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English Questions and Answers - Grade 5 End Term 1 Exams 2023 Set 2

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Read the conversation below and then answer questions 1-5

Thomas: Good morning, Tom. May I join you in your game?
Tom : Good morning, Thomas. You are most welcome, my friend. How have you been?
Thomas: I have been fine. Thank you. How about you?
Tom: I am well. It is such a coincidence for us to meet here.
Thomas :I was going to Democratic Hotel but it has become very noisy lately.
Tom  :Let us go to a different hotel. I discovered another one around the corner.
Thomas :Where is that? I have never heard of a new hotel in town.
Tom: Let us take a walk there.
Thomas :This place looks nice!
Tom :You are at the right place. It is quiet here and you do not stand the risk of food poisoning. The meals are always fresh.
Waiter : Good morning. Please make your order.
Thomas Tom, could you help me make a choice from this menu?
Tom : Of course, I shall help you. I suggest that you try their boiled potatoes and lamb chops in soy sauce.
Waiter :You will have them shortly. Feel at home.

  1. What was Tom doing at the beginning of the conversation?
    1. He was going to a hotel.
    2. He was playing some sort of game.
    3. We are not told.
    4. He was roaming around the streets.
  2. When you say it is a coincidence, what do you mean?
    1. Two things happening at the same time without planning.
    2. Planning for two things to happen at the same time.
    3. Wandering around before meeting a friend.
    4. Going to a different hotel without planning.
  3. Three of the following are true about the newly discovered hotel except?
    1. The meals gre not stale.
    2. No risk of food poisoning.
    3.  It is a quiet place to enjoy your meal.
    4. The meals are expensive.
  4. When you go to a hotel, you
    1. study the food and choose the one you love.
    2. study the menu and then place an order.
    3. demand to be served.
    4. request for food to be brought.
  5. Which of the following polite words has not been used in the conversation?
    1. You are most welcome.
    2. Could you help me.
    3. Good afternoon.
    4. Feel at home

Read the passage below and then answer questions 6-9.

People are becoming aware of the importance of a clea and green environment every day. We need to keep our environment clean and green. To breathe fresh air, the air needs to be free from pollution. We also need to drink clean water. Contaminated water can make us sick. Fifth June is celebrated as the World Environmental Day to spread awareness all over the world for the protection of the environment. A clean and green environment is important for a healthy life. If we can damage our environment, we can also heal it. However, prevention is better than cure. As part of the environment, we must take steps to protect our environment by  planting more and more trees, saving water,saving electricity, maintaining cleanliness not only at home but also on roads and public places. Spreading awareness on the importance of a clean environment should be emphasised since knowledge is power. You and I have a part to play to ensure we live in a clean and green environment.

  1. What do we learn about contaminated water?
    1. It is part of the polluted environment.
    2.  It can make us fall sick.
    3. It is found in our environment.
    4. It can be avoided by all means.
  2. In order for us to enjoy a healthy life, we need
    1. a clean and green environment.
    2. to eat well and exercise regularly.
    3. to avoid damaging the environment.
    4. to prevent before the worst happens.
  3. Which one among the following steps is not important in the protection of our environment?
    1. Planting more and more trees.
    2. Saving electricity and water.
    3. Maintaining cleanliness only at home.
    4. Maintaining cleanliness everywhere.
  4. The best title for the passage above would be
    1. Importance of a clean environment.
    2. Prevention is better than cure.
    3. A clean and fresh environment.
    4. World Environmental Day Awareness.

Read the poem below and then answer questions 10-12.

Let's celebrate
It's time to celebrate
Jamhuri Day, our freedom gained
A battle for freedom
Fought on Kenyan soil
A history of victory
Celebrations make us one
They make us a nation.

It's time to celebrate
Madaraka Day, our self-governance Day
A battle for self-rule
Fought and won
A history of victory
Celebrations make us one
They make us a nation.

It's time to celebrate
Mashujaa day, our Heroes Day
A noble battle
Fought by heroes and heroines
A history of victory
Celebrations make us one
They make us a nation.

It's time to celebrate
With song and dance
Let stadiums overflow with young and old
Government leaders and invited attire
Celebrations make us one
They make us a nation.

  1. Who should take part in the celebrations?
    1. The freedom fighters.
    2. Everybody of Kenyan origin.
    3. Our leaders.
    4. Our heroes and heroines.
  2. Which of the following national celebrations has not been mentioned?
    1. Madaraka Day
    2.  Mashujaa Day 
    3. New Year's Day
    4. Jamhuri Day
  3. How do national holidays make us one?
    1. We all come together during the event andenjoy.
    2. They are held in one nation.
    3. They are led by the president of our nation.
    4. Stadiums become full of people.

Read the passage below and then answer questions 13 – 15

A certain community in Kenya has been forced to turn to crop farming to earn a living. Initially, they practised pastoralism. Their food consists of meat and milk. "We love animals very much but we are not able to keep them anymore," they say. Seasons seem to have changed and now the community earns their pay through farming. At first, they made a loss but are currently adapting to the new lifestyle. Due to climate change and lack of pasture, the community makes use of the irrigation schemes to produce food. "We hardly miss something to eat nowadays," one of the elders says. "Our children do not have to worry about school. They attend school every day for we no longer keep shifting." Life has truly changed and for the better.

  1. What did the community members feed on before the new discovery?
    1. Various food crops.
    2. Meat and milk.
    3. Meat only.
    4. Cereals and milk.
  2. How does the community get its food today?
    1. By using irrigation schemes.
    2. By buying food from other communities.
    3. By exchanging animal products.
    4. By selling various things in the community.
  3. The best title for the passage above would be
    1. Food chain change.
    2. A new way of getting food.
    3. Lifestyle Climate Change.
    4. Crop production.

Read the passage below. It contains blank spaces numbered 16-20. For each blank space, choose the best alternative from the given four.

Tina, her twin brother Brian and      16       mother took their breakfast and got ready to walk to the market. They       17       a big basket and       18         shopping bags to carry the goods they      19         buy. On the way to the market, the twins and their mother went to the bank to      20            the money they would use to pay for goods at the market.

16  A. there  B. their  C. they're  D. they'll 
 17  A. carried  B. brought  C. bought  D. took
 18  A. any  B. a  C. one  D. some
 19  A. could  B. must  C. should  D. would
 20  A. deposit  B. get  C. withdraw  D. cover

For question 21-28, choose the alternative that best completes the given sentence. 

  1. I like             school. Both the teachers and learners are friendly.
    1. that 
    2. these
    3. this
    4. those
  2.                 are Tina's pencils. Do not touch them.
    1. This 
    2. Some
    3. That
    4. Those
  3. The freedom fighters denied ____ comfort.
    1.  themselves
    2. theirselves 
    3. them selves
    4. them 
  4. I have learnt that I               swallow food before speaking.
    1.  must 
    2. should 
    3. may
    4. can
  5. The teacher taught road safety.
    1. we 
    2. they
    3. us
    4. hers
  6. This house belongs to them. It is
    1. theirs
    2.  their
    3. theres
    4. thems
  7. Wamaitha was too intelligent
    1. for her to bit.
    2.  to be fooled.
    3. because you could not fool her.
    4. so as to fool.
  8. Complete the degree: expensive
    1. more expensive, most expensive
    2. expensiver, expensivest
    3. kind of expensive, most expensive
    4. expensivest, most expensive

For questions 29 and 30, choose the alternative that means the same as the underlined word(s).

  1. A person who has a rict to belong to a country. 
    1. loyalty 
    2.  patriot 
    3. citizen 
    4.  foreigner
  2. A form of amusement. 
    1. event 
    2. ceremony 
    3. wedding
    4. entertainment


Write an interesting composition starting with the following words.

The day for the celebration came...


  1. B
  2. A
  3. D
  4. B
  5. D
  6. B
  7. A
  8. C
  9. A
  10. B
  11. C
  12. A
  13. B
  14. A
  15. C
  16. B
  17. A
  18. D
  19. D
  20. C
  21. C
  22. D
  23. A
  24. B
  25. C
  26. A
  27. B
  28. A
  29. C
  30. D
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