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Creative Arts and Social Studies Questions - KPSEA 2022 Exams

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November 2022 - 1 hour 40 minutes


  1. Pambani is in the process of creating a montage composition based on wildlife conservation to be placed at the art curiosity corner as indicated in the
    diagram below.
    1 adadad
    Which one of the steps best fits in the space marked X on the diagram?
    1. Pasting the pictures in a line. 
    2. Pasting the pictures randomly.
    3. Pasting the pictures by overlapping.
    4. Pasting pictures while leaving spaces around them.
  2. Rika took a photograph of a ladybird. At what angle was Rika's view if the ladybird looked actual?
    1. Aerial view
    2. Birds eye view
    3. Worms eye view
    4. Normal eye view
  3. The following are ways to critique each other's artwork in class. Which one is not?
    1. Giving helpful suggestions
    2. Keeping your opinion to yourself
    3. Respecting each other's opinion
    4. Giving honest and positive comments.
  4. A group of learners were investigating how primary and secondary colours change when mixed in equall amounts. They selected two primary colours and two secondary colours for the experiment and recorded the results on a table. Based on the experiment results, which set of colours best identifies the boxes labelled X, Y, and Z?
    4 adadadda
    1. X Yellow
      Y Yellow-green
      Z. Blue-purple
    2. X Blue
      Y Blue-green
      Z Blue-purple
    3. X Yellow
      Y Yellow-orange
      Z Blue-green
    4. X Blue
      Y Blue-green
      Z Yellow-green
  5. Wangari and Mayo decided to do a leaf print using a block cut out of an old slipper as shown below.
    5 a addada
    Which one of the following correctly shows the printed motif?
    5 b aadada
  6. Mwadine used coloured sand to decorate block letters but the sand fell off the paper.
    Which of the statements best describes why the sand fell off the paper?
    1. The sand was very heavy.
    2. The paper was very rough.
    3. The adhesive was unsuitable.
    4. The colour in the sand made it not stick.
  7. The statements below describe the steps to be followed when making a table mat from sisal using coil and stitch technique.
    1. pin the rope and sew in place to secure the centre
    2. continue coiling around as you sew in place
    3. twist the sisal into a rope
    4. connect the coils and complete the mat
      Arrange the statements in the correct order.
      1. iv, ii, iii, i
      2. iii, i, ii, iv 
      3. i, ii, iii, iv
      4. iii, i, iv, ii
  8. Kantai modelled a slab container and decorated it at the leather hard stage using. wet pellets which fell off.
    What would have been the cause?
    1. The slip was too wet.
    2. The walls of the container were too thin.
    3. The surface of the container were too thick to hold slip.
    4. The surface was not scratched before attaching the pellets with slip.
  9. You are collecting information for your Grade 6 national assessment project and have come across good artwork.
    Which would be the correct way of using the artwork?
    1. Copy and trace the artwork.
    2. Edit the artwork and use it.
    3. Seek permission from the artist.
    4. Take a photograph when no one is watching.
  10. Which of the following is the correct order to follow when making a pot using coiling technique?
    1. Form base, add coils, roll out coils and scratch edges.
    2. Form base, scratch edges, roll out coils and add coils.
    3. Add coils, form base, roll out coils and scratch edges.
    4. Form base, add coils, scratch edges and roll out coils.
  11. Which type of song is sung to show love for one's country?
    1. Action song.
    2. Sacred song.
    3. Patriotic song
    4. Topical song.
  12. The main role of a soloist in a folk song is to
    1. play musical instruments
    2. entertain the audience
    3. lead the performance
    4. train the choir.
  13. Which of the sentences below is the last line of the first stanza of the Kenya National Anthem?
    1. Firm may we stand to defend
    2. Fill every heart with thanksgiving
    3. Plenty be found within our borders
    4. Service be our ernest endeavour
  14. Which of the following is not a way of tuning Kenyan indigenous drums?
    1. Tightening laces
    2. Rubbing the membrane
    3. Tightening pegs
    4. Warming the membrane
  15. Which of these statements about the descant recorder is false?
    1. It is a wind instrument.
    2. It should be cleaned before and after playing.
    3. It is played by bowing.
    4. It should be properly assembled.
  16. Which of the following words best describe how a lullaby should be sung?
    1. Loudly and softly
    2. Softly and sadly
    3. Slowly and softly
    4. Fast and softly
  17. We can respond to music in the following ways except
    1. dancing to the music
    2. talking while listening to the music
    3. talking about the music
    4. clapping to the rhythm of the music.
  18. .........................are examples of ornaments used in a Kenyan folk dance.
    1. Face paintings, hand paintings and jingles
    2. Necklace, bangles and anklets
    3. Face paintings, jingles and headgear
    4. Costumes, jingles and necklaces
  19. Study the rhythm below:
    19 aadadda
    Which of the sentences below cannot be fitted to the rhythm above?
    1. Twende tukalime shamba
    2. Tuhifadhi mazingira
    3. Nahisi njaa sana
    4. Nina furaha moyoni
  20. Below are diagrams of two Kenyan indigenous instruments.
    20 dsdada
    Which statement is true about the instruments above?
    1. They have a resonator and can play a melody.
    2. They are tuned the same way and can play a melody.
    3. They have a resonator and are played the same way.
    4. They are made of the sarne material and are made the same way.
  21. A grade six teacher has asked the learners to identify the country that borders Kenya to the North West. The country is
    1. South Sudan.
    2. Ethiopia
    3. Somalia
    4. Uganda.
  22. During a visit to the museum, grade five learners asked an officer why they take care of historical built environments? The correct response was, to protect
    1. them from visitors
    2. them from destruction
    3. our natural environment
    4. our beautiful country.
  23. Grade six learners went for a field trip and saw an ox bow lake. After the trip, the teacher told them to draw the feature they saw. Which of the following diagrams is correct?
    23 adadada
  24. The following are characteristics of a type of vegetation:
    1. tall trees.
    2. trees close together.
    3. huge roots.
    4. climbing plants.
      This type of vegetation is called
      1. Savanna
      2. Semi-desert
      3. Mangrove
      4. Equatorial.
  25. You were asked to identify a historic built environment in Kenya.
    Which one is correct?
    1. Mount Kenya.
    2. Fort Jesus.
    3. Tana River.
    4. Hilton Hotel.
  26. Grade six learners were asked to write short messages to help in caring for plants. within the school compound. Three of the messages will help to care for the plants except
    1. Do not step on grass
    2. Do not use tree branches to sweep
    3. Do not water the grass frequently
    4. Weed the trees regularly.
  27. Jane is walking to school and wants to cross the road. Which of the following road signs indicates that she may cross the road?
    27 adadadda
  28. Which one of the following minerals is correctly matched with the area where it is mined?
    1. Diatomite - Athi River
    2. Soda Ash - Kariandusi
    3. Salt - Malindi
    4. Petroleum - Magadi.
  29. Which of the following factors does not influence dense population?
    1. Presence of minerals
    2. Hilly places
    3. Government policy
    4. Presence of towns
  30. Peter was asked by the class teacher to give qualities of a good leader. He made the table below. Choose the option that has the correct qualities.
    1. Selfish Cruel
    2. Unjust Arrogant
    3. Dishonest Cruel
    4. Caring Kind
  31. Ali has been asked by his parent to sell sweets in the streets in order to get money to buy food. Ali's parent can be accused of
    1. promoting early marriage
    2. promoting child labour
    3. causing physical harm
    4. denial of shelter.
  32. Which one of the following traditional leaders practised long distance trade?
    1. Mekatilili wa Menza.
    2. Chief Kivoi Mwendwa.
    3. Kabaka Mwanga.
    4. Chief Mirambo.
  33. Which of the following factors promote peace in school.
    1. Obedience Respect
    2. Conflict Selfishness
    3. Love Jealousy
    4. Dishonesty Respect
  34. Your class is planning to start an enterprise project in the school. The first activity the class should do is to
    1. share the profits from the project
    2. agree on roles during the project
    3. discuss where to sell the products
    4. discuss the type of project to start.
  35. Mohammed has been asked to write one duty of a judge. The correct duty will be to
    1. listen to evidence and make decisions
    2. listen to people's problems
    3. maintain law and order
    4. make laws and policies.


  1. Your class teacher asked four learners who have the talent of singing to write ways of developing their talent during their free time. They gave the following:
    Ken - Listening to gospel songs.
    Betty - Talking with friends about singing.
    Tom - Drawing pictures of great musicians.
    Joan Practising in a church choir
    Who among those learners gave the best way?
    1. Ken
    2. Betty
    3. Tom
    4. Joan
  2. After learning about child labour, your class teacher told learners to summarise two forms of child labour. Choose a correct response from the choices given
    37 adaadad
  3. In a Sunday school class four children told their parents why they honour their parents:
    Martha- they give me food.
    Titus they do not curse me.
    Dorcas they pay my school fees.
    Dan I can live long on earth.
    Who among them gave a correct answer according to the Biblical teaching?
    1. Martha
    2. Titus
    3. Dorcas
    4. Dan
  4. "Do not accuse anyone falsely" (Exodus 20:16).
    A lesson Christians learn from this commandment given by God is that they should
    1. practice tolerance in their lives
    2. be patient with one another
    3. speak the truth
    4. help others.
  5. From the Biblical story of creation in Genesis chapter two, God created the woman in order for her to
    1. till the Garden of Eden
    2. be a suitable helper for the man 
    3. name the animals in the Garden 
    4. make food for the man.
  6. A lesson Christians learn from the contest at Mount Carmel in which prophet Elijah challenged the Baal prophets is that they should
    1. slaughter animals during worship 
    2. worship God on mountains
    3. pray loudly to God
    4. worship the true God.
  7. The main lesson learners can share with their parents after learning about the temptations of Jesus Christ in the wilderness is to
    1. depend on bread for their survival
    2. avoid praying to God in lonely places
    3. use the word of God in their lives 
    4. give their possessions to others.
  8. The main reason why Jesus healed the servant of the Roman officer was because
    1. The Roman Officer was senior in the government
    2. The Roman Officer had faith in Jesus
    3. The Roman Officer gave Jesus money
    4. The Roman officer was a friend of Jesus.
  9. Choose an instruction that John the Baptist gave to the people as a way of preparing for the coming of the messiah
    1. keep the sabbath day holy.
    2. maintain harmonious relations.
    3. listen to his teachings carefully.
    4. share your food with others.
  10. Select the option which contains only the gifts of the holy spirit
    1. Healing
    2. Richness.
    3. Wisdom.
    4. Arrogance.
  11. A Grade Six class is composed of learners from different ethnic groups. In which way can they promote unity among themselves?
    1. Speaking a national language in school.
    2. Choosing desk mates who belong to their community.
    3. Playing with friends from their own community.
    4. Making fun of members of other communities.
  12. During lunch break, you notice a Grade.Two boy sitting alone and crying. You ask him what is the problem, and he tells you that he is hungry. Which one of the following is the best way to express your love for the boy?
    1. Give him some food to eat.
    2. Tell him "sorry" and walk away.
    3. Take him to his class teacher.
    4. Ask him to go and look for food.
  13. While walking home in the evening Jebet, a Grade Five learner, meets with a young man she does not know who offers to assist her to carry her bag. The correct advice to give Grace is to tell her to
    1. give her bag to the young man to assist her
    2. tell the young man no thank you and continue walking
    3. give her bag to the young man and tell him thank you
    4. get out of the road and hide in a nearby home till the man leaves the road.
  14. Onyango, a Grade Four learner has a habit of collecting textbooks that are left on top of the desks in the evening and putting them in a shelf in the classroom. Select the value that Onyango demonstrates.
    1. Courage.
    2. Honesty.
    3. Responsibility.
    4. Holiness.
  15. Which one of the following ways is an inappropriate use of the social media by a Christian?
    1. Posting indecent pictures.
    2. Searching information for personal development.
    3. Sending greetings to friends.
    4. Posting Christian messages.


  1. Grade Five IRE learners were given an assignment to find out teachings of surah Al-Kauthar from their parents and write in their exercise books.
    The Grade Five learners can apply the teachings that they learnt by
    1. fasting during Ramadhan
    2. praying to Allah and praising Him
    3. speaking the truth
    4. loving their parents and obeying them.
  2. Grade Four learners wanted to celebrate after winning the Mathematics contest.
    According to Surah An-Nasr, they should celebrate by
    1. praising Allah
    2. praising the Prophet
    3. giving sadaqa
    4. eating food.
  3. Kassim was asked by the teacher to recite a surah from the Quran. He recited at Surah that had the word "Hawiya". This word is found in Surah
    1. Al-Quraysh
    2. At-Takathur 
    3. Al-Humaza
    4. Al-Kafirun.
  4. Who among the following learners demonstrated the correct manners of eating according to the Hadith of the Prophet (p.b.u.h)?
    1. Rukiya - drank water before eating.
    2. Najma-ate with both hands.
    3. Swaleh said bismillah after eating.
    4. Ali- said bismillah before eating.
  5. Peter a Grade Five learner asked his friend Nassir why Muslims greet each other whenever they meet. Nassir answered that according to the teachings of the Prophet (p.b.u.h) Muslims greet each other in order to
    1. show mercy
    2. promote love
    3. know each other
    4. ask for help.
  6. Grade Five learners were taught that they should exercise forgiveness when they wrong each other.
    The attribute of Allah that will encourage them to forgive is
    1. Al-Ghaffar 
    2. Al-Waahid
    3. Al-Hafeedh
    4. Al-Rahman.
  7. After narrating the story of prophet Ibrahim to Grade Six learners, the teacher asked them to give the lessons that they learnt from the story.
    Which among the following lessons given by the learners was correct?
    1. Muslims should observe fasting.
    2. Muslims should perform prayers.
    3. Muslims should love one another.
    4. Muslims should have trust in Allah.
  8. Aisha's grandmother gives out sadaga everyday. She will benefit from this act by
    1. gaining many friends
    2. being praised by people
    3. earning rewards from Allah
    4. spending part of her wealth
  9. The illustration shows a posture of Swalah
    44 adadada
    The posture of Swalah that is shown is
    1. sijdah
    2. ruku
    3. i'tidal
    4. tashahud.
  10. Muslims are encouraged to work to earn a living. This is because work is an act of
    1. trust in Allah
    2. fear of Allah
    3. sadaya
    4. ibadah.
  11. The main reason why the Grade Four teacher asked the learners to use the phone responsibly is because they will avoid
    1. spoiling the phone
    2. getting addicted to it
    3. wasting their time
    4. annoying their parents.
  12. During the closing day, the head teacher of Ujuzi Primary School reminded the learners to spend their holiday wisely and obey their parents.
    It is important to obey parents so as to please
    1. ourselves
    2. teachers
    3. Allah
    4. the Prophet.
  13. Mzizima factory workers went on strike demanding for the following rights.
    1. right to entertainment
    2. right to be given time to rest
    3. right to be paid salaries on time
    4. right to be provided with medical care
      Which among them is not a genuine right according to Islamic teachings?
      1. (i)
      2. (ii)
      3. (iii)
      4. (iv)
  14. Grade Six learners were divided into groups and given a task of discussing the lessons learnt from the battle of Badr and present in class.
    The main lesson from the battle of Badr that the learners presented was
    1. it is important to support our religion
    2. Muslims should not trust hypocrites 
    3. Muslims should avoid greed
    4. it is important to obey the Prophet.
  15. The Ansar helped the Muhajirun to settle in Madina by
    1. assisting them to get their property from Makka
    2. sharing their wealth with them
    3. giving them weapons to protect themselves
    4. assisting them to go back to Makka.


  1. Which element of Panch mahaboot is present in the pictures given below
    36 sdsfsfs
    1. agni
    2. vayu
    3. jal
    4. prithri.
  2. The leaves that are used in foron during religious activities are...........................leaves.
    1. apple
    2. mango
    3. lemon
    4. papaya
  3. Narya has been confusing between Guru Hargobind Sahibji and Guru Gobind Singji. Hukan explained their differences by saying that
    1. Guru Hargobind Sahibji is the father to Guru Gobind Singji
    2. Guru Gobind Singhji is the brother to Guru Hargobind Sabji
    3. Guru Hargobind Sahibji is the grandfather to Guru Gobind Singhji 
    4. Guru Gobind Singhji is the nephew to Guru Hargobind Sahibji
  4. When Mayan was reading about Malinanth and Anand she realised that the Enlightened Beingh have contributed towards
    1. the growth of faith in mankind 
    2. the improvement of the commitment of the members
    3. social welfare that benefit the whole mankind
    4. the compiling of the important discourse in life.
  5. During the war of Mahabharat, Arjun was not ready to fight his own cousins. Lord Krishna explained to him that the soul cannot be killed. By explaining this he showed Arjun the
    1. virat dashan
    2. chatra bhuj
    3. nar-simkia 
    4. kalki artar.
  6. Who among the following is referred to as Mayada Prishottam!
    1. Shri Hanoman.
    2. Shri Derji.
    3. Shri Krishna.
    4. Shri Ram.
  7. Mohini who was running late for school forgot to do her morning prayers. When asked by the grandfather whether she had prayed, she responded that she had not. The principle that was demonstrated by Mohini is
    1. responsibility
    2. integrity
    3. maturity
    4. equality.
  8. Charles wants to visit the Nairobi Bhuddist Temple. He will see that most of the items have the imprint of the
    1. lotus flower
    2. marigold flower
    3. rose flower
    4. lilly flower.
  9. The following are the precepts of the Panch Sila scripture
    1. Not to harm any living being.
    2. Not to take things without permission
    3. To abstain from misconduct.
    4. To abstain from false speech
      The Panch Sila mainly helps in promoting
      1. Social equality
      2. Peaceful living
      3. Social justice 
      4. Character building.
  10. Communal celebrations of festivals help to develop values. During the celebrations of Janmashtami's Rath Yatra the value that is emphasised the most is
    1. humility
    2. courage 
    3. tolerance
    4. honesty.
  11. In the event of "Malki phor" during Janmastami the teams competing against each other are mainly developing
    1. their physical and emotional strength 
    2. cohesive and harmonious living 
    3. language mastery
    4. their knowledge.
  12. Grade six Hindu Religious Education learners are excited about the upcoming Makar Sankratri festival. Their teacher is supporting them because the festival will promote
    1. responsibility
    2. nationalism
    3. patriotism
    4. citizenship.
  13. Madha, a grade six learner, has been. practising his asanas daily after the teacher taught them the correct way to perform Yoga. Which of the following changes has Madha not noticed?
    1. He can control his anger. 
    2. His calmness has increased. 
    3. His body is always tired.
    4. He can walk long hours unlike before.
  14. Satpals joined his neighbours in carrying out certain activities.
    Which of the following activities helps in environmental conservation?
    1. Fixing potholes on the road.
    2. Planting trees around the estate.
    3. Painting the walls in the neighbourhood.
    4. Having joint meals after work.
  15. Grade six students participated in a Hindu Religious Education prototype exhibition. Which of the following is the best way to use the prototypes after exhibition?
    1. Hand them over to learners from the schools that need them.
    2. Leave them at the venue to be used again.
    3. Return them to school to be used as teaching materials.
    4. Give them to the organisers to continue exhibiting.
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