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Montage - Art and Craft CBC Grade 6 Notes

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  • Montage is a picture composition that is created by cutting and joing images that relate to each other.

Pictorial Composition

Montage Pictorial Composition

  • The cut out pictures used to create montage are glued on a surface known as base or mounting surface.
  • The base used should be flat.
  • A base can be:
    1. Manila paper
    2. Cardboard
    3. Hardboard
    4. Plywood
    5. Or any other flat surface.

Characteristics Of A Montage

  • in a montage picture are arranged in a manner that they can overlap each other.
  • Overlapping means one picture is glued on top of the other.
  • Picture used to make a montage can be sourced from old newspapers, old magazines, and calendars, downloaded and printed images from the internet.
  • The pictures used are usually related so as to tell the same story or communicate a particular message.
  • Cut out text can also be used to help a montage to communicate even better.

Spacing And Balancing Forms In A Montage Composition

  • Arranging cut out images on the base before pasting them will help you to achieve balance when creating a montage.
  • You can use chose to arrange the picture cut outs side by side. Or overlap them
  • In montage overlapping involves putting one picture cuts out on top of another in a way that allows the picture at the back to be partly visible
  • When overlapping, let the small picture cuts be glued on top of the big picture cut out.
  • Ensure proper use of space by using more than half of the mounting surface.
  • Good use of space helps to create balance and center of interest for the montage.
  • When balancing objects, arrange them in away they communicate well with each other in order to tell a story or send a message.

Creating A Montage Composition

  1. Collect the suggested tools and materials.
  2. Pick the subject matter for your montage
  3. Cut out the pictures. You need for your montage.
  4. Arrange the pictures cut outs on the base.
  5. Mark the position of each picture to avoid disarranging when you will be pasting.
  6. Apply glue on the back side of each picture cut outs and then paste it to the base.
  7. Add more details to your montage by making cut outs of other things like grass
  8. You can trim parts of the cuts outs that are outside the mounting surface.
  9. Mount your work

Appreciating each other’s work

The Teacher Can Appreciate Pupils Work By

  • Displaying of good pieces of work
  • Showing personal enthusiasm by the teacher.
  • Evident interest in what learners are doing.
  • Discussing and judging of good work.
  • Personal enthusiasm by other learners.
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