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English Questions and Answers - Grade 6 Mid Term 2 Exam 2023 Set 1

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Read the following conversation and then answer questions 1 to 5.

Father: Where is your mother?

Charlotte: She is in the kitchen preparing our supper.

Father: Good. Before she is done, I want us to discuss something about table manners and etiquette. Just shortly.

Hugh: Yes, our teacher of English told us to collect facts about the same.

Father: First it is always good to serve small portions of food at a time. This is important because there will be very slim chances of leftovers. Sometimes, the leftovers go bad before the next day.

Charlotte: Yes and this results to wastage. I think it is also good not to speak with food in our mouth. Particles may fall on others' foods which is very disgusting.

Hugh: Daddy, Charlotte why is it important to chew our food properly before swallowing?

Father: This is because when the food is not properly chewed, it may lead to choking and... Charlotte: Yes, and in some cases, choking may lead to death.

Hugh: When chewing our food, our mouth must be closed. Other people should not see the food in our mouth as we chew it. Some people do not like to see this.

Father: Finally, we should not lick our fingers after eating, even if the food was extremely delicious. These and many more are called table manners and etiquette. I believe that you will have enough points to present to Madam Zuchu.

Hugh: Yes, thank you very much for your points.

  1. According to this conversation, who was Madam Zuchu?
    1. The mother in the family.
    2. Hugh's teacher of English.
    3. Charlotte's headmistress.
    4. Hugh's teacher.
  2. According to Charlotte, what results to wastage?
    1. Cooking too much food.
    2. Serving too much food.
    3. Food going bad before the next day.
    4. Leaving some food uncaten.
  3. When we chew our food with our mouth closed,
    1. some people may not like what they see.
    2. we are most likely to suffer chokes. 
    3. death cases may occur.
    4. we maintain table manners and etiquette.
  4. Why is it important to serve small amounts of food at a time?
    1. To be sure of finishing what we serve.
    2. So that there are no leftovers.
    3. To avoid disgusting others.
    4. So that we eat more of the available food.
  5. Which of the following causes disgusting according to the conversation?
    1. Speaking and chewing food at the same time.
    2. Licking fingers after eating. 
    3. Serving too much food.
    4. Leftovers going bad before the next day.

Read the passage and then answer questions 6 to 9.

It is common practices to see a person pick a book and start reading anyhow without organisation. Such reading cannot be of benefit to the readers. Reading is an advanced art that requires early preparation before one can claim to be reading. Without prior planning, reading will be boring and confusing adding no real value to the reader. This is contrary to the requirements of reading. Any reading should help the reader comprehend and recall what he or she is reading. For this reason, reading ought to be given the attention it deserves.

Before reading, the reader needs to ensure that there is adequate light. Let the light should be friendly to the eyes. Secondly, the place should be quiet and comfortable. For instance, a place with numerous movements is not the best. The reader will be forced to keep turning to see whoever is passing. In this way, the flow of information into the brain will be disrupted. Anytime you read, all your attention should be focused on what you are reading.

  1. Which type of reading cannot be of benefit to the reader?
    1. The one involving proper plans before starting.
    2. Reading without any organisation.
    3. Reading for the sake of buying time.
    4. Reading that is well organised.
  2. One of the requirements of reading is that
    1. reading should add value to the reader.
    2. books must be handled carefully when reading.
    3. all readers should read the same taste of books.
    4. reading should be given the attention it deserves.
  3. According to the passage, which one of the following is not a preparation action for a good reading?
    1. Well lit rooms.
    2. Quiet environments.
    3. Places without numerous books.
    4. Places with little or no movements.
  4. The flow of the information getting into the reader's brain will be disrupted by
    1. the content they are absorbing from the books.
    2. the amount of light in the reading area.
    3. poor prior preparation before starting to read
    4. the movement of people around him or her. 

Read the passage and then answer questions 10 to 12.

As we approached it. I looked over my shoulder and what I saw really frightened me. The western sky was almost black and the storm had raised a huge wave which seemed like a moving mountain. As the wave inclined towards us, it looked like an enormous snake with its head in the sky. The bottom of our boat touched the sand and both of us disembarked and pulled it closer to the shore.

"We'll stay here, Omari, until the storm subsides," my uncle shouted. We ran up the beach and found a small cave beside the rocks. We threw ourselves inside and lay on the ground. Neither of us was able to stay much because we were exhausted. There was complete darkness all over the island and the wind was blowing so strongly that we could hear brunches breaking.

  1. What does the writer mean by it in the first sentence?
    1. An enormous snake 
    2. A huge wave.
    3. A gigantic moving mountain. 
    4. The western sky.
  2. The writer and his uncle spent the horrible night
    1. on a rock beside a small cave.
    2. on the floor of their capsized boat.
    3. in the small cave they found near the rocks.
    4. in their usual house.
  3. The writer and his uncle were fast asleep because they were
    1. shocked
    2. frightened.
    3. astonished.
    4. tired.

Read the passage and then answer questions 13 to 15.
Humans are social creatures and they can't live without one another. The proverb says that no man is an island. We need other people to share our joys or to share our moments of sorrow. It is therefore important to know how best we can treat people who are around us, be they family, friends or neighbours. Relating with people needs high standards of courtesy and respect. Have you ever been around someone who doesn't value your presence or help? Such people say things that make you feel unwanted or unvalued. I'm sure you won't make yourself available next time they need you.
The more you use polite words, the stronger the relationship will become. You have nothing to lose by saying sorry when you accidentally wrong someone. Saying thank you shows that you appreciate what other people do for you.

  1. The proverb in the passage means that human beings
    1.  depend on one another.
    2. can comfortably live independently.
    3. cannot be compared to islands.
    4. and islands are different creations.
  2. People who do not value our presence or help
    1.  help us build our self esteem. 
    2. make us learn how to use polite words
    3.  make us avoid them next time they neel us.
    4.  know how to put courtesy into practice.
  3. For a relationship to grow even stronger, we should always
    1. recognise the presence of people around us.
    2. avoid staying with people who do not recognise our presence.
    3. avoid the use of polite words.
    4. use polite words.

Read the passage below. It contains blank spaces numbered 16 to 20.
For each blank s select the best alternative from the choices given.
The...................16....................of the bell marked the end of the lessons for that week. It was ...................17.................... . I was very happy though extremely ...................18.................... I knew I had a whole weekend ahead of me. If truth be told, I lived for...................19.................... since they provided a break from long learning hours. I was no more than glad for this particular weekend for we had just finished our end term exams, meaning, there was no ...................20....................of homeworks for the weekend.

    1. roaring
    2. sounding
    3. clicking 
    4. thumping
    1. Friday
    2. Monday
    3. Thursday
    4. Wednesday
    1. signed in
    2. worn out
    3. made up
    4. passed out
    1. Tuesdays
    2. Thursdays
    3. Saturdays
    4. Mondays
    1. oceans
    2. valleys
    3. hills
    4. mountains

For questions 21 to 23, choose the alternative that best completes the sentences.

  1. Tiko and Rosa woke up early and .........................to the farm.
    1. go
    2. went
    3. goes
    4. going
  2. Did Wanjala.........................his bag with him?
    1. brought
    2. bringing
    3. brings
    4. bring
  3. Mutindi.........................her handkerchief before hanging it on the line.
    1. wrong
    2. wring
    3. wrung
    4. wringed
  4. For question 24. choose the sentence that is correctly punctuated.
    1. "What is your name!" he asked me.
    2. What a wonderful opinion?
    3. "Lie down!" He barked.
    4. Mother goes to the mosque on fridays.

For questions 25 to 27. choose the opposite of the underlined words.

  1. Mr. Zakayo is very tall.
    1. feeble
    2. small
    3. short
    4. long
  2. Our Art and Craft teacher is not ill.
    1. sick
    2. well
    3. beautiful
    4. pretty
  3. The path was wet yesterday.
    1. dry
    2. narrow
    3. soggy
    4. dirty

For questions 28 to 30, choose the best alternative to fill in the blank spaces

  1. They have been watching the show.........................eight o'clock.
    1. at
    2. for
    3. on
    4. since
  2. Every child.........................the right to play.
    1. have
    2. is
    3. was
    4. has
  3. Mambo has never tasted mushroom soup, 
    1. has he? 
    2. hasn't he?
    3. had he?
    4. haven't he?


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