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Integrated Science Questions and Answers - Grade 6 End Term 1 Exams 2023 Set 3

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  1. During a Science lesson, the following characteristics of vertebrates were written.
    1. They are covered with scales
    2. They live in water 
    3. They breathe through their gills 
    4. They give birth to young ones 
      Which of the following pairs of characteristics are true about a dolphinc? 
      1. iv, iii
      2. i, iv
      3. iii, i 
      4. i, iv
  2. During a Science lesson grade five learners brought the following tool to class.
    Identify the parts of the lever labelled S, Q and R  
       S   Q   R 
     A.   Load   Effort   Pivot
     B.  Pivot  Load   Effort 
     C.  Load    Pivot  Effort 
     D.  Effort   Pivot  Load 
  3. During a group discussion on the functions of the tongue, the following responses were given. Which one was wrong
    1. Pushes food down the gut
    2. Used to smell food
    3. Used to tastic food
    4. Used to roll the chewed food into small rounded balls 
  4. Brian visited a school computer room during a Science lesson. He noticed that one of the computers monitor was as shown below 
    The part labelled K is called
    1. tool bar 
    2. the cursor
    3. zoom tool 
    4. text area 
  5. Grade six learners were asked to state functions of stem in plants. Who among them gave a wrong answer? 
    1. Ken : Transports food from the leaves
    2. Peter : Absorbs water and mineral salts 
    3. Eric :  Stores water and food in some plants
    4. Jane : Transports water and minerals 
  6. During a nature walk to a nearby forest in a certain school, pupils tied a transparent balloon to a leaf of a green plant and left it for three hours. What were the pupils likely to be investigating? 
    1. Photosynthesis 
    2. Respiration 
    3.  Transpiration 
    4. Stomata 
  7. Three of the following are physical changes that take place in both boys and girls during adolescence. Which among them is a change that is experienced in boys only? 
    1. Shoulders broaden
    2. Increase in height and weight 
    3. Pimples appear on the face 
    4. Growth of hair in the pubic area
  8. For a proper blood circulation in the human body, different parts perform different functions. Which among the following will carry oxygenated blood from the lungs? 
    1. Pulmonary artery
    2. Aorta 
    3. Vena cava 
    4. Pulmonary vein 
  9. Ouma was involved in a road accident and he started bleeding. Which of the following blood components would protect Ouma from more bleeding? 
    1. Plasma 
    2. White blood cells 
    3. Platelets 
    4. Red blood cells  
  10. In the female reproductive system, in which part does fertilization of the egg take place? 
    1. Uterus 
    2. Oviduct 
    3. Ovary
    4. Vagina 
  11. Grade four pupils from Awendo Primary School carried out the experiment below with their Science teacher. 
    What were the pupils most likely investigating?
    1. Convection 
    2. Radiation 
    3. Conduction 
    4. Melting
  12. Grade 5 pupils were asked to name solid wastes that decompose and those that do not decompose respectively. Which answer was correct? 
    1. Food remains and plastic shopping bags
    2. Broken phones and pencil chippings 
    3. Banana peels and rice left overs 
    4. Plastic bottles and anal waste
  13. Three of the following are some of the effects of sound pollution to human beings. Which among them is not?
    1. Interference with communication
    2. Loss of hearing
    3. Sleep disturbances 
    4. Interferes with visibility 
  14. Three of the following are things that force can do except 
    1. change direction of moving objects 
    2. stop a moving ball
    3. change mass of items
    4. change shape of object 
  15. Grade five learners were provided with the following substances during their Science practical lesson 
    1. Wood ash
    2. Baking powder 
    3. Anti acid tablets
    4. Bar soap
      What effect do the substances above have on a litmus paper?
      1. Turn blue litrous paper red
      2. Turn red liturus paper blue 
      3. No effect on litres paper
      4. None of the above 

AGRICULTURE  (10 marks)

  1. The following materials were collected from the school kitchen and school compound and damped in the compost pit. Which one was not supposed to be dumped in the compost pit?
    1. Green and dry plants 
    2. Broken pieces of glass
    3. Food remains
    4. Chicken dropping
  2. Grade six learners of Hekima school did the following practices to conserve soil in their garden. Which practice did not conserve water? 
    1. Mulching
    2. Shading
    3. Thinning
    4. Planting cover crops
  3. Jane filled a bottle with water and poured the water on the bare ground. Which type of soil erosion was she likely demonstrating?
    1. Rill 
    2. Sheet
    3. Gulley 
    4. Splash
  4. Paul, a grade six Agriculture teacher, asked his learners to mention ways of controlling rill and gulley erosion. The following are responses given by the learners. Which one was wrong?
    1. Constructing gabions 
    2. Constructing terraces
    3. Contour ploughing 
    4. Mulching 
  5. Mr.Ojwang is a well known farmer in his community and the main problem he experiences is the destruction of his crops by some small wild animals. Three of the following small wild animals can damage crops in the farm except
    1. squirrel
    2. monkeys 
    3. mole
    4. mongoose 
  6. John was preparing a nursery bed to plant some seeds in his farm. He had the following tools in his store for the preparation. Which was the most suitable tool that he used to level the soil? 
    1. Garden trowel 
    2. Spade 
    3. Rake 
    4. Jembe
  7. During a discussion about different types of crops found within their locality, Grade six learners were asked to mention creeping crops that grow in their farms. Who among the following gave a wrong answer? 
    1. John -Pumpkin 
    2. Sela Watermelons
    3. Steve-Aloe vera 
    4. Kelly - Cucumber 
  8. Grade six learners with their agriculture teacher were seen preparing seeds of creeping crops. They did the following except 
    1. boiling seeds 
    2. washing seeds 
    3. sorting seeds 
    4. drying seeds 
  9. After rains, a pupil saw some water flowing over the surface of the soil. What name is given to the excess water that flows over the soil surface? 
    1. Overflow 
    2. Excess water 
    3. Runoff 
    4. Floods 
  10. During agriculture lesson. learners were asked to list importance of compost manure. Which one among the following is not an importance of compost manure? 
    1. Easy and cheap to make 
    2. Slowly releases plant nutrients into the soil 
    3. Has high rate of artificial fertilizers 
    4. Reduces the uses of artificial fertilizers and chemicals

HOME SCIENCE (10marks) 

  1. The following are safety measures practised when stewing food. Which one is incorrect
    1. Handle sharp tools with care 
    2. Use holders to avoid burns 
    3. Stay away from the kitchen when cooking 
    4. Switch of sources of heat after cooking 
  2. The statements below are about eating habits for adolescents. Which habit is unhealthy? 
    1. Eating a lot of vegetables 
    2. Eating snacks such as soda and snacks most of the times 
    3. Eating plenty of fruits 
    4. Drinking enough water 
  3. Which one of the following is a factor to consider when planning a family meal? 
    1. Place 
    2. Method of cooking 
    3. Time 
    4. Health status 
  4. Name the cleaning material below 
    1. Dustbin 
    2. Mop 
    3. Dustpan 
    4. Broom
  5. Below are different sources of heat. Which one saves time when cooking? 
    1. Gas cooker 
    2. Jiko 
    3. Stove 
    4. Traditional fireplace 
  6. The foods below are cooked using different methods. Which one must be cooked by deep frying?
    1. Fish 
    2. Chicken 
    3. Chips 
    4. Chapati 
  7. The following are common communicable diseases. Which one is immunisable? 
    1. Malaria 
    2. Chicken pox 
    3. Ringworm 
    4. Scabies 
  8. The animals below have been matched with the products we get from them. Which animal is correctly matched? 
    1. Cow - mutton 
    2. Sheep - milk 
    3. Goat - beef 
    4. Poultry - chicken 
  9. The kitchen equipment below is used when preparing pancakes. Name it. 
    1. Whisk 
    2. Spoon 
    3. Blender
    4. Toaster 
  10. Below are disadvantages of preserving meat by smoking except 
    1. loss of nutrients 
    2.  it's time consuming 
    3.  it's cheap 
    4. contamination by germs 


  1. The following are ethics and values that describe integrity in sports except 
    1. respect
    2. honesty
    3. fair play 
    4.  jealousy 
  2. One of the statements below describes the shoulder shrug finish technique. Which one?
    1. The runner reaches the finish line at full speed 
    2. The runner lifts the left shoulder up and lets his toe touch the finishing tape 
    3. The runner bends forward and turns the chest sideways into the finishing tape
    4. The runner lifts the right shoulder up and lets the foot touch the ground 
  3. Before entering the swimming pool, a swimmer should do the following except 
    1. wear a swimming costume
    2. eat a heavy meal 
    3. take bath 
    4. warm up 
  4. The following are rules for baton exchange. Which one is not
    1. The baton can be thrown 
    2. Lanes should not be obstructed 
    3. The baton should be carried in the hand throughout the race 
    4. Exchanging the baton within baton exchange zone 
  5. The following are stages demonstrated in high jump. Arrange them in the correct order. (\
    1. Take-off 
    2. Landing area 
    3. Running 
    4. Flight 
      1. (iii), (i), (ii), (iv) 
      2.  (iv), (iii), (i), (ii) 
      3. (iii), (i), (iv), (ii) 
      4.  (i), (iii), (iv), (ii) 
  6. Scissor technique is used in high jump. Which one of the following is a safety measure to observe while demonstrating? 
    1. Cross bar should be made of heavy materials
    2. Use sharp objects as the uprights 
    3. Sports shoes and attires are not necessary
    4. Ensure the uprights are firm and stable. 
  7. Below is the javelin sector. Name the part labelled X
    1. Landing area 
    2. Runway 
    3. Throwing arc 
    4. Throwing sector
  8. In games and sports, players are advised to perform thorough warm-up before performing the skill. Why is it important? 
    1. Prepares the body muscles for a vigorous activity 
    2. Makes the players win
    3. Enables them to get tired easily 
    4. Weakens the muscles 
  9. Which one of the following is the second command when performing medium sprint start?
    1. On your marks 
    2. Go 
    3. Get set 
    4. Be ready 
  10. The following are stages in hurdle. Which one is the third stage? 
    1.  Approach 
    2. Flight 
    3. Landing 
    4. Hurdle clearance 
  11. Play items are sometimes improvised. Pick a list that can be used improvise a relay baton.
    1. Bottles, newspapers, scissors, glue, mannila 
    2. Papers, leaves, old clothes 
    3. Sticks, wires, maize stalks
    4. None of the above 
  12. The following are equipment found in discus facility except
    1. marking flags 
    2. tapes 
    3. score cards
    4. balls
  13. Below is a long jump field. Name the part labelled
    1. Runway 
    2. Landing 
    3. Take off board 
    4. Take off area 
  14. The following items are found in a first aid kit except one. Which one?
    1. Bandage
    2. Knife
    3. Cotton wool
    4. Gloves
  15. The following diseases are caused by lack of physical exercises. Which is the odd one out?
    1. Obesity 
    2. Diabetes 
    3. HIV and AIDS 
    4. High blood pressure 



  1. D
  2. C
  3. B
  4. D
  5. B
  6. C
  7. A
  8. D
  9. C
  10. B
  11. A
  12. A
  13. D
  14. C
  15. B


  1. B
  2. C
  3. D
  4. D
  5. D
  6. C
  7. C
  8. A
  9. C
  10. C


  1. C
  2. B
  3. D
  4. C
  5. A
  6. C
  7. B
  8. D
  9. A
  10. C


  1. D
  2. C
  3. B
  4. A
  5. C
  6. D
  7. A
  8. A
  9. C
  10. B
  11. A
  12. D
  13. C
  14. B
  15. C
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