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School Based Assessment 2023 Grade 6 Integrated Science - Grade 6 Mid Term 1 Set 2

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  1. Which of the following types of teeth is correctly matched with its function?
       Teeth   Function 
     A.   Molar   Cutting food 
     B.  Incisor   Biting food
     C.  Canine   Chewing food 
     D.  Premolar   Tearing food
  2. The diagram below represengts sthe human digestive system 
    Talam eats bread, in which part will the bread be absorabed into the body?
    1. W
    2. Z
    3. Y
    4. X
  3. Grade four learners went for nature study to strudy the characteristics of pplants m,growing arpund their school. They should take the following safety precautions except
    1. wash their hands after handling plants
    2. wear gloves on their hands
    3. wear dust coats
    4. walk bare footed
  4. The teacher asked four learners mto brign each an invertebrate for Science lesson.
    Andori - brought caterpillar
    Pauline - brought lizard
    Zeddy - brought ladybird
    Tina - brought milipede
    Who did not bring an invertebrate?
    1. Zeddy
    2. Pauline
    3. Andori
    4. Tina
  5. Grade four laerners brought the following materials for Science lesson.
    1. plastic bottle top
    2. nail
    3. metal bottle top
    4. razor blade
    5. dry pieces of stick
      The material that floated in water but can be made to sink by crushing is
      1. razor blade
      2. plastic bottle top
      3. metak bottle top
      4. nail
  6. Roba went to a petrol station and noticed the coded language below
    The code warnd people that there is 
    1. no smoking
    2. no driving
    3. no parking
    4. no U-turn
  7. A river near a school has been polluted. What would happen to the living things living in the water?
    1. They will have good health
    2.  They will enjoy living in the river
    3. They would die
    4.  They would flourish
  8. A grade five learner had the following signs and symptoms of a certain water borne disease
    1. rashes on the skin
    2. headache
    3. fever
      The disease is likely to be
      1. cholera
      2. dysentery
      3. bilharzia
      4. typhoid
  9. Caleb came across a material which was slippery when touched and have bitter taste. The material is unlikely to be during Science nature walk.
    1. table salt
    2. orange juice
    3. soap solution
    4. baking soda 
  10. Which of the phases of the moon appears on the 14th day after the new moon?
    1. Gibbous moon
    2. Quarter moon
    3. Crescent moon
    4. Full moon
  11. Tarar cooled a certain gas and it changed directly into solid. The process the gas changed to solid is called
    1. deposition
    2. freezing
    3. sublimation
    4. condensation
  12. Which of the following sounds produced is a soft sound?
    A. Fire alarm
    B. Whispering to your friend
    C. Beating drum hard
    D. Hitting a metal with a hammer 
  13. Below are pictures of a certain component of blood 
    What is the function of the component of blood in the body?
    1. Kill germs
    2. Clotting of blood
    3. Transport oxygen
    4. Transport food
  14. Mary drew a certain invertebrate she collected during Science nature walk
    Which one of the following is not an example of the invertebrate drawn?
    1. Wasp
    2. Tick
    3. Scorpion
    4. Spider
  15. The two main functions of the fruits are
    1. protecting seeds and supporting plant
    2. making food and storage of food
    3. storing food and breathing
    4. protecting seeds and storing food



  1. Grade five learners discussed about how they should care for cleaning materials at home and this what they said;
    Wandera: Store brushes with bristles facing down
    Okoth: Keep plastic basins in a shade
    Chacha: Fold floor clothes and store them on a shelf
    Ahmed: Heap all the dusters in one corner of the house
    Munene: Clean all the cleaning materials before storing them
    Who among the learners did not give the correct information?
    1. Chacha
    2. Ahmed
    3. Munene
    4. Okoth
  2. Choose a group that consists of energy giving foods only
  3. The process of planning how to spend money that you have is known as
    1. shopping list
    2. advertisement
    3. planning
    4. budgeting
  4. Abel wants to play with his friend inside the house. Choose a play item that they can use
  5. Vivian is an adolescent girl, recently she started menstruating. She should observe all the following except
    1. eat little food to avoid adding weight
    2. eat foods rich in iron
    3. drink safe water regularly
    4. eat a balanced diet
  6. During the December holidays, Moses visited his grandparents. He forgot to pack his toothbrush. What can he use to improvise a toothbrush?
    1. Soft grass
    2. A twig from an herbal plant
    3. A piece of firewood
    4. Charcoal
  7. Makori and his mother are discussing aboutsafety precautions to observe when laundering different clothes at home. Which one is false
    1. Before you start washing check if there are any sharp objects in the pockets
    2. Use salt for clothes whose dyes run
    3. Iron clothes on the wrong side
    4. Wash your underwear together with other clothes
  8. The best cloth to wear when going to sleep is 
    1. casual wear
    2. official wear
    3. pajama
    4. party dress
  9. Cheptum's family have guests tomorrow. They have decided to serve maandazi as snacks
    during ten o'clock tea. The maandazi will be cooked using  _____________________method.
    1. dry fat frying
    2. shallow frying
    3. deep frying
    4. stewing
  10. Why should we close windows when sweeping a house?
    1. To keep away insects
    2. To prevent wind from blowing back the dust
    3. To prevent dirt from spreading
    4. To prevent bad smell



  1. During an Agriculture lesson tour to the neighbouring farm, grade 6 learners observed a type of soil erosion with the following signs;
    1. roots of plants are exposed
    2. stones below the top soil exposed
    3. eroded soil and crop remains are deposited at the lower areas of the slope
      The type of soil erosion is likely to be
      1. gulley erosion
      2. splash erosion.
      3. sheet erosion
      4. rill erosion
  2. Theophilo, a farmer in a dry area was advised to use sunken beds. This is because sunken beds
    1. produce more yield
    2. conserve most moisture
    3. easy to make
    4. contains a lot of nutrients
  3. Anderi constructed an electric fence around her farm. Which of the following wild animals cannot be deterred by the fence?
    1. Weaver birds
    2. Gazelles
    3. Elephants
    4. Wildbeest
  4. The tool below was used to prepare land for planting crops
    How can the tool be cared for? By
    1. oiling and greasing
    2. washing with water
    3. replacing broken handles
    4. leaving it outside in the farm
  5. A learner searched for fruits which are harvested when still green on the outside part. The fruits are
    1. oranges
    2. passion fruits
    3. pawpaws
    4. watermelons
  6. Daniel had a farm of the crop in the picture
    The nutritional benefit of the crop is that it provides
    1. vitamins
    2. energy
    3. proteins
    4. water
  7. Below is a picture of a farm animal.
    The animal is used for
    1. beauty in the farm
    2. transporting goods
    3. food
    4. security in the farm
  8. Bonaya has a pumpkin farm. The following care and management practices can be carried
    out in the farm except
    1. weeding
    2. watering
    3. mulching
    4. top dressing
  9. The pictures below shows crop products of a certain type of crop.
    The type of crop is
    1. cereals
    2. legumes
    3. vegetables
    4. fruits
  10. Which of the following small wild animals destroys crops that have been harvested and stored?
    1. Moles
    2. Squirrels
    3. Monkeys
    4. Rats 



  1. A learner performed the gymnastic skill as shown in the diagram
    The skill performed was
    1. headstand
    2. handstand
    3. hand walk
    4. head walk
  2. The following are points to remember when performing one-handed catch in frisbee. Which one is not?
    1. Aim to catch the disc with one hand
    2. Catch the disc between your thumb and fingers
    3. Stand with your feet together
    4. Watch and time the oncoming disc carefully as it flies towards you
  3. What is the first step to follow when improvising a soccer ball?
    1. Fold the papers into a ball
    2. Tie the bag
    3. Wrap the papers in a bag
    4. Put together the required materials
  4. Mumbi practised passing a ball as shown.
    The pass can be used in playing
    1. handball
    2. volleyball
    3. soccer
    4. softball
  5. The third step when performing long jump technique is
    1. landing
    2. flight
    3. take-off
    4. approach
  6. An area Member of Parliament organised a soccer tournament in his constituency. The best team was awarded a trophy and a token. The best team must have won by scoring
    1. runs
    2. try
    3. goals
    4. shots
  7. The equipment below was seen in the athletic track during athletic competition
    The race that was likely to be performed was
    1. relay race
    2. steeple chase
    3. marathon
    4. hurdling race
  8. The only player in netball that is allowed to play in all the three sections of a netball field is
    1. wing attack
    2. goal shooter
    3. center
    4. wing defender
  9. Learners are encouraged to participate in running activities. Which one is not one of the reasons?
    1. Makes bones stronger
    2. Leads to breathing problems
    3. Helps relax the body
    4. Improves mental health
  10. During an outdoor activity learners should ensure they use the correct method of food preservation. This is because wrong preservation of food may lead to
    1. food contamination
    2. good health
    3. saving of money
    4. increased flavour
  11. Godi developed a sprain injury while playing. The first aider used "RICE" procedure to manage the injury. Letter 'E' in the RICE means
    1. End
    2. Extend
    3. Elevate
    4. Engage
  12. A good pass in handball should have the following elements except
    1. Should be accurate
    2. should be fast
    3. cannot be intercepted by opponent
    4. should give receiver hard time to catch
  13. Which one of the following is not a fault in volleyball game?
    1. Hitting the ball twice in a row
    2. Serving the ball over the net
    3. Stepping on or over the line on a serve
    4. Reaching under the net and crossing the line
  14. A game of soccer is about to start. How many players in total should be in the field of play during the start?
    1. 22
    2. 11
    3. 7
    4. 6
  15. Nora and Nelly want to practice partner activity in rope skipping. They used the techniques below except
    1. side by side technique
    2. back to back technique
    3. face to face technique
    4. wounded duck technique



  1. B
  2. C
  3. D
  4. B
  5. C
  6. A
  7. C
  8. D
  9. B
  10. D
  11. A
  12. B
  13. C
  14. A
  15. D


  1. B
  2. A
  3. D
  4. A
  5. A
  6. B
  7. D
  8. C
  9. C
  10. B


  1. C
  2. B
  3. A
  4. C
  5. D
  6. A
  7. B
  8. C
  9. A
  10. D


  1. A
  2. C
  3. D
  4. A
  5. B
  6. C
  7. D
  8. B
  9. B
  10. A
  11. C
  12. D
  13. B
  14. A
  15. C
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