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Integrated Science Questions and Answers - Grade 6 Mid Term 2 Exam 2023 Set 1

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  1. Which one of the following shows a cactus plant?
    1 sfsf
  2. Some Grade six learners were asked to name the part of a plant used for absorption of water and mineral salts:
    Kamene: Branch
    Ngugi: Leaves
    Wayua: Stem
    Hassan: Roots
    Who among them was correct?
    1. Kamene
    2. Ngugi
    3. Hassan
    4. Wayua
  3. Which among the following plants has a different root system?
    1. Carrot
    2. Sugarcane
    3. Groundnuts
    4. Pea
  4. The following are characteristics of a certain small animal:
    1. Three body parts.
    2. Three pairs of legs.
    3. Presence of compound eyes.
    4. No backbone.
      Which of the following small animal has been described above?
      1. Scorpion
      2. Butterfly
      3. Centipede
      4. Spider
  5. The chart below shows a part of the classification of invertebrates. Invertebrates
    5 sfsfsfs
    In which category is a mite likely to fall?
    1. X
    2. Y
    3. W
  6. The illustration below shows an importance of invertebrates to man.
    6 sfsfsf
    The illustration above shows the importance of invertebrates in 
    1. nectar collection.
    2. feeding. 
    3. pollination.
    4. decoration.

Use the diagram below to answer the following questions.

7 ssfsfs

  1. The chamber marked iii is connected to the vessel marked
    1. O
    2. M
    3. P
    4. N
  2. Which of the labelled parts shows the right auricle?
    1. iv
    2. i
    3. ii
    4. iii
  3. The vessel marked O
    1. is the main artery.
    2. carries deoxygenated blood to the lungs. 
    3. carries oxygenated blood to the heart for pumping.
    4. is the main vein.
  4. Blood plasma transports all the following but not
    1. digested food.
    2. waste materials.
    3. hormones.
    4. haemoglobin.
  5. In computing, the part of a computer used for display can also be used 
    1. for processing data.
    2. to edit a document.
    3. to print a document. 
    4. for typing.
  6. Amanda drew a device like the one shown below.
    12 sdsds
    What is the function of the computing gadget Amanda drew?
    1. Saving typed documents.
    2. Printing documents.
    3. Retrieving lost documents.
    4. Downloading files.
  7. When creating a Word document, what is the use of a cursor?
    1. Correcting spelling errors.
    2. Showing the beginning of a text.
    3. Creating spaces between words in a text. 
    4. Showing the end of a text.
  8. A space bar is found on the
    1. mouse.
    2. keyboard.
    3. CPU.
    4. monitor.
  9. When handling computing devices, our hands should be
    1. dry.
    2. smooth.
    3. wet.
    4. visible.


  1. Which of the following describes sheet erosion?
    1. Running water carries soil leading to the formation of small channels.
    2. Raindrops hit the ground leaving small holes.
    3. Top soil is uniformly washed away by flowing rain water.
    4. Running water carries the soil away leaving V-shaped trenches.
  2. Building gabions is the best way of controlling
    1. gulley erosion. 
    2. splash erosion. 
    3. sheet erosion. 
    4. rill erosion.
  3. Nekesa was asked by her Agriculture teacher to mention the best way of controlling splash erosion. If she was correct, what did she say?
    1. Cultivating across the slope. 
    2. Making terraces across the slopes. 
    3. Planting covercrops.
    4. Building porous dams.
  4. Conservation of soil moisture cannot be achieved by
    1. mulching.
    2. shading.
    3. cover cropping.
    4. thinning.
  5. All these are better ways of living with wild animals around our farms except
    1. using safe traps.
    2. using innovative sounds.
    3. poisoning.
    4. fencing.
  6. Which of the following crops shows a creeper and a climber respectively?
    1. Strawberries and passion fruit.
    2. Pumpkins and melons.
    3. Grape vine and calabash plant.
    4. Grape vine and passion fruit.
  7. Which of the following food crops is indigenous?
    22 fsfsfsf
  8. Below is a domestic animal reared in this country
    23 ssfsfs
    All the following are importance of the animal above except provision of
    1. mohair.
    2. milk.
    3. mutton.
    4. wool.
  9. A farmer wanted to construct a scarecrow in his farm to control destructive monkeys. Which of the following materials was least needed to make the deterrent?
    1. Sticks
    2. Stones
    3. Strings
    4. Old clothes
  10. Study the puzzle below
    25 sfsfsf
    Which of the following farm tools is not in the grid above?
    1. Shear
    2. Slasher
    3. Hoe
    4. Sprayer


  1. Which of the following groups of foods promotes a healthy eating habit?
    1. Arrowroots, fish, oranges.
    2. Sausages, juice, chips. 
    3. Soda, chapati, biscuits.
    4. Samosas, yoghurt, fruits.
  2. Aspects of good grooming can entail 
    1. misuse of leisure time.
    2. spending too much time on social media.
    3. trying to be a role model.
    4. personal hygiene.
  3. Daily physical exercise is important in all these ways except
    1. getting new friends.
    2. weight control.
    3. improving cardio-respiratory fitness.
    4. reducing the risk of developing health conditions.
  4. Which of the following choices contains a cosmetic and an accessory respectively?
    1. Headband, bracelet.
    2. Deodorant, skin moisturizer.
    3. Nail polish, necklace.
    4. Handbag, facial make up.
  5. Which of the following changes during adolescence takes place in girls only?
    1. Production of sex cells.
    2. Menstruation.
    3. Appearance of pimples on the face.
    4. Onset of wet dreams.
  6. A patient had the following signs and symptoms:
    1. Sores at the corners of the mouth. 
    2. Emaciation.
    3. Pot bellied
    4. Thin brownish hair.
      What is the possible cause of the disorder in tune with the above signs? Lack of
      1. enough balanced diet.
      2. proteins in the diet.
      3. iron in the diet.
      4. calcium and vitamin D.
  7. Below is a fruit found in the locality
    32 adada
    The fruit drawn above is called
    1. tangerine.
    2. grape
    3. passion.
    4. watermelon.
  8. Which among the following is not a source of meat for human consumption?
    33 sdfsds
  9. Fruits and vegetables can be preserved using
    1. polythene bags.
    2. refrigerators.
    3. sacks.
    4. plastic baskets.
  10. All the following foods can be preserved by drying except
    1. milk.
    2. fruits.
    3. fish.
    4. vegetables. 


  1. Which of the following pictures shows shoulder shrug technique in athletics?
    36 dgdgdgd
  2. The commands on your marks, set and go are associated with
    1. bunch start technique.
    2. jumping for height.
    3. swimming in deep ends. 
    4. gymnastics...
  3. Down sweep method is a type of
    1. visual baton exchange
    2. athletics.
    3. relays.
    4. non-visual baton exchange.
  4. Which one of the following is not part of a high jump facility?
    1. Runway
    2. Crossbar
    3. Landing area 
    4. Upright bars
  5. Which of the following is the second phase in scissor technique?
    1. Run
    2. Take off
    3. Flight
    4. Landing
  6. Below is a player practising a game.
    41 fsfsf
    The player above is practising
    1. long jump.
    2. sprints.
    3. standing javelin.
    4. standing shot put.
  7. Which one of the following is not a minor game related to volleyball?
    1. Tip top passing
    2. Volley tennis.
    3. Beach ball volleyball.
    4. Overarm.
  8. How many handball players are expected in the court at the beginning of a match?
    1. Seven
    2. Fourteen
    3. Twenty two
    4. Eleven
  9. Below are ways to improve in ball handling in handball. Which one is not? 
    1. Practise regularly on chest and thigh trap.
    2. Throw the ball up and catch it with one and two hands.
    3. Drop the ball and catch it before it bounces twice.
    4. In pairs, pass the ball to each other and try to catch it with your hands.
  10. Which one of the following is not an element of a good pass in handball?
    1. The pass should be accurate.
    2. It should be fast.
    3. The pass should be tactful.
    4. The ball should be rolled along the ground.
  11. Directing the ball into the goal of the opponents with the aim of scoring in handball is called
    1. blocking.
    2. tackling.
    3. goal keeping.
    4. standing shot.
  12. In soccer, which of the following body parts cannot be used for trapping?
    1. Sole of the foot
    2. Shoulder
    3. Thigh
    4. Chest
  13. Which of the following activities is not related to ballgames?
    1. Push pass.
    2. Swing kick.
    3. Kareling overhead throw.
    4. Catching.
  14. Underarm serve is a common technique in
    1. kabaddi.
    2. frisbee.
    3. volleyball.
    4. athletics.
  15. Below is an illustration showing a jump rope technique.
    50 sfsfsfs
    The jump rope technique shown above is called
    1. single leg bounce.
    2. straddle cross.
    3. skier.
    4. wounded duck.


int sci asds


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