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Creative Arts & Social Studies Questions and Answers - Grade 6 End Term 1 Exams 2023 Set 3

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  1. A learner in grade five was cutting leather thongs for making a leather pencil case. In what direction would you advise her to cut the thongs?
    1. Along a horizontal line
    2. Along a wavy line
    3. Along a curved line 
    4. Along a vertical line
  2. The addition of black colour on another colour to create darker tones while painting is known as
    1. shading
    2. tinting
    3. subject matter
    4. theme
  3. A grade 5 learner was making wax crayons at home. The following are steps he used 
    1. Melt the bees wax by heating it in a double container 
    2. Pour the wax in the mould 
    3. Take a pawpaw straw, cut it into a hollow tube and make small holes on the side
    4. Mix the melted bees wax with colour pigment 
    5. Let the wax to cool and remove the wax crayon from the mould 
      Arrange the processes from the start to the end correctly 
      1. iii, i, iv, ii, v 
      2. i, iii, ii, iv, v
      3. i, v, iv, iii, i
      4. iii, i, ii, iv, v 
  4. What does the term gradation mean in Art? 
    1. Smearing of colour on a surface 
    2. Change of tone from dark to light or from light to dark 
    3. The drawing of non-moving objects
    4. The drawing of human faces
  5. Look at the picture below keenly 
    Which principle of art has not been considered while painting the picture above? 
    1. Shape 
    2. Balance 
    3. Proportion 
    4. Paper layout 
  6. The following are ways that one can use to decorate a book jacket. Which one is not?
    1. Applique 
    2. Painting 
    3. Block printing 
    4. Incising 
  7. Which is the first step done while decorating a fabric using tie and dye method after collecting all the materials needed? 
    1. Tie the fabric according to your pattern
    2. Wash the fabric to remove starch and dirt 
    3. Prepare a dye bath 
    4. Dry the fabric under a shade 
  8. A finishing technique in basketry where you stitch a cloth along the edges is known as
    1. moulding 
    2. cutting
    3. tucking 
    4. binding 
  9. What does overlapping of pictures in a montage help to create? 
    1. Balance 
    2. Space
    3. Texture 
    4. Depth 
  10. Name the tool shown below 
    1. Palette
    2. Brush 
    3. Easel 
    4. Paper cutter 


  1. A group of three performers who are singing together is referred to as ______________________.
    1. trio 
    2. duet 
    3. quartet 
    4. solo 
  2. Verse 3 of the East African anthem begins with the words ____________________-
    1. Natujenge taifa letu 
    2. Uzalendo pia mshikamano 
    3. Amkeni ndugu zetu
    4. Viwandani na hata mashambani
  3. Which of the following is an African wind instrument?
    1. Chivoti 
    2. Kayamba 
    3. Maracas 
    4. Wandindi 
  4. When playing the descant recorder the following are correct techniques except
    1. avoid blowing too hard 
    2. holding with the right hand up and left hand lower 
    3. avoid covering unnecessary holes 
    4. remembering to tongue appropriately 
  5. When performing music the word tempo refer to
    1. articulation
    2. softness of the song
    3. type of song
    4. speed of the sung 
  6. The two musical notes shown here are called ______________ and ________________respectively 
    1. semibreve and minim 
    2. crotched and quaver
    3. minum and sembreve
    4. crotchet and minum
  7. Which of these statements about an art song not true? Itisa type of song
    1. that is traditional 
    2. that is arranged for solo or choral performance
    3. that is usually accompanied by a musical instrument
    4. that is usually sung in European languages only
  8. Which of these is not necessary to observe when singing a duet? 
    1. Observe correct rhythm
    2. Sing with a smile always
    3. Keep the tempo
    4. Sing at the right pitch 
  9. The correct way to perform a folk song is to
    1. sing in the local language
    2. sing in either English or Kiswahili only 
    3. accompany singing with a good guitar or piano
    4. sing without minding about appropriate gestures and expressions 
  10. The part of a fiddle that makes the sound louder is the 
    1. bridge
    2. arm
    3. string
    4. resonator



Study the map of Rora area and answer questions 21-25. 

  1. What is the direction of the forest from the quarry?
    1. South East 
    2. South West 
    3. North West 
    4. North East 
  2. The climate to the North Western region of Rora area is 
    1. hot and wet 
    2. cool and wet 
    3. cool and dry 
    4. hot and dry 
  3. The type of settlement in Rora area is 
    1. linear 
    2. scattered
    3. nucleated 
    4. sparse
  4. The government wants to develop a project in Rora area. Which one of the following will be given the first priority? 
    1. School
    2. Church
    3. Hospital
    4. Road 
  5. The elected head of Rora area is a 
    1. governor
    2. chief 
    3. senator
    4. County commissioner 
  6. The correct position of Eastern Africa is 
    1. Latitudes 22°N and 12°S, Longitudes 22°E and 52°E
    2. Longitudes 17°W and 52°E, Latitudes 37°N and 35's 
    3. Longitudes 34°E and 42°E, Latitudes 5°N and 5°
    4. Longitudes 23°W and 52°E, Latitudes 17°N and 52°S 
  7. The equator passes through these three countries of Eastern Africa. Which one is not? 
    1. Uganda 
    2. Kenya
    3. Somalia
    4. Tanzania 
  8. Grade six learners went for an Educational trip to lake Victoria. After the trip the learners asked the teacher to help them identify the type of lake they visited. The correct answer was
    1. crater lake 
    2. lava dammed lake
    3. downwarped lake 
    4. tarn lake 

Use the diagram below to answer questions 29 and 30 


  1. The feature above was formed through the process of 
    1. volcanicity 
    2. erosion
    3. faulting
    4. folding 
  2. Identify a mountain that was not formed through the process above among the following 
    1. Mt. Ruwenzori
    2. Mt. Meru 
    3. Mt. Usambara
    4. Danakil Alps
  3. Which one of the following historic built environments is not correctly matched with the country it is found? 
    1. Namugongo Shrine  - Tanzania
    2. Kigali Genocide Memorial - Rwanda
    3. Fort jesus - Kenya
    4. Roman Kiosk - Sudan
  4. Ali a grade six learner in Pahali primary school was asked by his teacher to state the importance of historic built environment. Which one was not
    1. Creates a sense of belonging 
    2. Is a source of income 
    3. Creates jobs for many people
    4. Source of medicine 
  5. Population distribution is determined by three of the following factors. Which one is not
    1. Climate
    2. Soil fertility 
    3. Security 
    4. Longitudes 

Use the map of Eastern Africa below to answer numbers 34 and 35 


  1. The country marked D has its capital city in 
    1. Adis Ababa 
    2. Khartoum 
    3. Juba 
    4. Mogadishu
  2. The mountain marked R is 
    1. Mt Kenya 
    2. Mt. Meru 
    3. Mt. Kilimanjaro
    4. Mt. Elgon



  1. While nurturing our talents, we should posses all the following values except 
    1. integrity 
    2. unity
    3. responsibility 
    4. greed 
  2. Grade six learners in Kima primary school were asked to state positive ways of spending their leisure time. Who among them did not give the correct way? 
    1. Mori - Visiting the sick 
    2. Tom - Helping his grandmother to fetch water 
    3. Elizabeth - Visiting children's home
    4. Wesley - Gossiping 
  3. Why is the Bible refered to as the word of God? 
    1. It was written by people inspired by the Holyspirit of God 
    2. It was written by the patriachs
    3. It was written by God 
    4. It was translated in local languages 
  4. The first four books of the old Testament of the Bible were written by 
    1. Moses 
    2. David
    3. Abraham 
    4. Solomon 
  5. The commandment that teaches on respect for marriage is 
    1. Do not commit murder
    2. Do not steal
    3. Do not commit adultery 
    4. Do not covet
  6. Mary, a rich woman in your village has been helping needy children in paying their school fees. Which fruit of the Holy spirit does she possess? 
    1. Kindness 
    2. Self control
    3. Faithfulness 
    4. Joy
  7. Samson killed a thousand men with a jawbone at a place called
    1. Lehi 
    2. Bethel
    3. Siloam 
    4. Peniel 
  8. Who among the following prophets recovered an axe-head from a river? 
    1. Prophet Elisha
    2. Prophet Elijah 
    3. Prophet Samuel
    4. Prophet Nathan 
  9. ...... "Let me go, daylight is coming," Genesis 32:26. These words were said by 
    1. God 
    2. Jacob
    3. Angel 
    4. Isaac
  10. Jesus chose the first four disciples when they were fishing. Who among the following was not among them? 
    1. Matthew 
    2. John
    3. James 
    4. Peter 
  11. Nyakundi, a C.R.E teacher asked Grade six learners to identify ways of taking care of God's creation. Who gave a wrong answer?
    1. Mary: Planting trees where they do not exist 
    2. Agnes: Cleaning market places 
    3. Joseph: Dumping trash on the roadside
    4. Peter: Taking care of wildlife 
  12. Responsible boy - girl relationship involves all the following except 
    1. playing together 
    2. learning together 
    3. eating together 
    4. engaging in sex 
  13. ...If you are the son of God throw yourself down and the angels will get hold of you before falling down." These words were said to Jesus during his
    1. baptism
    2. temptation
    3. trial 
    4. arrest 
  14. The Roman officer's servant was healed by Jesus from a distance. This was because of 
    1. his master's faith 
    2. the servant's faith
    3. Jesus' mercy 
    4. the position of the master 
  15. On his way to school, James found a blind man who wanted to cross the road. As a Christian, what should he do? 
    1. Hold his hand and help him cross the road
    2. Mind his business not to talk to strangers
    3. Call the police 
    4. Go to school and inform the class teacher 



  1. Which of the following surahs are read for protection? 
    1. Naas and Falaq
    2. Falaq and Ikhlas
    3. Maun and Naas
    4. Nasr and Asr 
  2. Ruwayda a grade six learner found her friends backbiting their class teacher. Which surah should she ask them to read? 
    1. Maun 
    2. Humaza
    3. Assr 
    4. Fiil 
  3. Muslims are encouraged to practice patience in which surah?
    1. Fatiha 
    2. Humaza
    3. Asr 
    4. Falaq 
  4. Which surah encourages Muslims to be kind to orphans?
    1. Fjil 
    2. Takathur
    3. Zilzalah
    4. Maun
  5. Grade 6 learners were asked by their teacher to research on the episode of the elephant. Which surah would you advise them to use? 
    1. Humaza 
    2. Ikhlas
    3. Bayyinah 
    4. Fiil 
  6. The first month on the Islamic calender is 
    1. Ramadhan
    2. Rajab
    3. Muharram
    4. Dhul-Hijjah
  7. Four learners of Grade 6 were asked to name one item that is haram for a Muslim man to wear. Who among them was right? 
    1. Abdul Malik - Wool 
    2. Aysha - Gold 
    3. Ziana - Leather belt 
    4. Halima - Kanzu 
  8. How many fardh salat should a Muslim perform in a day?
    1. Five
    2. Four
    3. Three
    4. Ten 
  9. The first man to be created by Allah (S.W.T) was known as 
    1. Adam 
    2. Hawa
    3.  Issa
    4. Muhammad
  10. Who was the wife of Nabii Adam?
    1. Aisha 
    2. Hawa
    3. Khadijah 
    4. Asiya 
  11. When Faraj came to school, be found all his classmates fasting. Which month was this likely to be? 
    1. Dhul-Hijjah
    2. Muharram
    3. Ramadhan
    4. Al-Khaaliq
  12. When people of Nabii Musa were living in this world, they used to read a book called
    1. Injil
    2. Zabur
    3. Taurat
    4. Suhuf
  13. Which attribute of Allah means the forgiver? 
    1. Al-Malik 
    2. Al- Ghaffar
    3. Ar- Rahman
    4. Al-Khaaliq
  14. How many days did Allah (S.W.T) take to create the world?
    1. Six
    2. Seven
    3. Five
    4. Three 
  15. Which city is the Kaabah found?
    1. Madina
    2. Taif 
    3. Makkah
    4. Kufa 



  1. C
  2. A
  3. A
  4. B
  5. C
  6. D
  7. B
  8. D
  9. D
  10. A


  1. A
  2. D
  3. A
  4. B
  5. D
  6. D
  7. D
  8. B
  9. A
  10. D


  1. C
  2. B
  3. A
  4. C
  5. A
  6. A
  7. D
  8. C
  9. C
  10. B
  11. A
  12. D
  13. D
  14. B
  15. C


  1. D
  2. D
  3. A
  4. A
  5. C
  6. A
  7. A
  8. A
  9. C
  10. A
  11. C
  12. D
  13. B
  14. A
  15. A


  1. A
  2. B
  3. C
  4. D
  5. D
  6. C
  7. B
  8. A
  9. A
  10. B
  11. C
  12. C
  13. B
  14. A
  15. C
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