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English Language Activities Questions - Grade 5 Opener Exams Term 2 2023 Set 2

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Read the following dialogue and answer questions 1-5.


Reporter :        Hello, my name is Mr James. I am a reporter for KNN and would like to meet Mr Joel.
Receptionist : Do you have an appointment?
Reporter :        I do not have a formal one, but I spoke to him on the phone and he said that I could come today.
Receptionist : You will have to wait for some time since Mr. Joel is in a meeting right now.
Reporter :        How long will the meeting last?
Receptionist : It should be over in about thirty minutes.
Reporter :       That is fine with me.
Receptionist : Would you like some tea or coffee?
Reporter :        No, thanks for asking.
Receptionist : You're welcome. Please have a seat. I will let you know as soon as he is free.
Reporter :        I appreciate your co-operation.

  1. Which word from the dialogue above means a professional who manages the front desk of an organisation?
    1. Reporter
    2. Appointment
    3. Receptionist
    4. Meeting.
  2. The reporter agreed to wait. We can say he was as patient as a ______________________
    1. Job.
    2. doctor
    3. mother
    4. cow
  3. The following words can be used to replace the word reporter except
    1. newsman.
    2. journalist
    3. author
    4. newswriter
  4. Which statement below is true?
    1. The reporter had a formal appointment
    2. The reporter talked to Mr. Joel on phone
    3. The reporter chose to take tea
    4. The reporter was called Mr. Joe
  5. Why couldn't the reporter meet Joel right away?
    1. He was patient
    2. The meeting was ending in thirty minutes 
    3. Joel was in a meeting
    4. James was in a meeting

Read the poem below and answer questions 6 to 8

I started this life with fear, I was only six years old.
When I started to realize, that girls world is cold.
Just like a useless device, it's not right to complain.
I should withstand all emotional and physical pain.

I heard that one of my friends became a hero.
Because she took the out-dated cut.
That makes her so, a member of a cult
I knew my day would soon come anyway

It was never an option, it was compulsory
I had to bite my lips, hold back my tears
As I feel the knife's tip, as it painfully tears.

I grew up in pain of waiting for pain
Seeking for something to separate us
But people still wanted to hurt me
I got used to everything even if so horrible..

I guess they never cared about my emotion.
Or they would empathize knowing the sensation.
Inside me was a tremendous commotion.
I was lost in an invisible and painful ocean.

F. G. M is a nightmare, oh come the golden age.
When it will all vanish, wait for the golden age.
Come end this punishment, get me out of the cage.

  1. The writer of the poem is _______________________
    1. a young girl
    2. a young boy
    3. an old man
    4. an old woman
  2. The writer grew up in pain of waiting for ___________________________
    1. female genital mutilation.
    2. early, marriage.
    3. being buried
    4. death
  3. The best title for the poem is _______________________
    1. child rights
    2. out-dated hero
    3. the pain of girls
    4. Female genital mutilation.

Read the passage below and answer questions 9-11


A folktale is a story passed down verbally from generation to generation. Each storyteller added something new to the stories, making them more interesting, fascinating and relevant as the ages passed. Different folktales have the characteristics of the culture, folk life and customs of the people from which they originated especially the African folktales

Africa is the second largest continent in the world. The people from Africa included unique characteristics in their culture, showing
their way of life and the animals and plants that surround them.

African stories sometimes include trickster, animals stories and spirits narratives. A typical collection of folktales from Africa consists of tales and stories from all over Africa.

  1. What is the mode of passing folktales from one generation to another?
    1. Story books
    2. Verbal narrative
    3. Radios
    4. Spirits.
  2. What would you say about the size of Africa as a continent?
    1. It is the largest
    2. It is the smallest
    3. It ranks second in size
    4. It is the second smallest
  3. African stories sometimes include all the following except
    1. trickster
    2. animals' stories
    3. plants
    4. spirits' narratives.

Read the following passage and answer questions 12-15.

A budget is simply a spending plan that takes into account estimated current and future income and expenses for a specified future time period, usually a year. Having a budget keeps your spending in check and makes sure that your savings are on track for the future. Budgeting can help you set long-term financial goals, keep you from overspending, help shut down risky spending habits, and more.

A budget helps you figure out your long-term goals and work towards them. If you just drift aimlessly through life, tossing your money at every shiny, new object that happens to catch your eye, how will you ever save up enough money to buy a car or put a down payment on a house? A budget forces you to map out your goals, save your money, keep track of your progress, and make your dreams a reality. By seeing what money you earn and what money you have going out through a budget, you can create a map for where you need to go to get your goal, whether that is purchasing a home in a few years or going to graduate from school.

  1. Three of the following are considered when making a budget except one. Which one?
    1. Current expenditure.
    2. Future income.
    3. Current income
    4. Expenses.
  2. It is true to say that budget helps in the following ways except
    1. setting a long term financial goal
    2. stops overspending
    3. shut down risky spending habits
    4. makes one spend more money
  3. The best proverb that could be used on a person who spends without budgeting is 
    1. A fool and his money are soon parted.
    2. Penny wise pound foolish.
    3. In for a penny in for a pound.
    4. Time is money
  4. The best title of the passage above would be
    1. Spending
    2. Budgeting
    3. Money
    4. Saving

Read the passage below keenly. It contains blank spaces numbered 16 to 20. Fill in the spaces using the best alternative from the choices given.

Life is filled with unexpected __16_. When you get sacked, become sick or injured or have a death in the family, those circumstances can __17__ to serious financial difficulty. In such situations, an emergency fund comes in handy.

An emergency fund __18__ consist of at least three to six months' worth of living expenses. __19__ it should be accounted for when budgeting. This extra money will ensure that you don't borrow from other funds saved for long-term financial __20__ such as paying off debt.

   A   B   C   D 
 16.    surprises   sarprises   surprices   surprice 
 17.  lead  leads   leading   led 
 18.  are  should  is   will 
 19.  when  then   but   and 
 20.  savings  work   goals   deals 


For questions, 21 to 23 choose the correct degree of adjectives to fill in the gap.

  1. The death of the village chief was the ______________________ thing to happen to the villagers  
    1. sad
    2. saddening
    3. saddest
    4. most sad
  2. ________________________ days still lie ahead.
    1. Brightening
    2. Brightest
    3. Brighter
    4. Bright
  3. The head teacher advised us to work ________________________ in school.
    1. more harder
    2. hard
    3. hardest
    4. more hard

For questions, 24 to 26 choose the determiner from the given choices to fill in the gap.

  1. _________________________ worker reported late for duty today
    1. A little
    2. Little
    3. A fe
    4. Less
  2. The ____________________ girl handed the bouquet of flowers to the mayor.. 
    1. a little
    2. little 
    3. many
    4. more
  3. Lions hunt in the morning and sleep_________________________ of the afternoon.
    1. more
    2. all
    3. enough
    4. most

For questions 27 and 28 select the correct word to fill the gap.

  1. Please make sure the pupils get two pencils ___________________________________
    1. everyone
    2. each
    3. enough
    4. all
  2. ____________________________ people don't like borrowing money from the bank.
    1. More
    2. All
    3. Most
    4. Few

For questions 29 and 30, identify an adverb in the sentences

  1. The teacher told us to clean the classroom yesterday.
    1. clean
    2. classroom
    3. yesterday
    4. teacher
  2. The Corona Virus spread fast in towns.
    1. Virus
    2. the
    3. spread
    4. fast



Write an interesting composition about the heading below.


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