below.
    Write two ways through which a person can become a Kenyan citizen
  18. _______________________
  19. _______________________
  20. Name one product that results from dairy farming in Kenya.

    Use the map of Kenya below to answer the following questions
  21. Name the feature marked W
  22. What is the economic importance of the feature marked X to our country?
  23. Which is the slowest means of transport?

    Name the following means of communication.
  27. Draw a road sign that means "Roundabout ahead" 

    Identify the following means of transport

Christian Religious Education

  1. Joseph worked for an Egyptian official called?
  2. We should always not trust?
    (strangers, visitors, neighbours)
  3. State one thing that happens when a child is disobedient?
  4. The first people to be created were ________ and ______________
  5. The sign that God showed Noah when He promised him that He will not destroy the world with flood is the (1 mk)
  6. In which occasion did Jesus weep?(1 mk)
  7. The lesson that Christians learn from the miraculous catch of fish is that they should be

Match the followin verses from the sermon on the mountain. (3 mks)

Happy are those who mourn   They will see God
9 Happy are the pure in heart God will call them His Children 
10 Happy are the peace makers God will comfort them 


  1. Zacchaeus was a ____________
  2. Who interpreted Pharaoh's dreams?
  3. Who was the nephew to Abraham?
  4. When angel Gabriel appeared to Mary, Elizabeth was how many months expectant of John?____________________ . (1 mk)
  5. Jesus performed his first miracle in . (1 mk)

Islamic Religious Education

  1. What does Allah's attribute Al- Aalim mean?
  2. Write one positive way of using a smartphone.
  3. Write one miracle performed by prophet Issah.
  4. When is Taraweh performed?
  5. state one nullifier of swalah
  6. State the role of angels Munkar and Nakir
  7. In which city did the unity between the Muhajirun and the Ansa take place?
  8. Which of the daily five swalahs falls between Fajr and Asr?
  9. According to prophet' hadith who should seek knowledge?
  10. How many angels are mentioned in the Q'uran?
  11. What does sabr mean?
  12. Why are muslims discouraged from begging?
  13. Write one unislamic activity that might take place during a wedding
  14. What is the importance of performing Qabliyah and Ba'diyah prayers?
  15. Why should muslims emulate angels in their daily activities?


  1. State three importance of songs? (3 mks)
  2. Angela was seen singing the song with a gloomy face. What was the mood of the song? . (2 mks)
  3. State four types of songs? (3 mks)
  4. Name three digital devices that can be used to record when performing a song? (3 mks)
  5. Trio is a word used in performance. What is its meaning? (2mks)
  6. Name three events when folk songs are performed? (3 mks)
  7. Write the french rythm for the following notes. (4 mks)
    1. Semibreve
    2. Minim
    3. Crotchet
    4. Quavet
  8. Write four elements of music. (4 mks)

Art & Craft

  1. Moho is the best painter in both Grade six East and West. Which job opportunity is he likely to get after school in relation to his ability in Art?
    Name the following types of
  4. Re-construct the letters below in the space provided.
  5. Proportionally, draw a human hand.

  6.  Name one product of claywork.
  7. Create a tonal value on the strip below.
  8. Draw and colour an item that can be made using sisal fibres

  9. We use ________________ to stick cutouts on surfaces during cutting and pasting technique
  10. How do we obtain tertiary colours?

    Write a pair of colours that will produce the given secondary colours when mixed.
  11. Orange:
  12. Green:
  13. Purple:
    Name two items you nay need for carving.
  14. ____________________________________
  15. ____________________________________

Marking Scheme

Science and Technology

  1. New moon
  2. Gravity
  3. Convection in liquids
  4. Condensation
  5. X
  6. mark any correct answer eg, hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid etc
  7. Cholera
  8. Producing hard copies
  9. Monitor
  10. Guide the typist
  11. Fern
  12. Student to give an non-flowering plants eg ferns, mosses and liverworts
  13. Protects the brain
  14. Q
  15. Hip bone 


  1. Soil erosion removal of top layer of soil from one part to the other.
    1. Splash
    2. sheet erosion
    3. rill
    4. gulley erosion
    1. Maintain a healthy perennial plan, cover
    2. Mulching
    3. Planting a  cover crop
    4. Placing crushed stone, wood chips and other similar materials in heavily used areas where vegetation is hard to establish and maintain.
  4. Seedbed or seedling bed is local soil environment in which seeds are planted.
  5. _______
    1. Pig weeds
    2. black night shade
    3. indigenous cereals such as millet and sorghum
    4. indigenous root crops such as yams and cassava.
    1. Gives us food such as milk, meat eggs
    2. home protection
    3. helps in doing chores such as ploughing

Home Science

  1. Leaner to write
  2. For keeping pins
  3. Leaner to write
  4. Do not iron
  5. Do not use warm water beyond the shown temeparture
  6. student should write appropriate method of preparing the food
  7. student should write appropriate method of preparing the food
  8. student should write appropriate method of preparing the food
  9. Wood
  10. vegetable
  11. legume
  12. cereal
  13. anaemia
  14. lack of proteins
  15. learner to write.

Physical Education

  1. "On your marks"
    "Set" - Heel presses forward
  2. a desire/ willingness/ resolve to continue in participation of a sport/ activity.
  3. Athlete bends both arms backwards and tries to touch on the tape on the finishing line with the chest, when the finishing line is just one step ahead.
  4. Many an apporprriate games eg hide and sek, tag, etc
    1. Sisal fibre
    2. Papers
    3. Pieces of cloth
  6. To injure, overuse, misuse or exert excessive pressure.
  7. Legs, Knees, feet and back
    1. Long jump
    2. Discuss
    3. Javeline
    1. Push pass
    2. Wall pass
    3. Outside the foot pass

Social Studies

  1. Christians
  2. Transporting coffee berries to the factory
  3. air
  4. Southwest
  5. Governor
  6. Being over 18 years of age
    Being a registered voter
  7. Both had divine rulers- (laibon for the maasai and mugwe for the am,eru) who also acted as religious leaders.
  8. Ensuring flow of foreign exchange
  9. Nucleated
  10. It boosts our economy
  11. High rainfall, therefore there is food for cattle in highland areas.
  12. Low temperatures, good for survival of exotic breeds
  13. Fertile soils- for planting grass and other feeds
  14. 5 years
  15. Learner to state
  16. Right to life
  17. Court of arms
  18. Learner to write
  19. Learner to write
  20. Learner to name - milk
  21. L. Turkana
  22. Fishing
  23. Water
  24. Newspaper
  25. Television
  26. Radio
  27. Learner to draw
  28. Aeroplane
  29. Ship
  30. Bus

Christian religious Education

  1. Potiphar
  2. Strangers
  3. be punished, parents become unhappy
  4. Adam and Eve
  5. rainbow
  6. when Lazarus died
  7. Obedient
  8. Happy are those who mourn God will comfort them
  9. Happy are the pure in heart, they will see God
  10. Happy are the peace makers. God will call them His children
  11. Tax collector
  12. Joseph
  13. Lot
  14. 6
  15. Cana

Islamic Religious Education

  1. all - knowing
  2. mark appropriate answer
  3. mark appropriate answer
  4. After Isha during Saum
  5. mark appropriate answer
  6. questioning the dead
  7. Madina
  8. Dhuhr
  9. Everyone
  10. 25
  11. patience
  12. it encourages laziness
  13. mark appropriate answer
  14. To get rewards from Allah
  15. To live sacred lives


  1. It makes one creative
    It makes learning more enjoyable
    It plays with emotions
    It helps to develop linguistic skills of children
    Develops listening skills
    induces movement in children
  2. Sad mood
  3. Patriotic, topical, sacred, western
  4. phone, tablet, camera

Art & Craft

  1. Learner to state.
  2. Glove puppet.
  3. String puppet
  4. Learner to reconstruct
  5. Learner to draw
  6. Learner to name
  7. Learner to create
  8. Learner to draw an colour
  9. Glue
  10. By mixing secondary and primary colours
  11. Red, yellow
  12. Blue, yellow
  13. red, blue
  14. Learner to name
  15. Learner to name

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