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English Questions and Answers - Grade 5 Opener Exams Term 1 2023 Set 5

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Read the passage below and answer questions 1 to 7.

Benedict's computer began to act funny. It did this for sometime. It might start acting slow, or programs would crash. That usually meant it was time to reboot. However, this time when he rebooted, the screen stayed black a long time. When the screen finally showed something, it was an error

Benedict's blood ran cold, and a chill ran down his spine. He swallowed hard and rebooted again, only to get the same error. Okay, calm down," he thought, "there must be an explanation or an easy fix."

He tried the few tricks he knew. He tried unplugging some devices. He tried booting a different way. He tried running some recovery software. Nothing worked. A sick feeling welled up his guts. His brain was telling him he was going to lose everything.

There was so much stuff on the computer that he couldn't afford to lose. There were songs he liked, pictures from his vacation, homework files, stories he had written, and pretty much his entire life was on there! What would he do if he lost everything? He panicked.

He worked furiously for some hours, but the answer was always the same. Even if he got the computer running, he would lose everything on it. He needed to start over. It was a horrible thought, and yet, if he had to start over, why not upgrade?

Suddenly the idea of a new computer wasn't bad, and it kind of soothed the pain of losing every file on his old machine. He could start over with a faster, nicer and newer machine. He had the money, but he hadn't planned on buying one that day.

A few hours later, he had a new computer, it was pretty slick. It was brand-sparkling new, with all the toys and the stuff that he could desire built into it. Now, he could even play the most recent video games, things his old machine just hadn't been good enough to play.

He still missed his old files, but Benedict was quickly falling in love with his new computer. Sometimes, good things come of disasters, good enough to overlook the losses.

  1. How did Benedict's computer start behaving?
    1. smart
    2. Funny
    3. Silly
    4. Quietly.
  2. How long did Benedict's computer act unexpectedly?
    1. For long
    2. For a short time
    3. For the whole day
    4. For sometimes.
  3. The following are benedict's reactions when he realized an error message from his computer. Which one is not?
    1. His blood ran cold.
    2. He stayed calm.
    3. Chill ran down his spine.
    4. He panicked.
  4. Which of the following was not Benedict's attempt to start the computer?
    1. Shutting down the computer.
    2. Running some recovery software. 
    3. Unplugging some devices.
    4. Booting a different way.
  5. What was Benedict's new idea? 
    1. Rebooting the machine.
    2. Unplugging some devices.
    3. Shutting down the machine.
    4. Buying a new computer.
  6. Which stuffs was Benedict to lose? 
    1. Songs, pictures, stories and homework files.
    2. Classwork files, songs, pictures and video clips.
    3. Pictures, stories, videos and song. 
    4. Homework files, songs, pictures and videos.
  7. How was Benedict's new computer different from the old one?
    1. It was expensive.
    2. It had enough space for storing files.
    3. It could play recent videos and songs.
    4. It had new features.

Read the passage below and answer questions 8 to 14.

Once upon a time, there lived a man called Pelo and his wife Zawadi. They had no children. This made them very sad. Every day they prayed to God to bless them with a child. They had a large herd of cattle which Pelo had to look after alone. As the years passed, their hopes of having a child
grew dimmer.

One day, Pelo's wife had a baby boy. The family was very happy. At last God, the giver of everything had heard their prayers. They called their son Baraka.

Baraka was an obedient boy. He grew up to be polite and friendly to everyone. His parents were proud of him. It was the custom in Pelo's village that every boy had to graze his father's cattle in the neighborhood plains. However, Baraka's parents did not allow him to go out as he was their only child.

  1. What made Pelo and his wife sad? 
    1. They were poor.
    2. They had no enough cattle.
    3. They had no child.
    4. Their village had many cattle.
  2. Baraka was _______________________ boy.
    1. a lazy
    2. a happy
    3. a unhappy
    4. an obedient
  3. Why could Baraka's parents not allow him to go out to graze?
    1. He was young.
    2. He was their only child.
    3. He was sick.
    4. They wanted him to do house chores. 
  4. Pelo's family kept on praying to God because they wanted to be blessed with
    1. a child
    2. a son
    3. a daughter
    4. cattle.
  5. Who helped Pelo in looking after his cattle?
    1. His wife.
    2. He did it alone.
    3. His son
    4. His son and wife
  6. Pelo and his wife got a son after?
    1. Few months.
    2. Ten weeks.
    3. Several years.
    4. Ten years.
  7. People from Pelo's village used to graze their cattle in
    1. their neighbour's farms
    2. their own farms
    3. the nearby plains
    4. the forest.
  8. The phrase. "their hopes for having a child grew dimmer" means they were
    1. growing old
    2. happy
    3. hopeful 
    4. hopeless.

Read the passage below. It contains blank space numbered 16 to 25. Choose the best alternative to fill in the blanks.

Martin was looking, ___16___ his father's sheep. While the sheep, ___17___ eating grass, he went to look ___18___ fruits in the forest. He ___19___
that there were some wild fruits which people could, ___20___ but he could not remember ___21___ he had ___22___ them. While Martin was walking ___23___ the forest, he looked ___24___  the trees. Everything was quiet. Then he ___25___ some trees with yellow fruit he was looking for.

   A   B   C   D 
 16.   for   after   at  in
 17.  were   was  is  are 
 18.  after  at  into   for
 19.  has known   knew   knows   know 
 20.  ate  eat  have eaten   eated 
 21.  how  what  where  who
 22.  seen  see  seeing  saw
 23.  at  in  on  near
 24.  down  over  below  up
 25.  sees  saw  see  seen

For questions 26 to 27, give the correct noun.  

  1. Mrs. Ochieng has sheep. They are
    1. hers
    2. mine
    3. his
    4. theirs
  2. The food belongs to __________________________ It is theirs.
    1. us
    2. her
    3. me
    4. them

For questions 28 and 29 choose the correct question tag.

  1. We went to school, ______________________?
    1. didn't we
    2. do we
    3. doesn't we
    4. did we
  2. She could not do the work alone, ___________________________?
    1. do she
    2. couldn't she
    3. did she
    4. could she

Choose the opposite of the underlined word.

  1. Mary bought a new car.
    1. stole
    2. hired
    3. unpurchased
    4. sold



After learning in class on how to take care of animals, your family asked you to teach hem how to take care of animals at home. Write a composition on:



  1. B
  2. D
  3. B
  4. A
  5. D
  6. A
  7. C
  8. C
  9. D
  10. B
  11. A
  12. B
  13. C
  14. C
  15. D
  16. B
  17. A
  18. D
  19. B
  20. B
  21. C
  22. A
  23. B
  24. D
  25. B
  26. A
  27. D
  28. A
  29. D
  30. D

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