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Creative Arts and Social Studies Questions and Answers - Grade 6 Mid Term 1 Exams 2023 Set 1

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  1. The picture below shows a drawing done by a grade 6 learner. How was the rough texture created?
    1 ahhgdugada
    1. By stippling the dots far from each other
    2. By stippling the dots close to each other
    3. By making the dots darker
    4. By making the dots lighter
  2. What is the use of a mould while making wax crayon?
    1. It is used to hold the slab
    2. It is used to melt the wax
    3. It is used to regulate heat
    4. It is used to shape the wax crayon
  3. Joram is creating light tones by mixing different colours with a white colour. What is he doing?
    1. Tinting
    2. Shading
    3. Painting
    4. Smudging
  4. Salome pasted pictures cut from old magazines as shown below. Which picture making technique did she use?
    4 augduyauda
    1. Painting
    2. Collage
    3. Mosaic
    4. Montage
  5. The following are clay decorating techniques that require use of a tool to make marks on the pot. Which one is not?
    1. Embedding
    2. Inlaying
    3. Scratching
    4. Stamping
  6. The type of weaving where two sets of wefs are twined around the warp is known as
    1. plain weave
    2. twill weave
    3. twine weave
    4. coil weave
  7. The following are painting surfaces that can be when creating an image using paint. Which used one is not?
    1. Canvas
    2. Spatula
    3. Wall
    4. Stone
  8. A grade six leaner was drawing her friend from observation. What paper layout was appropriate for the drawing?
    1. Portrait format
    2. Landscape format
    3. Overlapping format
    4. Balance format
  9. Give the meaning of a secondary colour.
    1. It is a colour that can be obtained by mixing two primary colours
    2. It is a pure colour
    3. It is a colour obtained by mixing two primary colours in equal proportions
    4. It is a colour obtained by mixing many primary colours
  10. What is the best way that can be used to attach beads for decoration on a pencil pouch?
    1. By using thongs
    2. By stitching the beads using a thread
    3. By sticking using modelling clay
    4. By sticking using pins 


  1. Which of the folicing is the correct name given the tone shown below and the French rhythm. given to it?
    11 auihduyada
    1. Semibreve-Taa aa aa
    2. Minim-Taaaa
    3. Semibreve - Taaa
    4. Minim-Taaaaaa
  2. Which of the following countries does not officially sing the East African anthem?
    1. Uganda
    2. Tanzania
    3. Kenya
    4. Somalia
  3. Amelodic percussion is an instrument that
    1. produces sound by using a string
    2. is played by hitting and can produce a tune
    3. is played by blowing and is melodious
    4. can produce a melody when blown passionately
  4. Which of these lines of the East African anthem asks merabers of the East African Community to protect it?
    1. Jumuia yetu sote tuilinde
    2. Umoja wetu ni nguzo yetu
    3. Tuwezeshe kuishi kwa amani
    4. Tufanye kazi sote kwa makini
  5. A grade 6 learner decided to compose a song that would be used to calm a baby down and get them to sleep. What do you think they composed?
    1. A story song
    2. A lullaby song
    3. A patriotic song
    4. A sacred son
  6. A learner played the note shown below on his descant recorder. What note was played?
    16 augduada
    1. G
    2. D
    3. F
    4. B
  7. Which sound follows "doh" on the sol-fa ladder as you ascend?
    1. soh
    2. fah
    3. mih
    4. reh
  8. During the performance of a folk song. participants commonly wear a type of clothing called
    1. props
    2. costumes
    3. accompaniments
    4. shoes
  9. A person doing a performance alone on a stage is known as a
    1. solo performer
    2. trio performer
    3. quartet performer
    4. duct performer
  10. The following should be done by performers to ensure there is a good voice blend. Which one is not?
    1. Singing at the same time
    2. Singing confidently
    3. Starting and stopping at different times when singing in a group
    4. Singing the same pitch with others

Study the map of Kemo area and answer questions 21-25.

kemo area

  1. Children from Kemo school travelled to lake Kemo. Which direction was the lake from the school?
    1. South West
    2. North West
    3. South East
    4. North East
  2. What evidence shows that Kemo area has enough security?
    1. Presence of school
    2. Presence of Governor's office
    3. Presence of police station
    4. Presence of hospital
  3. The main means of transport in Kemo area is
    1. road
    2. railway
    3. air
    4. water
  4. Three of the following economic activities are practised in Kemo area. Which one is not?
    1. Lumbering
    2. Farming
    3. Mining
    4. Fishing
  5. Kemo area is likely to be a
    1. County
    2. Sub-county
    3. Location
    4. Ward
  6. Which one of the following is an historical built cavironment?
    1. Fort Jesus
    2. State house
    3. Thika Highway
    4. Your school
  7. Identify the type of climate described below 
    1. High temperatures during the day
    2. Cloudless skies
    3. Experiences rainfall of less than 250mm per year
      The climate described above is
      1. Equatorial
      2. Mountain climate
      3. Desert climate
      4. Semi-desert climate
  8. Grade six teacher asked learners to name the plain Nilotes in Eastern Africa. Who among them gave the correct answer?
    1. Karamojong, Maasai, Iteso
    2. Nandi, Keiyo, Tugen
    3. Oromo, Somali, Borana
    4. Abaluhya, Abagusii, Abakuria
  9. The largest country in Eastern Africa is
    1. South Sudan
    2. Ethiopia
    3. Sudan
    4. Somalia
  10. Which one of the following is not a way in which the school collaborates with the community?
    1. The community donating books to the school
    2. The community holding functions in the school
    3. The community donating land to the school
    4. Learners disrespecting the community leaders
  11. The following are members of the County Executive Committee. Who is not?
    1. Governor
    2. Speaker of the County assenibly
    3. Deputy governor
    4. Members appointed by the governor 

Use the diagram below to answer questions 32-33

31 aihduyhaudad

  1. The feature above was formed as a result of
    1. volcanicity
    2. faulting
    3. erosion
    4. deposition
  2. Three of the following mountains were formed through the process above. Which one was not?
    1. Kilimanjaro
    2. Usambara
    3. Kenya
    4. Elgon
  3. Grade 6 learners were asked to identify capital cities of the countries of Eastern Africa. Who did not correctly identify?
    1. Mueni Somalia - Mogadishu
    2. Hamisi Tanzania - Dar es Salaam
    3. Mogaka: Ethiopia-Addis Ababa
    4. Nyaga: Uganda-Kampala
  4. Grade 6 learners of Miwa primary school were asked to name people who are elected during a general election in Kenya. Which one of the following answers they gave is not correct?
    1. Governor
    2. President
    3. Senator
    4. County Commissioner


  1. According to Genesis stories of creation, what was created on the fifth day?
    1. Vegetation
    2. Sun, moon and stars
    3. Land and animals
    4. Sea creatures and birds
  2. Why did the mother of Moses hide him in the river?
    1. He was sick
    2. It was the tradition of the Jews
    3. Pharaoh had ordered the killing of all male children
    4. She did not want him
  3. Prophet Elijah challenged the prophets of Baal in order to
    1. show how powerful he was
    2. prove that Yahweh was the true God
    3. scare Jazebel
    4. end drought
  4. Grade six learners were asked to identify talents that God has given to different people. Which one is not correct?
    1. Singing
    2. Dancing
    3. Drawing
    4. Conning
  5. The commandment that teaches Christians to have respect for life is
    1. Do not commit murder
    2. Do not commit adultery
    3. Do not steal
    4. Do not covet
  6. Which one of the following is not a fruit of the Holy spirit?
    1. Wisdom
    2. Humility
    3. Love
    4. Faithfulness
  7. During a C.R.E lesson in grade six the teacher asked the learners to name books of the Old Testament in the Bible. Which one is not?
    1. Genesis
    2. Exodus
    3. Numbers
    4. Revelation
  8. Which one of the following miracles was performed by prophet Elisha?
    1. Calming the storm
    2. Calling for fire from heaven
    3. Raising the son of the woman from Shunem
    4. Changing water into wine
  9. Below are characteristics of a type of marriage.
    1. Conducted in the office of the registrar of marriages
    2. Conducted by a government's officer or magistrate
    3. A marriage certificate is issued
      This type of marriage is called
      1. civil marriage
      2. Christian marriage
      3. customary marriage
      4. Hindu marriage
  10. Which one of the following is not the right way of spending leisure?
    1. Playing football
    2. Gossiping
    3. Visiting the sick
    4. Listening to gospel songs
  11. Which rite of passage marked a change from childhood to adulthood?
    1. Initiation
    2. Birth
    3. Death
    4. Marriage
  12. Dennis a grade six boy found a mobile phone in the school field. As a Christian what action should he take?
    1. Keep it for his own use
    2. Take it to the police
    3. Give it to the teacher
    4. Take it to his parents
  13. The first of the four disciples of Jesus were called while
    1. preaching
    2. fishing
    3. trading
    4. collecting tax
  14.  Boys and girls undergo a lot of changes during adolescence. Which one is found only in girls?
    1. Experiencing menstruation
    2. Attraction to opposite sex
    3. Change of moods
    4. Increase in body size
  15. "Happy are those who mourn, for they shall be...""
    1. humbled
    2. comforted
    3. called God's children
    4. see God


  1. Grade 6 learners were asked to name the prophet of Allah who was given the Taurat. Who among them was right?
    1. Juma - Ibrahim 
    2. Ruqaya - Muhammad
    3. Zahida- Daud
    4. Zuwainah-Musa
  2. Which one of the following is an example of Najasaatul Mutawasita?
    1. Urine of a baby boy below 2 years
    2. Urine of a pig
    3. Pus
    4. Vomit of a dog
  3. Marjan was seen wiping his face and hands with sand in preparation for swalat. This form of cleaning is known as
    1. tayammum
    2. wudhu
    3. najasaat
    4. twahara
  4. Which pillar of Islam encourages generosity?
    1. Saum
    2. Swalat
    3. Shahada
    4. Zakat
  5. Which swalat has three rakaat?
    1. Asr
    2. Maghrib
  6. A sumnal performed after a fardh prayer is known as
    1. Baadiyah
    2. Qabliyah
    3. Witr
    4. Tarawch
  7. If a Muslim performs all the five daily prayers in a day, what will be the total number of rakaat?
    1. 19
    2. 25
    3. 17
    4. 12
  8. A person who leads prayers in the mosque is known as
    1.  Muadhin
    2. Imam
    3. Sheikh
    4. Kadhi
  9. According to the hadith of the prophet, a Muslim should speak the truth even though it is
    1. good
    2. better
    3. bitter
    4. sweet
  10. The best place to perform swalat is
    1. at home
    2. in the hall
    3. in the field
    4. in the mosque
  11. Who was the father of prophet Muhammad (SAW)?
    1. Abdul Mutalib
    2. Abdullahi
    3. Abu Talib
    4. Abu Sufyan
  12. Which was the first battle to be fought in the history of Islam?
    1. Badr
    2. Uhud
    3. Khandaq
    4. Hunain
  13. Which city was prophet Muhammad born?
    1. Makkah
    2. Madina
    3. Taif
    4. Yemen
  14. Which is the shortest prayer?
    1. Dhuhr
    2. Asr
    3. Subh
    4. Maghrib
  15. Muslims fast during the month of
    1. Shaban
    2. Muharram
    3. Rajab
    4. Ramadhan

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