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English Questions and Answers - CBC Grade 6 End of Term 2 Exams 2022 Set 1

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Read the conversation below and answer questions 1 - 5


Serian: Naeku, did you hear the loud sound from the power saw yesterday morning?

Naeku: Yes, I did. The sound was very unpleasant. I also heard loud sound from a plane that was landing in the afternoon.

Serian: Where was the loud music that I heard at night coming from?

Naeku: It was from the new music store that was being opened. The loud music was very
irritating. I was unable to sleep.

Serian: There are many activities that cause sound pollution in our locality. We must find ways of protecting ourselves from effects of this pollution.

Naeku: Sure. We must do something about this.

  1. Who heard the loud sound from a plane in the afternoon? 
    1. Naeku 
    2. Serian
    3. Pilot
    4. Co-pilot
  2. Why was Naeku unable to sleep?
    1. There were thieves
    2. There was loud music
    3. There were so many people in the surrounding
    4. There were many activities around
  3. The sounds produced in the learners locality were 
    1. pleasant
    2. Unpleasant
    3. Good
    4. Soothing
  4. What is the opposite of the word 'loud' as used in the conversation?
    1. Soft 
    2. Low 
    3. Pitch
    4. Slow
  5. Sound pollution can be caused by the following except 
    1. When a power saw is in use 
    2. When a gun is fired 
    3. When a plane takes off 
    4. When someone is snoring

Question 6 to 10: Read the passage below and answer questions


One day, the Hare made fun of the slow Tortoise. The Tortoise quietly replied that if the Hare would run a race with him, he would prove that he was not slow. The race bagan and the Hare quickly leaped ahead at a great pace. He was soon so far in front that he decided to have a little sleep.
Plodding steadily on, the Tortoise presently passod straight on. After a time, The Hare awoke and reached on. When he reached the winning post however, he found that the Tortoise had already arrived. Slow but sure wins the race.

  1. Who won the race?
    1. Tortoise 
    2. Hare 
    3. Both
    4. None
  2. The tortoise passed the hare when 
    1. The hare was sleeping 
    2. The hare was resting 
    3. The hare was eating
    4. The hare was running.
  3. What happened when the hare woke up? 
    1. He ran and won
    2. He saw the tortoise
    3. He went back
    4. He continued with the race.
  4. When the race began
    1. The hare slept
    2. The hare won 
    3. The tortoise was leading 
    4. The hare was leading
  5. This story teaches us 
    1. to be proud 
    2. to be slow but sure 
    3. not to sleep 
    4. to do things in a hurry.

Questions 11 to 15: Read the passage below and answer questions that follows


The mobile phone has become closer to us than our closest friends or even our partners. Without a phone, we feel incomplete, Although there are many uses of the mobile phone, the phone also has many disadvantages. We have become very lazy. A phone call is enough to pass a message.
Many people do not care whether they hurt or excite you. They feel they have saved time. We have become too busy even to chat with a friend. A phone is easier for us than visiting the friend.
We also have doctors who consult and treat patients on the phone. If it is right? I do not think so. The results are wrong prescriptions that can lead to prolonged illness or even death. It is through phone messages or calls that many people have suffered the loss of a loved one. Many people have had family break ups due to use of mobile phones. Is it worth the effort to buy and keep a phone?
The crime rate went up immediately the mobile phone was introduced. Many people were able to make quick money from stolen phones. Many pick pockets have also lost their lives while trying to steal mobile phones. Children in school have not been left out. The mobile phone has led many pupils into trouble. Some pupils have been tempted to use phones in the national examinations to pass answers. This has brought the pupils a lot of trouble. Some pupils have already been arrested and their exam results cancelled. This is big loss to the pupils and their parents.

  1. According to the passage, the mobile phone 
    1. is very expensive 
    2. has become very useless
    3. is treated as a close friend
    4. is not treated as a close friend
  2. How has the mobilr telephone made us lazy?
    1. We have to pass a message by going to see the person
    2. It does all the work for us 
    3. Many people use it 
    4. People use it to pass a message
  3. According to the passage, without a phone,                                       
    1. we are complete
    2. we are happy
    3. we feel incomplete
    4. we are incomplete
  4. Why do many people choose to use the telephone? 
    1. It is more expensive
    2. It helps one to meet many people 
    3. It saves time
    4. It helps us meet people
  5. Which is the best title for the passage?
    1. Advantages of telephones
    2. The use of a mobile phone
    3. The mobile phone
    4. Disadvantages of a mboile phone. 

Question 16 to 20: Reading the passage and then fill in the blank spaces numbered 16 - 20 correctly
One day, Tom                  16                       going to school.                  17                       met a stranger                  18                       demanded to greet hi. Tom                  19                       know what to do. He shouted                  20                       for help. 

    1. is
    2. were
    3. are
    4. was
    1. she
    2. Him
    3. He
    4. You
    1. which
    2. who
    3. whom
    4. whose
    1. don't
    2. doesn't
    3. didn't
    4. aren't
    1. slowly
    2. quickly
    3. greedily
    4. loudly 

Question 21 to 22: GRAMMAR
Add a correct question tag. 

  1. She will not come                               
    1. won't she? 
    2. will she? 
    3. can she?
    4. does she? 
  2. We shall pay you a visit                           
    1.  shall we?
    2. will we?
    3. won't we?
    4. shan't we?

For questions 23 to 26. Select the best word to fill the gaps

  1. Short rains have                                        
    1. begin
    2. began 
    3. beginning
    4. begun
  2. Either John or Jane                             the money. 
    1. has
    2. have
    3. having
    4. is
  3. All                            are required to attend the president's meeting.
    1. chief
    2. chieves
    3. chiefs
    4. chiefs
  4. One knife, many                                 
    1. knives
    2. knifes 
    3. Knife
    4. knivies

Identify the adjectives in these sentences 

  1. He owns a big land
    1. a
    2. owns
    3. He
    4. big
  2. The fierce lion attacked us 
    1. Lion
    2. attacked
    3. us
    4. fierce

For question 29 - 30. Complete the collective nouns

  1.                             of musicians.
    1. group
    2. troop
    3. band
    4. team 
  2.                                of directors. 
    1. bored 
    2. bench 
    3. board 
    4. bond


Complete the story below.

When I woke up that morning, the day looked good. I did my preparation very quickly ..................................................................


eng marking scheme


  1. The composition will be assessed according to the following guidelines. 
  2. The maximum mark will be 40 and the minimum mark 01.
    Does the script show that the candidate can communicate accurately, fluently and imaginatively in Englis

Accuracy (16 marks)

  1. Correct tense and agreement of verbs 
  2. Accurate use of vocabulary (4 marks)
  3. Correct spelling (4 marks)
  4. Correct punctuation (4 marks)

Fluency (16 marks)

  1. Correct flow of the story (4 marks) 
  2. Well sequenced sentence and connected paragraphs (4 marks
  3. Correct spelling (4 marks)
  4. Ideas developed in logic sequence (4 marks)

Imagination (8 marks)

  1. Unusual but appropriate use of words (4 marks)
  2. Variety of structure (4 marks)

NB: Please teachers are requested to scrutinize this marking scheme before use, it is worth

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