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English Questions and Answers - Grade 6 Opener Exams Term 2 2023 Set 2

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Read the dialogue below and answer questions 1 to 5

Grace :  Hi Beth, what a pleasant surprise! It is a pleasure seeing a school friend after so many years.
Beth :    Indeed it is. How are you and what have you been up to?
Grace :  I am great. Do you remember the paintings I made for competition in school?
Beth :   Yes I do, and I always told you what a great artist you would be one day.
Grace : Well, I guess you were right there.
Beth :    What do you mean?
Grace :  After secondary school, I studied painting at The County School of Art and today I am a professional painter.
Beth :    Oh really? That's great news. I never doubted your potential.
Grace :  I know, and I believe that the confidence you showed in me was one of the factors which encouraged me to chase my dreams. Beth :    Don't flatter me. This is all the fruit of your hard work.
Grace :  I am not. Believe me. I never considered my drawings of any value. It was you who saw the talent in me and gave me the                       boost I needed.
Beth :    Well then, I guess I deserve a treat.
Grace :  You deserve more than that, but a treat is surely in order.
Beth :    Let's have some coffee

  1. It is true to say that Beth and Grace _____________________
    1. were good at painting
    2. are not friends.
    3. were classmates many years back
    4. loved making paintings
  2. What was the most important thing that Beth did to Grace?
    1. She helped Grace paint
    2. She encouraged Grace to paint more.
    3. She bought grace some coffee.
    4. She gave Grace a treat.
  3. Who went to The County School of Art after secondary school?
    1. Both
    2. Grace
    3. None
    4. Beth
  4. Three of the following words can be used to replace the word flatter as used in the passage except one. Which one?
    1. Joke
    2. Commend
    3. Praise
    4. Compliment.
  5. All the following similes could be used to describe how happy the two girls were when they met, except
    1. as happy as sand boy
    2. as happy as a queen
    3. as happy as a lark
    4. as happy as clam

Read the passage below and answer questions 6, 7 and 8.


There are a few things to consider when planning a school sports day. There are usually far many children in Primary, and there is a great age difference. Some schools plan to have two sports days, one for lower grades and the other for upper grades, whilst others choose to have it on the same day but in different categories of ages.

Is it best to involve everyone, from children to parents, but for some reasons some schools would rather keep it as a school-only affair?

For pupils the school sports day is usually a break from class work and so the parents love to be involved and join in as much as possible. They are quite happy to join in the races and help on the day.

Once the children move to Secondary school, the kids are quite happy to take part and help with arranging the events independently of their parents, so many secondary schools host the event during school hours just for the children. They are faced with question whether to choose some elements of the Primary games such Egg and Spoon races and three- legged games, or do to stick with track events and the more adventurous sports activities the children use in Secondary School

  1. What makes it necessary to have the sports day in two different days in some schools?
    1. Large number of pupils
    2. Lower and upper grades
    3. Age difference
    4. Attendance of parents
  2. Which of the following is a primary school game only?
    1. Egg and spoon
    2. Racing
    3. Track event.
    4. More adventurous sports activities.
  3. The best title for the passage above is ___________________
    1. Primary school sports
    2. Parents day
    3. Secondary school sports
    4. The sports day.

Read the passage below and answer questions 9 - 12.

It is so unfortunate that Africans have lost most of the cultures they cherished for many years through a relentless process of cultural erosion. Findings indicate cultural erosion manifests as loss of dignity and dented humanity; African perceptions and misconceptions that things and practices from the west are superior to those from Africa; Africans belittling and lowering their cultures to take second-rate position; trend of some Africans to view their identity through western world lenses. However, some of African communities have started efforts to bring around and strengthen African cultures: Restoration of the cultural rites of passage of the community members; and concerted campaign of fight against practices that do not go well with the African culture. Lately the debate on same gender marriage has been in the headlines of most newsprint and media houses.

Religious leaders have been in the front line in this fight. The west has however not taken this lying down. We have seen concerted effort to fight back through NGOS and tying western aids to the agenda

  1. The word cherished as used in the passage could best be replaced by
    1. valued
    2. cared
    3. preserved
    4. followed
  2. The following are ways in which loss of African culture is seen except
    1. African misconceptions that practices from the west are superior to those from Africa.
    2. Restoration of the cultural rites of passage of the community members
    3. Africans belittling and lowering their cultures to take second-rate position.
    4. Trend of some Africans to view their identity through western world lenses.
  3. Religious leaders as used in the passage may mean all the following except
    1. Monk
    2. Sheikh
    3. Bishop
    4. Politician
  4. From the passage above the phrase bring around has been used to mean
    1. stop
    2. revive
    3. change
    4. increase

Read the passage below and answer questions 13-15.

For you to make an informed career choice, you need to know about a number of things; yourself (self-knowledge); education and training opportunities. People are different and look for different things in jobs. Some people are artistic and creative in nature and therefore thrive in environments that encourage creativity. These people tend to feel limited by rules and do not like routine for example, graphic designers. Others prefer an environment with clear expectations and rules. You must know your values and interests: Values are things that are important to you and mostly influenced by family, community, religion and school. Some people enjoy careers that give them the opportunity to lead or guide whilst others prefer careers that allow them to work independently.

Interests are those things that you enjoy and like doing. An individual who likes working with money and balancing books could consider a career in accounting whilst someone who enjoys working with their hands and machines could consider a career in engineering or surgery.

Abilities are things you are able to do or qualities you possess naturally which distinguish you and allow you to do certain things that not all individuals can do. An example of ability is being able to create beautiful artwork.

Now that you have explored your interests and the type of career you are interested in, you need to know what type of training and learning you will need to enable you to enter into that career.

  1. The word opportunities as used in the passage could best be replaced by
    1. chance
    2. choice
    3. decision
    4. career.
  2. Things that are important to you and mostly influenced by family, community, religion and school are called
    1. Careers.
    2. interests
    3. values
    4. abilities
  3. After you have made an informed career choice the next thing you need to know is ______________
    1. your abilities
    2. the type of training and learning you will need
    3. your values
    4. your interests

Read the passage below keenly. It contains blank spaces numbered 16 to 20. Fill in the spaces using the best alternative from the choices given.

Preparing a budget forces you to take a close look at your spending habits. When reviewing your expenses, you may notice that
__ 16__ spending money on things you do not need such as internet subscription__17__Budgeting allows you to rethink your spending habits and refocus your financial goals.

Taking a look at your expenses, you __18__ see that one month, you spent more money on eating out than cooking at home. By reviewing your budget, you can make effective changes as a result. If you see that you __19__ overspending target amounts set in your budget for such discretionary items, you may choose to adjust how much you commit to luxury or nonessential spending in __20__ of saving for a new car or a major home improvement project that could also add to your place's resale value.

   A   B   C   D 
 16.   you're   your   you   yours 
 17.  ,  .  !  ?
 18.  might  can   may   could 
 19.  are  were   is  was 
 20.  instead   exchange   form   favour 


For questions 21 to 23 complete the proverbs given

  1. All that glitters is not ___________________________.
    1. new
    2. gold
    3. good
    4. silver
  2. ___________________________and tide never wait for anyone
    1. Money
    2. Bus
    3. Sun
    4. Time
  3. One man's meat is another man's ___________________________
    1. cow
    2. food
    3. stew
    4. poison

For questions, 24 to 26 choose the correct word to fill the gap in the sentence.

  1. That is the ___________________________ mountain in Africa.
    1. tallest
    2. tall
    3. most taller
    4. taller
  2. The ___________________________of the two girls is the first born.
    1. short
    2. shortest
    3. shorter
    4. most short
  3. The book was found in ___________________________ expected place in the school.
    1. most
    2. more
    3. least
    4. less

For questions, 27 to 28 choose the correct word to complete the sentence.

  1. The pot was so hot ___________________________Jimmy dropped it immediately.
    1. and
    2. but
    3. so
    4. that
  2. We had barely left the hall ___________________________ it exploded into a ball of fire. 
    1. soon
    2. when
    3. than
    4. while

Complete the similes below in number 29 and 30.

  1. The suspect pretended to be as deaf as a ___________________________
    1. bat
    2. bird
    3. lion
    4. deer
  2. Before you leave the class it must be as clean as a _________________________.
    1. tomb
    2. new pin
    3. church
    4. water


You have 40 minutes to write your composition.

Write an interesting composition:

That day I learnt that the first step is always the hardest........................


  1. C
  2. C
  3. B
  4. A
  5. B
  6. C
  7. A
  8. D
  9. A
  10. B
  11. D
  12. C
  13. A
  14. C
  15. B
  16. A
  17. B
  18. C
  19. A
  20. D
  21. B
  22. D
  23. D
  24. A
  25. B
  26. C
  27. D
  28. B
  29. A
  30. B
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