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English Questions and Answers - Grade 6 Mid Term 1 Exams 2023 Set 1

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Read the dialogue below and answer the questions 1 to 5

Mechanic: Welcome madam, how can I help you?
Driver: Thank you. My car here has a problem with its brakes.
Mechanic: What is the problem?
Driver: There is a strange loud noise when I press the brake pedal
Mechanic: Well. let us check the brake pads. There is a likelihood they are wor
Driver: Ok. go ahead
Mechanic: You can take that seat as I check.
Driver: Thank you.
Mechanic: Yes. I was right. You need new brake pads. These ones are fully we
Driver: How much will that cost me?
Mechanic: A new set of brake pads is selling at three thousand shilling
Driver: What about your service fee?
Mechanic: I will do it at a cost of one thousand only.
Driver: Go ahead and change them. I hope it won't take long.
Mechanic: I will take only forty five minutes.
Driver: I will be back soon
Mechanic: Ok.

  1. Why did the driver visit the mechanic shop?
    1. He was her friend
    2. To greet the mechanic
    3. To have her car repaired
    4. To buy new brake pads
  2. How did the driver know that her car had a problem?
    1. The mechanic told him
    2. There was loud noise when she pressed the brake pedal
    3. The brake pads were worn out
    4. The driver checked the brake pads
  3. How much would the driver spend at the end?
    1. shs. 1000
    2. shs. 2000
    3. shs.3000
    4. shs.4000
  4. How much did the mechanic charge for the services given?
    1. sh. 1000
    2. sh. 100
    3. sh.3000
    4. sh. 2000
  5. How long would it take the mechanic to change the brake pads?
    1. One hour
    2. 45 minutes
    3. One day
    4. Two hours

Read the passage below and answer questions 6, 7 and 8.
There once lived a king who had three sons. Among many other benefits he gave the inhabitants of his kingdom, he built a church. Marvellous stories were told about this church for he adorned it with gold, precious stones and everything the workers of that country regarded it as beautiful and valuable. Within and in front of this church were numbers of marble columns, and it was supplied with the finest paintings, silver chandeliers, huge silver lamps, and the rarest books. The more the emperor rejoiced in its beauty, the more sorrowful he felt that he could not finish it, for the tower continually fell down.

  1. How many sons did the king have?
    1. One
    2. Two
    3. Three
    4. Four
  2. What did the king build for the people of the kingdom?
    1. Gold
    2. Tower
    3. Church
    4. Temple.
  3. Which of the following things was not used to decorate the church?
    1. Finest paintings
    2. Silver chandeliers
    3. Huge silver lamps
    4. Golden pillars 

Read the passage below and answer questions 9-11.
Long ago, there was chief who loved birds so much. He had beautiful bird as a pet. One thing however, was that the bird seemed dumb, it never uttered a note, and all who saw it grieved that such a beautiful creature should have no song. One day the poultry-keeper came to his master and said. "May your face shine, mighty chief, the whole city is marvelling at the singing of the magic bird. A shepherd entered the church early this morning, and the bird instantly began to sing as if it would burst its throat, and is so happy that it can hardly keep in its nest. This has happened today for the second time. While the shepherd is in the church, the bird never stops singing, but as soon as he goes away, it is silent."

  1. Who was in charge of the bird?
    1. The chief
    2. The shepherd
    3. The farmer
    4. The poultry keeper
  2. At what time did the shepherd enter the church the first time?
    1. Evening
    2. Late morning
    3. Early morning
    4. Night
  3. When does the magic bird stop singing?
    1. Early morning
    2. When the shepherd enters the church
    3. Today
    4. When the shepherd goes out church. 

Read the passage below and answer questions 12-15.
When the water level was same with the top of a man's head, the water said to the sun, "Do you want more of my people to come?" The sun and moon both answered, "Yes," not knowing any better, so the water flowed in, until the sun and moon had to perch themselves on the top of the roof. Again the water addressed the sun, but receiving the same answer, and more of his people rushing in, the water very soon overflowed the top of the roof, and the sun and moon were forced to go up into the sky, where they have lived ever since"

  1. How high did the water level rise according to the first sentence?
    1. Shoulder high
    2. Top of man's head
    3. Roof top
    4. Sky level
  2. How many times did the water ask the sun if he wanted more of his people?
    1. Once
    2. Twice
    3. Thrice
    4. Four times
  3. Why did the sun and the moon perch up the roof-top?
    1. The water and his people chased them out
    2. The water had filled the house
    3. They wanted to live in the sky
    4. There was no space in the room.
  4. When the water overflowed the rooftops
    1. the moon and the sun were forced out into the sky.
    2. the house collapsed
    3. the water started to live in the sky
    4. the sun and the moon became enemies
  5. The best title for the story is
    1. The sun and the moon
    2. Why the sun and the moon live in the sky
    3. The water and his people.
    4. Water visits the sun and the moon

Read the passage below keenly. It contains blank spaces numbered 16 to 20.
Fill in the spaces using the best alternative from the choices given.

The father sent a messenger to call the girl. She did not hesitate as she___16__ a picture in her mind of whom she wanted to marry. She was told the __17___why the two young men had come. As was the custom. the father asked the girl to ___18__ one of them to be her choice. As usual, the elder son was very shy. The girl instead chose the younger son to be her husband.
The elder son was angry ___19__still shy. he ran as fast as his feet could carry him into the bush. Ever since then the two ___20__have been enemies.

    1. had
    2. has
    3. was
    4. have
    1. aim
    2. purpose
    3. reason
    4. story
    1. choice
    2. choose
    3. chose
    4. choosing
    1. and
    2. yet
    3. but
    4. also
    1. sisters
    2. brothers
    3. boys
    4. girls

For questions 21 to 23 choose the odd one out

    1. book
    2. oxen
    3. children
    4. geese
    1. lies
    2. honesty
    3. faith
    4. food
    1. classroom
    2. road
    3. window
    4. trust 

For questions 24 to 27 choose the abstract noun from the sentence.

  1. The boy showed a lot of obedience.
    1. Obedience
    2. A lot
    3. Boy
    4. Showed
  2. He said that we should not have trust in strangers.
    1. He
    2. Strangers
    3. Trust
    4. We
  3. You should not show hatred against your enemies.
    1. Against
    2. Show
    3. Hatred
    4. Enemies
  4. There is nothing as priceless as peace of mind.
    1. Peace
    2. Priceless
    3. Mind
    4. Nothing

For questions 28 to 30 indicate how many concrete nouns are in the sentence.

  1. Up the hill and down the valleys he went.
    1. 2
    2. 3
    3. 4
    4. 5
  2. The hyena broke its leg in a fight with the buffalo.
    1. 5
    2. 3
    3. 4
    4. 2
  3. The mason built the house using bricks.
    1. 3
    2. 4
    3. 5
    4. 2



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