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Domestic Animals - Agriculture CBC Grade 6 Notes

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Practices In Rearing Small Domestic Animals.

Domestic animals that are commonly reared include:

  • Rabbit
  • Hen
  • Cat
  • Dog
  • Guinea pig

Importance Of Small Domestic Animals



  • Provides meat
  • Provides fur which is processed to make handbags, hats coats and pillows.


  • Repel rats
  • Kept as a pet


  • Source of meat and eggs
  • Provide manure

Guinea pig.

  • Provide meat
  • Kept as pets
  • Provide manure
  • Research canters use them to do experiments on diseases


  • Alerts when strangers or wild animals come to our homes
  • Kept as a pet


  • The small domestic animals can be reared in small pieces of land.
  • They can also be reared in urban areas where space is limited.
  • They multiply very fast therefore ensure continuous source of income.
  • They require less labour to bring up compared to the large domestic animals.

Routine Practices In Rearing Of Small Domestic Animals.

  • Small domestic animals should be fed with adequate and nutritious feeds every day.
  • They should be provided with clean water to drink.
  • The drinking equipment should be cleaned daily before putting fresh drink
  • Places where the animals live should be cleaned regularly and disinfected.
  • Tools and equipment used in cleaning the animal houses should also be cleaned.
  • Excess animals can be sold so as to earn some income.
  • Animals should be treated by a veterinarian or an animal health specialist.

Safe handling of small domestic animals.

  • We may be required to restrain animals when doing some routine practices.

How to handle small domestic animals

  • Visit the school farm or local farmer and find out the following:
    • How to approach the animals when one wants to restrain them for various
    • reasons How to hold or handle the animals when carrying out some routine
  • Ask the farmer or the person in charge of the small domestic animals to allow practices you to demonstrate how to safely hold or handle the animals

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