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English Questions and Answers - Grade 5 Opener Exams Term 3 2023 Set 1

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Read the following dialogue and then answer questions I to 5.

Kasuku: Excuse me!
Pauline:(Removing her headphones) Sorry, are you talking to me?
Kasuku: Yes, I just want to ask you one question.
Pauline: Okay, go ahead.
Kasuku: Which headphones are you using? They look very good.
Pauline: These are Skullcandy's. The model name is 'Crusher'.
Kasuku: If you don't mind, may I get a sound check?
Pauline: Okay...there you go.
Kasuku: Wow, it is amazing. I was not expecting this. I have never been an admirer of Skullcandy.
Kasuku: How much did it cost?
Pauline: Six hundred shillings.
Kasuku: Amazing product at such a low price. Sound quality is extremely good. I mean, I could literally single out the sound of every musical instrument being played, the drum thumping, the bass throbbing, the heavy guitar riffs, everything.
You can grab one from any shop near you. I am sure you will enjoy the service. It was initially not my favourite until a friend lent me hers.
Kasuku: I sure will. Thank you very much for your kindness. Sorry, I failed to introduce myself; I am Kasuku Kelvin.
You are welcome anytime. I am Pauline Nerima. It was nice meeting you by the way. See you around.
Kasuku: Yeah sure.
Pauline: Bye.
Kasuku: Bye.

  1. Which polite word did Kasuku use when he wanted to seek Pauline's attention?
    1. Sorry!
    2. Excuse me!
    3. Okay!
    4. Wow!
  2. Why did Kasuku want to know the type of headphones Pauline was using?
    1. They had good sound quality.
    2. They looked very good.
    3. They were affordable.
    4. They were of low quality.
  3. When Kasuku called Pauline, she was ______________________.
    1. sitting by the road side 
    2. listening to some music
    3. chatting to a friend on phone 
    4. playing with her friends
  4. What makes the Skullcandy amazing according to Kasuku?
    1. It had good volume.
    2. It had quality sound.
    3. It was the newest model.
    4. It was cheap.
  5. What did Kasuku forget to do at first?
    1. to introduce himself
    2. to greet Pauline
    3. to excuse himself
    4. to ask Pauline what her name is

Read the following passage and then answer questions 6 to 9.


Physical fitness is essential for our bodies' growth. This could be achieved by doing regular exercises that are fit for us. Some of us can do some exercises better while others cannot. Hence, it is very important to make a correct choice of the exercises that we would like to take part in. Unfortunately, many people rarely value the contribution of healthy exercises to our bodies. They tend to think that doing vigorous exercises is a burden to them. This is a negative thought.

  1. The word essential as used in the passage can best be replaced by _______________________________
    1. powerful
    2. good
    3. unimportant
    4. vital
  2. How can one achieve body fitness according to the passage?
    1. By eating regularly.
    2. By doing regular exercise.
    3. By having enough rest.
    4. By taking heavy meal.
  3. Why should one choose the correct type of exercise?
    1. Because not all exercises are fit for everybody.
    2. Because some exercises are not beneficial.
    3. Because some exercises are easier than others.
    4. Because some exercises are not interesting.
  4. The word rarely as used in the passage cannot be replaced by ________________________
    1. seldom 
    2. always
    3. hardly
    4. scarcely

Read the following passage and then answer questions 10 to 15.

Games and sports are very important to us. They offer numerous benefits to those who engage in them. First, games and sports offer a platform for physical activity. They not only keep us healthy and fit, they also improve blood circulation, remove tiredness and lethargy, and as a consequence, improve our overall well-being.

Secondly, games and sports are a useful means of entertainment. Many of us enjoy at least a sport or a game in their lives. This offers us a change from the monotony of daily life. In the process, we develop a sense of friendliness and a team spirit, which brings about unity and cohesion.

Games and sports are a means of mental and physical growth. By participating in games and sports, we get rid of the exhaustion that comes from long hours of study or work. This improves our efficiency and capability. During games and sports, we learn how to maintain balance in the midst of hope and despair and also how to tackle difficult situations. This shapes our mental toughness.

Sports and games form an important part of education. In fact, education without sports is incomplete. These days, games and sports are part and parcel of the academic curricula. Children are taught some games at a very early stage at home or in school. This helps with their physical and mental growth, as well as builds and grows their character. They also inculcate good values in the learners.

Lastly, games and sports offer career opportunities. Those who perform exceptionally well are offered a chance to play at the national and international level and earn a living. Therefore, the importance of games and sports in our lives cannot be overemphasized.

  1. Games and sports
    1. are essential in our lives.
    2. are luxury to us.
    3. are part of our lives.
    4. should be done daily.
  2. According to the passage, all the following are true about games except?
    1. they keep us healthy and fit. 
    2. they are monotonous.
    3. they break the boredom.
    4. they are entertaining.
  3. Through games and sports, we can do the following except.
    1. grow psychologically and socially only.
    2. entertain others.
    3. build and grow our careers. 
    4. give up hope.
  4. Games and sports do all the following to our bodies except
    1. make it strong.
    2. increase fatigue.
    3. improve blood circulation.
    4. create teamwork.
  5. Games and sports improve our efficiency through
    1. sharpening our brains.
    2. removing exhaustion.
    3. improving our capability.
    4. education.
  6. 'Education without sports is incomplete', means
    1. there is no sport without education.
    2. sports are important in life.
    3. sports and education are the same.
    4. sports help in learning and understanding.

Read the following passage. It contains blank spaces numbered 16 to 20. For each blank space, choose the best alternative from the choices given.

We were ___16___ in the morning by the ___17___ of a lion. It was ___18___ sound especially since we knew that our flimsy ___19___could offer a little defense against a determined carnivore. My companion, a university colleague, immediately ___20___ his gun and began to load it.

   A   B   C   D 
 16.   wake   woke   waking   woken 
 17.  shouting   bleating   roaring   trumpeting 
 18.  a melodious   a terrifying   an annoying   a soothing 
 19.  structure  dwelling   bungalow   mansion 
 20.  got  taken   take  took

For questions 21 to 23, fill the blank spaces with the best choice.

  1. A group of people working together is called a
    1. band
    2. gang
    3. team
    4. host
  2. Yesterday we were chased by a ____________________________________ dog.
    1. fierce, big, brown
    2. big, fierce, brown
    3. big, brown, fierce
    4. fierce, brown, big 
  3. My mother was very angry _________________________ me for having lied _______________________ her
    1. with, at
    2. to, with
    3. with, to
    4. at, for

For question 24, complete the given sentences with the correct simile

  1. This metal is as heavy as
    1. lead
    2. mountain
    3. diamond
    4. stone

For questions 25 and 26, choose the best word to fill in the gap.

  1. The cleaner has already ______________________________ his work.
    1. done
    2. doing
    3. do
    4. did
  2. Hamza was ______________ a book when his sister ____________ in
    1. reading, walked
    2. read, went
    3. read, go
    4. reading, go

For questions 27 and 28, choose the correct plural for the underlined words.

  1. We bought present for our mother-in-law.
    1. mother-ins-laws
    2. mother-in-laws
    3. mothers-in-law
    4. mother-in-law
  2. He bought a loaf of bread.
    1. loafs
    2. loves
    3. loaves
    4. loavs

For questions 29 and 30, choose the correct question tags for the given sentence 

  1. A good day is seen in the morning,_______________________________
    1. isn't it
    2. can it
    3. can't it
    4. is it
  2. I have not finished my work, __________________________.
    1. haven't I
    2. amn't I
    3. have I
    4. isn't it


Write a composition about,



  1. B
  2. B
  3. B
  4. B
  5. A
  6. D
  7. B
  8. A
  9. B
  10. A
  11. B
  12. D
  13. B
  14. C
  15. D
  16. D
  17. C
  18. B
  19. A
  20. D
  21. C
  22. A
  23. C
  24. A
  25. A
  26. A
  27. C
  28. C
  29. A
  30. C
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