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Integrated Science Questions and Answers - Grade 6 End Term 1 Exams 2023 Set 1

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  1. Which of the following shows a crowbar?
    1 jhgahda
  2. Which of the following parts of a computer is correctly matched with its function?
    1. Monitor-processing data.
    2. Keyboard-producing hard copies.
    3. Screen-typing.
    4. Mouse - selecting parts of text.
  3. The diagram below shows the breathing system.
    3 auyydguyada
    Which of the following statements is correct?
    1. The part labelled S warms the air breathed in.
    2. Part Q moistens the air inhaled.
    3. Gaseous exchange takes place in part T.
    4. Part R does not have mucus.
  4. In which of the following levers is the load between the effort and the fulcrum?
    1.  Claw hammer
    2. Lid opener
    3. Pliers
    4. Wheelbarrow
  5. One day, a typist was typing an e-mail on a computer. On which part of the computer was his work processed?
    1. CPU
    2. VDU
    3. Printer
    4. Keyboard
  6. All the following are not internal parasites except a 
    1. flea
    2. tapeworm
    3. louse
    4.  jigger
  7. The following are signs and symptoms of water borne diseases.
    1. Blood in the stool and urine. 
    2. Slight diarrhoea and vomiting. 
    3. Loss of appetite.
    4. Itching of the bowel.
    5. Aches in muscles and joints.
      Which pair shows signs and symptoms of bilharzia?
      1. ii, iii
      2. ii, v
      3. iii, v
      4. i, iv
  8. All the following materials decompose easily except
    1. a sisal rope.
    2. a metallic tin.
    3. maize stalks.
    4. avocado leaves.
  9. Grade 4 pupils of Imarika primary school set up an experiment like the one shown below.
    9 hgugdgada
    Which of the following statements is true about the set up?
    1. The learners concluded that solids conduct heat.
    2. Pin E was the first to drop.
    3. The learners did not reach the right conclusion.
    4. Pin H was the last to fall.
  10. Which of the following is an example of useful fungi?
    1. Toadstool 
    2. Athlete's foot
    3. Puffball
    4. Penicillium
  11. Which of the following is a characteristic of cumulus clouds? They
    1. indicate fine weather.
    2. keep changing their shape.
    3. are rain laden clouds.
    4. appear low in the sky.
  12. All the following are examples of solids except?
    1. Chalk dust
    2. Glue
    3. Charcoal powder
    4. Sand
  13. Below is a human skeletal system
    13 agdadada
    Which of the labelled parts shows the skull?
    1. P
    2. N
    3. M
    4. O

The chart below shows a part of the classification of animals.

14 augduygada

  1. Which of the following can be used to represent X?
    1. Frog
    2. Amphibians
    3. Invertebrates
    4. Insects
  2. Which one of the following is not a characteristic of group W? They
    1. have dry scales.
    2. lay fertilized eggs.
    3. breathe by lungs.
    4. have mammary glands 


  1. Which one of the following gardening tools can be used to dig a hard ground?
    16 agftyduyuyada
  2. All the following are not vegetables except 
    1. oats.
    2. wheat.
    3. carrots.
    4. sorghum.
  3. Below is a method used to conserve water in farming practises.
    18 auhgduyada
    The water conservation method shown above is called
    1. cover cropping.
    2. drip irrigation.
    3. mulching.
    4. shading.
  4. Which of the following types of soil makes the longest ribbons and the best for construction respectively?
    1. Sandy and clay.
    2. Loam and sandy.
    3. Clay and loam.
    4. Clay and sandy.
  5. From which of the following domestic animals do we get the least food products?
    1. Chicken
    2. Pig
    3. Goat
    4. Camel
  6. Tiny seeded crops can be directly sown in the ground by
    1. thinning or weeding.
    2. broadcasting or sowing in rows.
    3. gapping or watering.
    4. irrigation or weeding.
  7. Grade 5 learners at Akala preparatory school constructed a compost pit as shown
    22 ahgduyada
    Which material does letter R represent?
    1. Ash.
    2. Kitchen refuse.
    3. Farmyard manure.
    4. Dry leaves.
  8. Which letter represents maize stalks?
    1. S
    2. T
    3. R
  9. Fruit trees in a nursery bed can be cared for by
    1. thinning.
    2. transplanting.
    3. pruning.
    4. uprooting.
  10. The best way of putting plant remains into use is by
    1. burning them.
    2. recycling them.
    3. using them to make compost manure.
    4. feeding them to livestock.


  1. Which of the following is an example of fragile kitchen utensil?
    26 auhgdyada
  2. All the following are signs and symptoms associated with marasmus. Which one is not
    1. Wrinkled face
    2. Often cries
    3. Pot belly
    4. Sharp appetite
  3. Which of the following needlework tools can be used for protection?
    28 agduadad
  4. Some Grade 5 learners were told to list some examples of legumes:
    Singh: Greengrams
    Yohana: Beans
    Yusra: Barley
    Khadija: Groundnuts
    Who among them was not correct
    1. Singh
    2. Yohana
    3. Yusra
    4. Khadija
  5. Which among the following shows a dustpan?
    30 aiguduada
  6. A teacher came to class with a cooking stick and asked her learners what the cooking equipment was made of. What was the correct answer?
    1. Plastic
    2. Clay
    3. Wood
    4. Metal
  7. Which of the following foods is correctly matched with the nutrients it produces?
    1. Carrots carbohydrates
    2. Maize  proteins
    3. Pineapples iron
    4. Spinach vitamins
  8. All the following foods cannot be cooked using dry fat method except
    1. bacon
    2. mandazi
    3. yams
    4. eggs
  9. Which of the following pairs of foods is ideal for a patient suffering from kwashiorkor? 
    1. Fruits and vegetables.
    2. Fish and eggs.
    3. Carrots and yams.
    4. Meat and ugali.
  10. Which of the following changes takes place in both pre-adolescent boys and girls?
    1. Increase in body size.
    2. Broadening of hips.
    3. Onset of wet dreams.
    4. Menstruation. 


  1. Regular exercises can help us prevent
    1. headache.
    2. stomachache.
    3. fitness.
    4. obesity.
  2. All the following are components of health related fitness. Which one is not?
    1. Muscular strength.
    2. Cardiorespiratory endurance.
    3. Mental preparation.
    4. Flexibility.
  3. Below is a player practising a technique in volleyball.
    38 ahgdygdyuada
    The volleyball technique demonstrated above is called
    1. the dig.
    2. underarm serve.
    3. the volley.
    4. Overarm serve.
  4. The jump rope technique that involves jumping from side to side is called
    1. heel taps.
    2. skier.
    3. wounded duck.
    4. straddle cross.
  5. The method that players plan and use to achieve a particular goal are called
    1. technical approaches.
    2. ways forward.
    3. tactical approaches.
    4. strategical plans.
  6. Which one of the following sports equipment shows a rounders bat?
    41 auyygduyada
  7. Which one of the following may not be a possible reason for nose bleeding?
    1. A hard blow to the nose.
    2. Nose picking.
    3. Being rained on.
    4. Blowing the nose hard.
  8. In ABC for first aid, B stands for
    1. bathing.
    2. breathing.
    3. basking.
    4. bleeding.
  9. All the following are leisure activities except
    1. hunting.
    2. dancing.
    3. learning.
    4. fishing.
  10. Below is Karimi jumping a rope.
    45 hgfaftyad
    The technique Karimi is using is called
    1. single rope bounce.
    2. double feet bounce.
    3. one foot bounce.
    4. two feet bounce.
  11. Some Grade 6 boys were seen practising pivoting in their school field. Which sports activity were they preparing for?
    1. Swimming.
    2. Kabaddi.
    3. Softball.
    4. Frisbee.
  12. Wall pass and punting have one factor in common in that they are both
    1. gymnastic activities
    2. applied in soccer.
    3. practised in a swimming pool.
    4. practised by boys and men only.
  13. Which of the following cannot be used to improvise a ball for volleyball?
    1. Strings.
    2. Papers.
    3. Wires.
    4. Clothes.
  14. All the following activities are practised in frisbee except
    1. shoulder roll.
    2. one handed rim catch.
    3. fore hand throw.
    4. back hand throw
  15. A kabaddi player who enters the opponents' court in order to tag the opposing player is called a
    1. defender.
    2. bowler.
    3. batter.
    4. raider.


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