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Religious Education - Grade 5 End Term 1 Exam 2021 SET 2

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  1. List the responsibilities God has given us over his creation.(lmk)
  2. When God created Adam and Bve, He gave man the power to rule over animals. This means
    that taking care of animals is our _______________(responsibility, talent)
  3. The sentences below explain what happens to children who experience child labor. Choose an answer from the box below for each sentence.
    [Body injuries      absenteeism            tiredness         Poor health]
    1. Elizabeth misses school at least three times a week.____________
    2. One of Ezra's eyes is swollen. Some chemicals got into his eye while he was working in the flour factory_____________
    3. Malkia is very thin and weak.______________________
    4. David is always sleepy during lessons_______________________
  4. Rearrange the jumbled letters to get the correct words.
    1. SAENK  ____________________
    2. VEE  ____________________
    3. MADA  ____________________
    4. DOYSIEB  ____________________
  5. How did Adam and eve disobey God?
  6. Explain the importance of obeying school rules.
  7. What is family unity? 
  8. Write down the values that promote unity in a family. (3mk)
  9. What challenges does a family face? (2mk)
  10. Why is the bible referred to as a guide? (I mk) 
  11. How does the bible help you relate well with your teachers?
  12. The word puzzle below has some hidden values that we can acquire through reading the bible. Find the values. 
    A C  G  U  I  K  M O R
     H  Q  S  U  N  W  L  O V E
     O  B  D  I  E  N  C E S
     N  Y  A  C  T  E  G  I K P
     E  B  D  F  Y  H  J  L O E
     S  Q  T  R  U  S  T  X X C
     T  P  R  T  V  X  Z  A C T
     Y  E  G  I  K  M  O  N S T
  13. Who arrested Peter and John? ____________________
  14. Write what you will do to show courage in the following situations:
    1. Your friend asks you to smoke cigarettes.
    2. Your friend is asking you to watch an ungodly movie. 


  1. Which sura describe the events of the year the elephant.
  2. "Verily he who hates you O Mohammad will be cut off from all that is good". Which of the verses below matches this questions.
    1. Faswal-lilirab-rabika wanbar.
    2. In-nal aatwaynakal kaothar'
    3. Falyaboduu rab-ba haadhalbayi
    4. In-na shani-aka-huwal abtar.
  3. The virtues is taught in Suratul Asr.
  4. The story of the elephant is taught in which Surah?
  5. Complete the verse from surah Takathur
    Nata zur tumol ________________________________________
  6. "Worship Allah as if you see him for if you do not see him he sees you. This is a pillar of ____________________
  7. What is the best gift to our parents? 
  8. Complete the following hadith ____________________
  9. When visiting someone's house we should knock ____________________ times.
  10. Write the four sources of fiqh.
  11. In Islamic sheriah things that annoy others but are not sin are called
  12. The mother of Nabii Issa was called ____________________
  13. Blood is an example of  ____________________najis
  14. ____________________is the book that was given to prophet Daud.
  15. ____________________will blow the trumpet 15. on the day of judgement.


  1. rule over animals, fill the earth, cultivate the garden
  2. responsibility
    1. absenteeism
    2. body injuries
    3. poor health
    4. tiredness
    1. snake
    2. eve
    3. adam
    4. disobey
  5. they ate the forbidden fruit
  6. they keep us out of trouble with the teachers
  7. keeping the family together
  8. respect
  9. drug abuse
    child abuse
  10. because it tells us what God wants us to do/ to live
  11. it helps me to lern how to respect and obey my elders.
  12. love
  13. saducees
    1. say no
    2. say no and leave

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