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Painting - Art and Craft CBC Grade 6 Notes

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Painting is the skill of creating an image by using paint.

Imaginative Composition

Painting Imaginative Composition

  • Materials used in painting are
    1. Paints
    2. Painting surface like:
      • paper
      • cloth
      • canvas
      • stone
      • skin
      • wall
      • boards
    3. Tools like
      • paintbrush
      • sponge
      • paint palette
      • Spatula

NOTE: Palette is a flat surface on which a painter arranges and mixes paints. It can be made
of wood, plastic or carton paper.

  • Tools and materials used for painting can me found or made locally within our environment.

Factors To Consider When Painting

  1. Depth
  2. Proportionality
  3. Centre of interest
  4. Subject matter
  5. Every painting is based on a theme or topic also known as the subject matter
  6. A painting can be about:
    1. Sports
    2. Family
    3. Education
    4. Celebration among others.
  7. The part of a painting that attracts your attention is known as centre of interest.

You can create centre of interest in painting by

  1. Making a particular object bigger than the rest.
  2. Using colours that contrast (different colours)
  3. Placing an object at the centre of the painting.
    • Painting the actual size and shape of an object compared to another is called proportionality.
    • On the painting surface objects that are near you should be placed lower and be bigger in size while objects far from you should be placed higher and smaller in size.
    • This helps to create depth and make the painting look real.

Creating Tonal Value In Painting

  • In painting an object can be made to look real by varying the lightness and darkness of the colours used.
  • The lightness or darkness of colour is also known as the tonal value of the colour.
  • Tonal value is created using shading and tinting techniques.
  • Shading involves adding black to a colour to make it look dark.
  • Tinting involves adding white colour to a colour to make it light.
  • The addition of black or white colour creates tonal variation.
  • In order to create tonal value effect when painting, identify the direction of light reflecting on the object.
  • Apply dark colour paint of the object that you want to be dark and use white colour on areas that you want to be light. Merge the two colours gradually.

    Painting an imaginative composition – sporting activity

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