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Integrated Science Questions and Answers - Grade 6 Mid Term 1 Exams 2023 Set 1

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  1. The diagram below shows a certain experiment carried out by grade 5 learners from a certain school
    1 sgdauhuidadada
    The experiment shown above was used to demonstrate
    1. conduction in air
    2. convection in air
    3. radiation in a vacuum
    4. condensation
  2. Three of the following processes require an increase in temperature for changes of state of matter to take place. Which process needs a decrease in temperature?
    1. Solidification
    2. Melting
    3. Evaporation
    4. Sublimation
  3. The following are characteristics of different vertebrates. Which among the characteristics is common in birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians?
    1. Warm blooded
    2. Breathe through lungs
    3. Body covered with scales
    4. Lay eggs
  4. To an existing document, une can be able to make some changes to it. The process of making these changes to a document is known as
    1. creating a document
    2. pasting a document
    3. editing
    4. formating
  5. Green plants make their own food through photosynthesis. Which one of the following green plants will store its food in the roots?
    1. Strawberry
    2. Irish potatoes
    3. Onion
    4. Sweet potatoes
  6. During a science lesson, grade six learners went to a nearby bush in their school compound and tied a plant with a transparent paper. They left the plant tied for three hours. What were the learners investigating?
    1. Photosynthesis in plants
    2. Transpiration in plants
    3. Respiration in plants
    4. Absorption in plants
  7. Three of the following are functions of a stem in different plants. Which one among them is not a function for the stem?
    1. Makes food for the plant
    2. Supports the rest of the parts of a plant
    3. Stores food for the plant
    4. Transports water and mineral salts to the rest of the plant

Use the diagram be to answer questions 8 and 9 below
9 ihauihduiad

  1. Which part of the model above represents the diaphragm in the breathing system?
    1. (ii)
    2. (i)
    3. (iv)
    4. (iii)
  2. Which part of the model represents the part in which gaseous exchange takes place
    1. (iii)
    2. (i)
    3. (ii)
    4. (iv)
  3. Skeletal muscles perform different functions in our bodies. Which of the following skeleton muscles is involved in bending?
    1. Cardiac muscles
    2. Thigh and hips muscles
    3. Biceps and inceps
    4. Back muscles
  4.  Mwende a grade 5 pupil met her trend one moming on his way to school with the following signs and symptoms
    1. Running nose
    2. Blocked nose
    3. Cough Fever
    4. Sneezing
    5. Sore throat
      Which disease was her friend likely to suffer from?
      1. Influenza
      2. Colds
      3. Pneumonia
      4. Tuberculosis
  5. A grade 5 learner used telescope to observe the sky for one month. He noted different shapes of the moon each night. What do we call the different shapes as observed by the learner?
    1. Phases of the moon
    2. Types of the moon
    3. Meteors
    4. Faces
  6. The animals given below can either be classified as a vertebrate or invertebrate.
    Which among them is the odd one out from the rest?
    1. Grasshoppers
    2. Nileperch
    3. Trout
    4. Lizard
  7. Which statement below is not true about arteries?
    1. Have thick walls
    2. Carry blood away from the heart
    3. Have wider lumen
    4. Are located deep in the skin
  8. An adolescent undergoes different physical changes during adolescence. Among the following physical changes, which change will only occur in boys?
    1. Increase in height and weight
    2. Pimples appearing
    3. Hair grows under the armpit and pubic area
    4. Wet dreams

AGRICULTURE (10 marks)

  1. Grade five pupils visited Matayo's farm to lear about indigenous food crops. Which one of the following crops was not among the crops they discussed?
    1. Cassava
    2. Sweet potatoes
    3. Sorghum
    4. Rice
  2. During an agricultural discussion, learners were discussing about the importance of growing different crops in the farm. From the discussion they had, what is the main importance of growing vegetables on our farms?
    1. Are good source of energy
    2. They protect our bodies against diseases
    3. Put farmers at risk of getting diseases 
    4. Are good source of proteins
  3. Grade six learners planted fruit seeds in a nursery during morning hours. There was heavy rainfall in the evening on the same day which exposed the seeds. To prevent the seeds from being exposed, the learners should have
    1. applied mulch after planting
    2. planted the seeds deep in the soil
    3. fenced the area
    4. planted in the evening
  4. Mr. Omwenga an Agriculture teacher in grade six asked learners to mention different types of soil erosion. lan, one of the pupils mentioned splash erosion. Which one of the following statements is true about the type of erosion mentioned?
    1. Caused by wind
    2. Carries thin layer of soil
    3. Occurs below roofs
    4. Forms deep trenches
  5. During a visit to a nearby school farm, learners were able to notice that the main problem that the farmer was experiencing was that of a squirrel eating crops in the farm. What is the best advice that the pupils gave to the farmer?
    1. Employ a watchman to chase the squirrel
    2. Use a dog to kill the squirrel
    3. Scare it using innovative light
    4. Stay in the farm to scare away the squirrel
  6. A group of farmers from Kerio experienced sheet erosion in their locality for a long period of time. They decided to hold a meeting to discuss about the best way to control the type of erosion. Which among the following is the best way to control it?
    1. Build gabions at the edges of their farms
    2. Plant cover crops
    3. Plant trees along their farms
    4. Dig deeper during cultivation
  7. Sagero planted creeping crops in his farm during a dry season. For him to protect his young creeping crops from drying, which among the following is the best method of irrigation he used?
    1. Drip irrigation
    2. Flood irrigation
    3. Sprinkler irrigation
    4. Canal irrigation
  8. Grade 6 learners are planning to grow climbing fruits. They discussed with their Agriculture teacher about ways of caring for the climbing fruits. Which one did they not mention during their discussion?
    1. Pruning
    2. Training
    3. Watering
    4. Harvesting
  9. Learners were asked to mention ways of keeping away animals to prevent them from damaging crops. They gave their responses as follows
    Alice - Fencing
    Tom -Destroying their hiding places 
    Ivy -Scaring them using scarecrows
    Elliana -Beating them
    Who gave the wrong answer?
    1.  Elliana
    2. Alice
    3. Ivy
    4. Tom
  10. During Agriculture lesson, grade 5 learners with their teacher visited the school farm to identify practices which conserve water in the farm. Which practice does not conserve water?
    1. Mulching
    2. Thinning
    3. Growing cover crops
    4. Shading 

HOME SCIENCE (10marks)

  1. Three of the following are physical changes in boys. Which one is not?
    1. Shoulders broaden
    2. Voice breaks
    3. Hips broaden
    4. Rate of growth increases
  2. Which one of the following is not a cosmetic?
    1. Body lotion
    2. Lipstick
    3. Face powder
    4. Necklace
  3. Which one of the following is a reason for using eye pencil as a cosmetic?
    1. Improve the appearance of eye brows
    2. Used to moisturize the hair
    3. Improves our lips
    4. Enhances the appearance of nails
  4. Jane a grade six girl misused cosmetics while at home. Which dangers is she likely to get?
    1. Having body cuts in sensitive parts
    2. Allergic skin reactions
    3. She will be more beautiful
    4. She will have a stomachache
  5. The following are non-communicable diseases except
    1. cancer
    2. obesity
    3. tuberculosis
    4. diabetes
  6. The following are different methods of cooking fish. Which one consumes a lot of cooking fat or oil?
    1. Deep frying
    2. Stewing
    3. Shallow frying
    4. Smoking
  7. Three of the following are reasons for budgeting except
    1. enables us to live within our means
    2. encourages us to save money
    3. helps one prioritize needs
    4. makes us overspend money
  8. Which of the following causes nutritional anaemia if the body lacks it?
    1. Calcium
    2. Iron
    3. Iodine
    4. Vitamin C
  9. The following are benefits of preserving meat except to
    1. avoid food wastage
    2. maintain its nutritional value
    3. prevent it from going bad
    4. add colour
  10. the method of preserving meat where the meat is suspended over fire.
    1. Sun-drying
    2. Smoking
    3. Salting
    4. Refrigeration


  1. Which track event cannot be started by bunch technique?
    1. 100m
    2. 200m
    3. Long jump
    4. 400m
  2. Running very fast at a full speed is called
    1. walking
    2. jogging
    3. matching
    4. sprinting
  3. not a form of a good sportsmanship
    1. Shaking hands after a race
    2. Saying 'thank you' to your teammate
    3. Taking part in short races to see who is the best
    4. Fighting because you did not win the race.
  4.  Which one is not an equipment used in high jump?
    1. Upright bar
    2. Landing area
    3. Runway
    4. Cross bar
  5. The diagram below shows a javelin sector. Name the part marked X.
    40 aouhdiuada
    1. Landing sector
    2. Runway
    3. Throwing sector
    4. Throwing arc
  6. Which one of the following is second stage in scissor technique in high jump?
    1. Take off
    2. Run
    3. Landing
    4. Flight
  7. Which is the first phase of standing javelin?
    1. Grip
    2. Stance
    3. Release
    4. Carriage
  8. Three of the following are benefits of rope skipping to the body except
    1. helps to strengthen the muscles
    2. helps to maintain body weight
    3. reduces risks of developing heart diseases
    4. enables the muscles to become loose
  9. How many players are involved in each team in the game of soccer?
    1. 11 players
    2. 22 players
    3. 12 players
    4. 9 players
  10. the act of controlling the ball using the thigh.
    1. Chest trap
    2. Thigh trap
    3. Chest trap with a partner
    4. Banana jump
  11. The diagram below shows a handball court.
    46 agdgaydauda
    Which name is given to the part marked P
    1. Goal area
    2. Centre line
    3. Goal area line
    4. 20 m line
  12. ............................players from each team participate in a game of handball
    1. 11
    2. 7
    3. 6
    4. 9
  13. Three of the following are safety measures observed in the game of handball Which one is not?
    1. Dress in sports clothes
    2. Proper spacing
    3. Follow teacher's instructions
    4. Do what you want
  14. Which is not an importance of dribbling skills?
    Helps to
    1. keep control of the ball
    2. go past a defender
    3. move the team forward towards the opponent
    4. keep the back straight
  15. The following abbreviations are used in the game of netball. Which one is incorrect?
    1. GA- Goal attack
    2. WD-Wing defence
    3. GK Goal defender
    4. C - Centre player

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