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Living Better with Wild Animals - Agriculture CBC Grade 6 Notes

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What's covered;


  • Repellents such as smoke, noise and certain smelly substances can keep off wild animals from our crops and domestic animals.
  • Deterrents methods are used to prevent wild animals from damaging our crops and domestic animals. E.g. use of fence, use of light,

Pupils activity

Using fences to keep away wild animals

  • Wire mesh fence and thick thorny bushes fence helps to keep wild animals away from crops and domestic animals

Pupils activity

Using of innovative light to control wild animals

  • Animals fear random sounds deflecting and blinking or flashing lights.
  • These devices keep wild animals away at night from crops
  • Light bulbs can be installed near cattle bomas or around the gardens

Planning how to make innovative deterrents
Pupils activity

Constructing innovative deterrents
Pupils activity

Making sound deterrents

  • Using a device that can produce some loud noise can also help to scare the wild animals

Pupils activity

Making a bird feeding table

  • Safe traps can be used to trap some wild animals which then be released back to the forest.
  • During the day birds can be kept away by hanging shiny reflective CDs or reflective ribbons such as shiny party streamers near the garden.
  • The light reflected from the shinny surfaces of such objects distracts the vision of birds.
  • The birds are also scared by sound reflective ribbons make when it is windy.

Pupils activity

Importance of deterrents in conserving wild animals

  • Wild animals are important because they support our tourism industry which earns revenue for our country. They should not be killed when they come to our farms.
  • Using deterrents helps us to live better or coexist with the wild animals in our environment.

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