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Creative Arts & Social Studies/RE Questions and Answers - Grade 6 Mid Term 2 Exam 2023 Set 1

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  1. Which one of the pictures below shows a drawing with balanced objects?
    1 xvvx
  2. The surface quality of an object can be called
    1. tone
    2. texture
    3. variation
    4. smoothness
  3. In picture making, we can use, ...............................to show the surface quality of a drawing.
    1. paint
    2. cotton wool
    3. water
    4. dots
  4. Observe the pictures below
    4 sfsfsfs
    The type of composition shown above is called ................................ composition.
    1. sports
    2. throwing
    3. imaginative
    4. ball game
  5. Samoci collected the following materials:
    1. Picture cut outs.
    2. Adhesive
    3. Manila paper.
      Which picture making technique did he want to practise?
      1. Montage
      2. Stippling
      3. Sticking
      4. Collage
  6. A group of Grade six learners made a wrist and like the one shown below
    6 sfsfsfs
    Which of the following pairs of material were they 1.kely to have used?
    1. Wax and glue.
    2. Leather and beads.
    3. Beads and plastic.
    4. Haid paper and leather.
  7. A floor mat and basket can both be made using
    1. pasting method.
    2. modelling technique.
    3. coil and stitch technique. 
    4. cutting and pasting technique.
  8. Use of closely drawn lines on a drawing to show the effects of light and darkness is called
    1. stippling.
    2. shading.
    3. smudging.
    4. cross hatching.
  9. Which of the following forms is not in a 3D form?
    9 ssdfsfs
  10. Which of the following can be decorated using applique'?
    1. Clay materials.
    2. Finished woodwork items.
    3. Book jackets.
    4. Plastic items.


  1. Sing the song written below
    "Ninaipenda nchi yangu,
    nattambua Kenya yangu,
    Ooh viongozi wetu wa bidii,
    Ee wao hufanya kazi bila ubaguzi, lelele!"
    The type of song written above is a
    1. lullaby.
    2. gospel song.
    3. sacred song.
    4. patriotic song.
  2. All the following are social- economic importance of songs except that they 
    1. are used to shape morals.
    2. can be used to encourage bad behaviour. 
    3. help in promoting unity.
    4. can be used to promote peace.
  3. Which one of the following types of folk songs can be sung in a burial ceremony?
    1. Marriage folk song.
    2. Funeral folk songs.
    3. Initiation folk songs. 
    4. Worship folk songs.
  4. Which part of a fiddle is normally bowed to produce sound? 
    1. String
    2. Bow
    3. Membrane
    4. Bridge
  5. Which of the following is not a string instrument?
    15 sfsfsfs
  6. When three people sing a three part song, we say they are singing in a
    1. pair.
    2. duet.
    3. solo.
    4. trio.
  7. All the following are messages found in the Kenya National Anthem. Which one is not? 
    1. The importance of maintaining peace among East African countries.
    2. We expect blessings from God.
    3. The importance of hard work.
    4. The need to have peace within our nation.
  8. Which of the following musical instruments is played differently?
    18 fsfs
  9. Which of the following symbols represents the French rhythm name taa-aa?
    19 sdsfsf
  10. What is the role of a soloist in a folk dance?
    1. Playing the instruments.
    2. Leading other performers.
    3. Receiving the message.
    4. Decorating the bodies of folk dancers.


  1. Which of the following statements about the position of some East African countries is false?
    1. Kenya lies south of Ethiopia.
    2. Djibouti borders Somalia to the south.
    3. Uganda is located east of Kenya.
    4. Eritrea does not border Kenya to any side.
  2. Imaginary lines on a map running from west to cast are called
    1. latitudes. 
    2. longitudes.
    3. altitudes.
    4. attitudes.
  3. All the following countries are found in Eastern Africa. Which one is not?
    1. Burundi
    2. Chad
    3. Tanzania
    4. Eritrea
  4. Which among the following is an example of a longitude?
    1. Equator.
    2. Tropic of cancer.
    3. Prime meridian.
    4. The arctic circle.

The diagram below shows the formation of physical feature in Eastern Africa.

25 sdfsfsfs

  1. The physical feature drawn above was formed through
    1. lava damming. 
    2. volcanicity. 
    3. deposition.
    4. downwarping.
  2. Which among the following lakes was formed through the process above? Lake
    1. Victoria.
    2. Challa.
    3. Tana.
    4. Ngozi.
  3. The Rift Valley was formed through
    1. deposition.
    2. silting.
    3. faulting and sinking.
    4. downwarping.
  4. Which of the following types of vegetation is likely to be found in dry areas
    1. Tropical rainforest.
    2. Mangrove
    3. Swamp.
    4. Desert and semi desert.
  5. Which one of the following was not a reason for the migration of the Cushites during the migration period?
    1. Population pressure.
    2. Outbreak of diseases.
    3. Search for water and pasture.
    4. Attacks from hostile neighbours.
  6. All the following are effects of high population distribution in East Africa. Which one is not?
    1. Scarcity of land.
    2. Availability of cheap labour.
    3. Unutilized resources.
    4. Availability of market for goods produced.
  7. Which of the following aspects of culture needs not be preserved?
    1. Male circumcision. 
    2. Animal sacrifice.
    3. Traditional dances. 
    4. Human sacrifice.

Use the map of Eastern Africa below to Aswer questions 32-35

32 sfsfsf

  1.  The feature marked R is called
    1. River Athi
    2. Lake Turkana
    3. River Tana.
    4. Lake Victoria.
  2. The migration route marked W was used by
    1. Cushites.
    2. Nilotes.
    3. Semites.
    4. Bantus.
  3. The country marked K is called
    1. Uganda.
    2. Rwanda.
    3. Burundi.
    4. Eritrea.
  4. The mountain labelled L is mount 
    1. Marra. 
    2. Kissu.
    3. Nuba.
    4. Gana.


  1. The Bible teaches us that if we do not use our talents well,
    1. we may end up being lazy.
    2. we can influence others not to use their as well.
    3. they will be taken away from us.
    4. God will replace them with other better ones.
  2. Which one of the following deeds is not a good one in the society?
    1. Sharing.
    2. Early marriage.
    3. Learning new ideas.
    4. Working together towards a common positive goal.
  3. The following are statements about a marriage system in the society
    1. It is presided over by clan elders. 
    2. There is no marriage certificate.
    3. One can marry more than one wife.
      The marriage system described above is
      1. customary.
      2. civil.
      3. Christian
      4. Islamic.
  4. The following are some learners in
    Mwishomwisho Academy and how they use their leisure time:
    Katana: Visiting children's homes and sharing moments with them.
    Kadzo: Nurturing her talents and abilities.
    Rama: Spending most of his time on computer games.
    Halima: Visiting the old members of the society and helping them
    Who among the learners uses their leisure time in the wrong way?
    1. Kadzo
    2. Rama
    3. Halima
    4. Katana
  5. Which of the following books of the Bible is correctly matched with its author?
                  Book                           Author
    1. Thessalonians                    Levi.
    2. Genesis                             John.
    3. Titus                                  Mark.
    4. Songs of songs                Solomon.
  6. Which parable of Jesus teaches about the recovery of lost human beings? The
    1. prodigal son.
    2. friend at midnight.
    3. lost sheep.
    4. ten virgins.
  7. God's power over nature was manifested by Jesus when He
    1. calmed the storm.
    2. raised the dead.
    3. died on the cross.
    4. ascended to heaven.
  8. Which choice contains the people who visited baby Jesus after His birth in Bethlehem?
    1. Wise men.
    2. Priests.
    3. Shepherds.
    4. Women.
  9. Select an option that contains the books in the Old Testament.
    1. Jude, Mark, Philemon.
    2. Ruth, Micah, Hebrews. 
    3. Amos, Joel, Hosea.
    4. Chronicles, Acts, Haggai.
  10. Every morning, your class teacher calls out the names of the learners from the register. In most cases, you have different names. Why do you have a name?
    1. Because I am a learner.
    2. Because I am more special than others. 
    3. For identification.
    4. Because I am a child.
  11. Which commandment teaches us to respect human life? The
    1. fifth. 
    2. fourth.
    3. sixth.
    4. seventh.
  12. Who among the following Bible personalities recovered an axe head because of his faith?
    1. Jesus
    2. Elijah
    3. John
    4. Elisha
  13. The story of Jacob wrestling with God teaches Christians the value of
    1. hardwork.
    2. purity.
    3. faith.
    4. determination.
  14. Because of God's power, Samson defeated the
    1. Philistines.
    2. Amalekites
    3. Israelites.
    4. Persians.
  15. Which one of the following is a guide for daily life in Christianity?
    1. Church
    2. Hymn books
    3. Bible
    4. Tithe


  1. How many ayats are there in suratul Al- Asr?
    1. 4
    2. 5
    3. 6
    4. 3
  2. The supplication below is from surah Al- Takathur.
    "Thumma Kalla sawfa taAAlamoona" it means
    1. until you visit the grave.
    2. the rivalry of piling wealth diverts you.
    3. again, yes! You shall come to know.
    4. on that day, you will be questioned.
  3. Which of the following surahs means the terrible calamity?
    1. Al-Qariah. 
    2. An-Nas
    3. Al-Humazah
    4. Al-Takathur
  4. According to prophet Muhammad (SAW), which type of swadaqah is tree planting?
    1. Halal
    2. Haram
    3. Jariyah
    4. Muamalat
  5. All the following refer to Allah's mercy except
    1. Rah im.
    2. Ghafur.
    3. Rahnian
    4. Aliim.
  6. A Muslim who practices tawakkul is a
    1. tawakkil.
    2. mutawakkil.
    3. tawakkal.
    4. mutawakkal.
  7. The following Muslim ladies were seen wearing the clothes described:
    Zuena: A long sleeved blouse with a tight sweat pant
    Zainabu: A loose dress with a hijab covering her face.
    Alsha: A T-shirt with a pair of shorts.
    Amina: A short sleeved blouse with a pair of jeans trousers.
    Who among them was in a good dressing code according to Islam?
    1. Zuena
    2. Amina 
    3. Aisha 
    4. Zainabu
  8. Which one among the following is not a pillar of Iman? Belief in
    1. angels. 
    2. Allah. 
    3. Zakat. 
    4. Qur'an. 
  9. Which one of the following statements is not true about hadith on purity of actions?
    1. Evil doers will dwell in Jannah.
    2. Allah rewards and multiplies good deeds a person does.
    3. Everyone has been appointed an angel to write good and bad deeds.
    4. Allah does not look at our appearance but our hearts and actions.
  10. Which of the statements below is untrue on the responsible use of human resources? We should take advantage of
    1. our youth before our old age.
    2. our overty before we become rich.
    3. our free time before becoming busy. 
    4. life before death.
  11. Which of the following refers to God consciousness?
    1. Tawakkul
    2. Tawbah
    3. Taqwa
    4. Qadr
  12. Which angel of Allah takes care of doors of hell fire?
    1. Munkar 
    2. Mikail 
    3. Malik 
    4. Atid
  13. Which of the following is not a thick najis?
    1. Urin 
    2. Sweat 
    3. Vomit
    4. Pus
  14. According to Islam, the earth and heaven were created by Allah in
    1. six days.
    2. seven days.
    3. one day.
    4. six hours.
  15. Who am ong the following was a talented dream interpreter?
    1. Ibrahim
    2. Ya'qub
    3. Yusu
    4. Ismail




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