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English Questions and Answers - Grade 6 Mid Term 2 Exam 2023 Set 3

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 Read the story below and answer the questions 1 to 5.

Something very strange happened to Mary. She never knew she had a twin sister until she started university! Mary was born in Ugenya. Her parents could not look after her so she went to live with a family member in Nairobi. When Mary was 20 years old, she started university in Kiambu County. She enjoyed her university life. But one day as she
was walking home from class, a student smiled at her.

"Hello, Lucia!" said the student. "I'm not Lucia," said Mary.

This happened to Mary again and again. Complete strangers kept calling her Lucia. It was very strange. One day, when a woman called her Lucia, Mary asked "Why do you keep calling me Lucia?" The woman replied, "You look like my friend Lucia. You have the same face and the same hair. "Is Lucia your sister?" Mary said that she did not have any sister called Lucia. But she was interested in this girl who looked like her. Finally, she asked someone for Lucia's email address.

When Mary wrote to Lucia, she found out that they both had the same birthday, they looked alike and both of them were from Ugenya. When Mary went to live with the family member in Nairobi, Lucia moved to Meru, where she lived with another family member there. It had to be true! Mary and Lucia were twin sisters!


  1. What did Mary's parents do when they gave birth
    to their daughters? They
    1. moved from Ugenya
    2. sent them away
    3. left their country
    4. lived with their daughters
  2. When did Mary write to Lucia?
    1. After she spoke to her friends.
    2. When she received her email.
    3. After she met her at the university.
    4. While at her parents' home.
  3. Where was Mary and her sister born? In
    1. Kiambu
    2. Meru
    3. Nairobi
    4. Ugenya
  4. .Why did Lucia's friends think that Mary was her sister?
    1. She was the same age
    2. She spoke like her
    3. She resembled her
    4. She was seen walking with her in the university.
  5. What didn't Mary know at last?
    1. Where she was born
    2. Her birthdate.
    3. She had a twin sister
    4. She had many parents

Read the following passage and answer questions 6 to 10.

The owner of a missing puppy is asking for help. "My baby has been missing for over a month now, and I want him back so badly," said Mrs. Naliaka, a fifty-six-year-old woman. Mrs. Naliaka lives by herself in a trailer park near the park. She said that Clyde, her one-year-old puppy, didn't come home for dinner more than a month ago, so she called the police. When the policeman asked her to describe Clyde, she told him that Clyde had beautiful green eyes, had all his teeth but was missing half of his left ear, and was completely white. She then told the officer that Clyde was about a foot high.

A bell went off. "Is Clyde your child or your pet?" the officer suspiciously asked, "Well, he's my puppy," Mrs. Naliaka replied. "Lady, you're supposed to report missing PERSONS, not missing DOGS," said the irritated policeman. "Well, who can I report this to?" She asked. "You can't. You have to ask around your neighborhood or put-up flyers," replied the officer.

Mrs. Naliaka figured that a billboard would work better than a piece of paper on a telephone pole. There was an empty billboard at the end of her street just off the roundabout on the highway. The bill board had a phone number on it. She called that number, and they told her they could blow up a picture of Clyde from Mrs. Naliaka's picture album and put it on the billboard for all to see. "But how can people see it when they walk by on the roundabout?" She asked. "Oh, don't worry, ma'am, the roundabout is so full of commuters that no one moves.'' They told her it would cost only three thousand two hundred and three shillings a month.

The month has passed, but Clyde has not appeared. Because she has almost no money in savings, Mrs. Naliaka called the local newspaper to see if anyone could help her rent the billboard for just one more month. She is waiting but, so far, no one has stepped forward.


  1. Mrs Naliaka lost her puppy. A puppy is a young one of a
    1. cat
    2. dog
    3. donkey
    4. cattle
  2. Which one of the following is the best description of Clyde?
    1. Had beautiful green eyes.
    2. Was a three-year-old puppy.
    3. Was completely dark.
    4. Was about two foot high
  3. What was Mrs. Naliaka advised to use?
    1. Magazine
    2. Poster
    3. Flyers
    4. Billboard
  4. How much did the bill board cost her for a month?
    1. Three thousand two hundred and three shillings.
    2. Three thousand one hundred shillings.
    3. Nine thousand six hundred and nine shillings.
    4. Six thousand six hundred and nine shillings.
  5. The opposite of the word 'irritated' as used in the passage is
    1. annoyed
    2. angry
    3. soothe
    4. lovely

Read the following passage and answer questions 11 to 15.

I haven't always liked dancing. In fact, my parents couldn't get me to go to classes when I was young, no matter how hard they tried. My mum had been a professional dancer and always told me how much I'd enjoy it if I joined a dance group. Unfortunately, I was very shy as a child and I didn't like to meet new people. I was much happier watching the TV or playing at home with my sister. When my mum tried to get me to attend a dance class I refused.

Soon after I started secondary school, I saw a group of girls dancing to the latest songs in the school gym. They looked really good and I started to take an interest in the class, even though it was just looking through the window at first. Then one day a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to join. I liked the idea of starting with someone I knew. Moreover, we had both danced together for fun at my house or her house, so it didn't seem like such a big step to join a class together.

That was 3 years ago. Since then, I've been going every week and I love it. Sometimes I help teach the classes for the little children. People tell me I'm very good and my teacher has said I should enter local competitions, even ones that could mean you dance on TV.


  1. What does the writer say about her parents?
    1. They loved to dance together.
    2. One of them was a dancer.
    3. They tried to teach her how to dance.
    4. They had a dancing school.
  2. When the writer was younger she
    1. argued with her sister
    2. met a lot of people
    3. disliked watching television
    4. preferred to stay at home.
  3. What did the writer do when she started
    secondary school? She
    1. suddenly decided to join the dancing class
    2. watched PE lessons in the gym
    3. enjoyed watching the dancing class
    4. liked reading books.
  4. Why did the writer decide to join the class?
    1. She had someone to go with.
    2. She knew someone who was already going to the class.
    3. She didn't like dancing at home.
    4. She was big enough to join.
  5. What does the writer say about dancing? She
    1. thinks she is a very good dancer
    2. helps the younger dancers
    3. likes watching ballets on TV
    4. thinks its time wastage.

Read the following passage. It contains spaces numbered 16 to 23. For each blank space choose the correct answer.
If my boat sank, I would try to find an island. I would __16___ there until someone rescued me.I think I __17__ enjoy life on a desert island. I love water sports so I would build a kayak and go ___18__ of the island explore all the beaches. Maybe there would be sea lions or sharks! I___20_ swim in the water if I saw a shark. I would ___21__ a shelter under a palm tree with a hammock to have a __22__ in. If I __23___ a ship would build a fire on the beach and then the ship would rescue me.

  A B C D
16    lived   lives  live  life
 17  would wouldn't   will  should 
 18   bogie boarding  sea kayaking  scuba diving jumping
 19   coral  shores   mountains depths
 20  don't  would  wouldn't can
 21  make   made  makes raise
 22   explore   nap  swim dance
 23   see  saw  wouldn't see hearing


Choose the word to complete the following sentences.

  1. Fill in the gap with the correct short form.
    _____ Kimani present today?
    1. Aren't
    2. Shouldn't
    3. Isn't
    4. Couldn't
  2. Use the correct form of the adjective.
    The boy is _____ than her cousin
    1. little obese
    2. least obese
    3. most obese
    4. less obese
  3. We were able to _____ enough cash for our celebrations.
    1. raise
    2. compose
    3. rear
    4. score
  4. Oh _____ No is it raining this early _____
    1. !    ,
    2. .    ?
    3. !    !
    4. !    ?

What is the opposite of the underlined word? 

  1. Parents don't like dishonest pupils.
    1. polite
    2. humble
    3. respectful
    4. honest
  2. We should obey senior staff members.
    1. small
    2. big
    3. junior
    4. old
  3. Let us dance, ______ ?
    1. shall we
    2. will we
    3. don't us
    4. should us


You have 40 minutes to write your composition.

Below is the beginning of a speech introduced by the school head teacher. Write and complete the story making it as interesting as you can.

Hello, learners, welcome back. I hope you had a nice holiday and are ready to work hard this term. I would like you to do your best this term...................



  1. B
  2. A
  3. D
  4. C
  5. C
  6. B
  7. A
  8. C
  9. A
  10. C
  11. C
  12. D
  13. C
  14. A
  15. A
  16. C
  17. A
  18. B
  19. B
  20. C
  21. A
  22. B
  23. B
  24. C
  25. D
  26. A
  27. D
  28. D
  29. C
  30. A
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